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By Leigh
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At Memorial, Ben and Bob tell Aaron that he'll be going home before long, but for now he needs to take it easy and not overdo it. Aaron reaches up and touches Allison's face, telling her that is why he wanted his arm back, that's what he missed. He thanks her for believing in him and not giving up. Aaron tells her that he loves her, and they kiss.

At the Lakeview, Margo tells Rosanna exactly how to take care of the charges resulting from Will crashing the car. Once she signs the papers and gets a check to the courthouse, Will is cleared. Margo asks Rosanna if she might be sending Will the wrong message and maybe telling him it's okay to destroy property. Rosanna explains that Will was angry because of what she and Paul did to him. Rosanna asks Margo for advice about raising a teenager; Margo tells her that kids Will's age "play you," and it's better to lay down the law than go soft on them.

At Metro, Katie and Henry go over their money situation, and they determine that they're broke. Katie tells him that maybe they can pawn off her engagement ring, but Henry tells her that's not an option and she agrees. They decide that one of them has to get a job, and Henry promises to do everything he can to help her find one.

Mike and Jen snuggle right after he wakes and they are heading back to the bedroom when there's a knock at the door. When Jen opens the door it's Barbara. Jen asks her why she's there and what she wants.

At the police station, Emily is very upset because the judge set her bail at $200,000. Jessica tells her not to panic and they'll figure something out. An officer comes into the office and tells them that her bond papers are ready and her bond has been paid. Emily asks who put up the money, and Paul walks in and tells her, "I did."

At Metro, Henry and Katie read through the help-wanted ads. Henry has a job as a manager of a gym circled just for Katie. He tries to convince her that this is the job for her, and he has even invited the owner, Mr. Lyons, to meet with Katie. Mr. Lyons takes one look at Katie and makes a comment about her being a Barbie doll and tells Henry that he's wasting his time.

Barbara comes into Mike's house. Mike starts to help her take off her coat when Jen stops him, telling him she's not staying. Jen wants to know why she's out and Barbara explains that the judge has given her more leeway. Barbara tells her that she misses her, and that she's read all about how well Jen's business is going. Mike leaves to get breakfast, telling Jen he won't be long. Jennifer asks Barbara to tell her why she's really there, and then they can add Mike's house to the list of places she's not welcome.

Rosanna signs the papers and tells Margo she's going to take a check to the courthouse on her way home. Margo tells her that she can't buy Will's trust. Rosanna tells her that Will has been wounded and she wants him to trust her. Margo says that when Casey is home her house is filled with kids, and it's a shame they can't set up a play date. Rosanna and Margo put their heads together and talk about Will needing to have a party.

Paul takes Emily home, and Barbara is not there. Emily is thrilled to be home and thanks Paul for bringing her. Paul gets impatient with Emily because they need to find evidence implicating Barbara in Emily's mystery illness.

At Memorial, Ben tells Jessica that Aaron is doing exceptionally well. Jessica questions why Ben is calling his reinstatement at the hospital temporary. Ben tells her that Bob can not ignore the drug test that Ben failed. Bob walks up behind Jessica and tells her that Ben is correct, he can't ignore it.

Allison sits by Aaron's bedside and they talk about the first thing they want to do when he gets out of the hospital. They're joking around and Aaron tells her they'll need to leave the apartment eventually. He tells her he's going to look for a job with a future. Chris comes in to say good-bye to Allison.

Rosanna and Margo sit Casey down to help them with their plan to have Will throw a party at Fairwinds. Casey tells them that Will is going to figure out that they put him up to it. Rosanna tells Casey that Will just needs a little push. Will comes in, and they push Casey to approach him about the party right away. Casey starts small-talking Will about Fairwