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Barbara laughs at Paul and Emily because they believe the evidence of her drugging Emily is in the box of dishes they've packed up to have tested at the lab. Paul lays it out to Barbara that he believes she drugged Emily to get her to do what she wanted. Barbara denies it and tells them it'll take more than dishes to get rid of her.

Jennifer tells Mike that it's all Barbara's doing, him asking her to move in there with him. Mike asks her what's the problem with moving in with him, and Jen tells him that it's too soon. Mike tells her that he loves her, but she insists that it's just too soon. He asks her if she loves him, and Jen tells him that she does but she doesn't want to rush things. He starts to kiss her and hold her and tells her to move in with him. She eventually folds and says yes.

At the gym, Louie explains to Henry and Katie that, like it says in her employment agreement, if she makes money she can keep a percentage, but any improvements that she makes to the place come out of her pocket. Louie excuses himself to get the rest of the crime tape from the murder out of the locker room. Katie asks Henry what she was thinking by taking the manager's job at the gym. Henry looks sick every time Katie reminds him that everything they're doing is being done so she can get Mike back.

At the Walsh mansion, Rafael asks Sierra if Lucy asked her to talk to him and if she's avoiding him. Sierra answers no to both questions but tells him that Lucy did tell them that their relationship changed while they were stuck in the mine. Rafael tells her that he's not seen Lucy and asks if Dusty and Lucy are back together, Sierra answers by telling him not yet.

At Al's restaurant, Lucy tells Lucinda that what she really wants is for Dusty to call her. Lucinda points to behind Lucy's back at Dusty, who is at the counter. Lucinda tells Lucy that if she wants him she should go and get him. Lucy gets up, and when Dusty sees her he starts to walk out. Lucy asks him not to go, and Dusty tells her that unless something has changed they've got nothing to say. She tells him that her feelings for him have changed. Lucy tells him that when he broke up with her she was heartbroken but was getting over it. She tells him that now she can't be without him and she loves him more than ever. Dusty questions whether she loves Rafael too, but she tells him that it's different, she doesn't feel the same for Rafael as she does for him. He asks her, "Did you have sex with Rafael, or did you make love with him?" Lucy tells him that she doesn't know how she feels about Rafael. Dusty tells her that they've got to end this; he tells Lucy that he won't share her and they're done. Lucy cries and runs from the restaurant. Lucinda approaches Dusty and tells him that he's a fool.

Sierra stops Rafael from going to find Lucy, telling him he doesn't understand. Sierra tells him that Lucy wants to be with Dusty and she's told Dusty that. Rafael asks why aren't they together, then. Rafael surmises that it's because of him. Sierra tells him to give Lucy time, he'll be making a mistake if he pressures her. Rafael wants to tell Lucy that he loves her, and Sierra asks him, "Even if she loves Dusty?" Rafael tells her that he can give Lucy what she needs. He assures Sierra that he won't be disappointed because he's always known that he and Lucy would be together.

Emily continues to pack up the dishes in her kitchen while Barbara barks in the background that Emily is the one who wanted to send Will back to the hospital. Barbara concocts a whole story about how Emily feigned an illness and had Barbara doing all the work around the house so she could be up all night causing problems at Fairwinds and terrorizing Rosanna. Paul tells Barbara the proof is that her mistake was being nice, decent, and kind to Emily, or anyone for that matter, and no one in the world would believe that. Barbara tells Emily to stay away from Will or she'll spend the rest of her life behind bars. Hal comes home and Barbara blurts out that Paul and Emily think she drugged Emily. Paul asks Hal to have the dishes analyzed. Hal asks Barbara and Paul to leave so he can talk to Emily alone. Hal insists that Barbara not go to her room, that she get out of the house. Alone, Hal tells Emily that he missed her. Emily begs Hal to believe that she would never do anything to hurt Rosanna or Will and asks him to run the tests. Hal tells her he'd do anything for her and leaves to get started on them right away. She asks Hal if he's doing this as a favor, and Hal asks why that matters. Emily tells him she needs him to believe in her and questions if he believes her at all.

Mike tries to pin Jen down to her yes answer. Jennifer questions if his asking her to move in with him has anything to do with Katie, and he tells her that she's the one he wants. Mike tells her that she's beautiful, has a huge heart, and on top of all that he can't keep his hands off her; he tells her that all of those things make him love her. She tells him in that case to make her a key, because she's home.

At the gym, Katie asks Henry when he and Mike are renting their tuxes. Henry reminds her that he needs money to do that. Katie tells him that all of this will be for nothing if they don't get Mike involved and keep him involved. Henry questions if all this planning to get married is still a good idea. Katie imagines Mike stepping in at her and Henry's wedding and not allowing her to actually marry Henry. Henry asks her if she's thought that Mike really might not care, but of course Katie doesn't see it that way. Katie tells him that she can't let it go, she loves Mike too much to just let it go.

Lucy arrives back at the Walsh mansion where Rafael greets her and tells her that if she doesn't want to talk he won't follow her. As she's walking away he tells her he wants her to remember that she can lean on him for anything. She's crying and tells him that she saw Dusty for the last time, and Dusty doesn't want her. Rafael holds her as she cries.

At Al's, Lucinda tells Dusty that he went to great lengths to save Lucy and now he's going to let her get away. Lucinda tells him that Lucy told her everything. She tells Dusty that he must do what's best for the two of them.

Mike shows up at the gym and Katie is surprised to see him; she thinks he's there checking up on her to make sure she's safe. Jennifer walks into the room where they are and is shocked to see Katie, who explains that she's working there. Mike tells Katie that Jennifer is moving in with him.

Lucinda asks Dusty why he's punishing Lucy for being honest with him. Lucinda tells him that Lucy does have emotions for Rafael, but it's him that she longs for. She tells Dusty that she thinks he and Lucy could have a future together if he could forgive himself for putting Lucy in the position with Rafael in the first place. She tells him it's his choice, but he should try to be the man that Lucy wants and deserves.

Lucy apologizes to Rafael for falling apart on him. Rafael tells her that he said some things to Dusty that let him know something happened between them. Lucy tells Rafael that she told Dusty the truth about them sleeping together. Rafael tells her that he's selfish; he knows she wanted things to work out between her and Dusty, but he can't tell her he's sorry that they didn't.

Hal tells Emily that he wants the charges against her dropped and he's glad to do anything to make that happen. Emily tells him that she realizes her being there causes problems in his relationship with Will and she's going to move out. Hal tells her that she's his wife, and Emily tells him not to forget it.

Sierra delivers papers to Lucinda outside Al's restaurant. Sierra asks where Lucy is, and Lucinda explains that she went away crying after talking to Dusty. Lucinda tells Sierra that she's taken care of it and it would help if Rafael would back off. Sierra tells her that Rafael wants Lucy for his own. Both of them are pulling for Dusty.

Lucy tells Rafael that she's confused about Dusty. She tells him that even though Dusty doesn't want her, it doesn't change the way she feels about him. Rafael tells her that he'd like a chance to show her how good he could be for her and how good they could be together. He tells her that deep down inside she wants to give them a chance, too, and Lucy tells him that maybe she does.

Before Jen and Mike leave, Henry congratulates them on their decision to move in together. Katie thinks that Jen's moving in with Mike is a rebound thing for him. Katie schemes again, saying that the job she's taken at the gym is the best way of getting Mike back.

Barbara comes back to Hal's house and calls out to see if anyone is home. She goes right to the kitchen cabinet, opens it and looks concerned that it's been emptied.

At the police station, Hal hands off the box that Paul and Emily packed from his house to another officer, instructing him to have it analyzed for a controlled substance. He calls and leaves a message for Paul to tell him that the dishes have been taken to the lab and asks him to tell Emily to please come home.

At Al's, Emily tells Paul that she's moving in with her mother. She thanks Paul for everything that he's done for her.

Jennifer and Mike return to his place with her things. Mike comments on how much stuff Jennifer has, and she tells him she warned him. She asks him if he'll build her an extra closet; Mike tells her he'll build her a mansion. Jen tells him not to change a thing and that she loves his place. He asks her if she's got worries. Jennifer asks if he means about Katie and comments that Katie didn't look thrilled to hear their news. Mike asks if she's thrilled, and Jennifer tells him that she's about to be. They kiss and fall back onto the bed.

At the gym, Katie tells Henry her plan to have the wedding at the gym. She'll get Mike to do the construction and, because the job is so large, he'll have to work constantly to get it done in time for the wedding. She tells Henry that after week after week of her and Mike being side by side, Mike won't be able to hide his true feelings for her.

Rafael takes Lucy by the hand and tells her they won't call it dating, but they'll spend as much time together as they can. Rafael tells her that he knows how she feels about Dusty, but he also knows how he can make her feel. He tells her that all that matters is that she cares about him, and they kiss.

At Metro, Dusty selects an engagement ring, saying, "The perfect ring for the perfect girl."

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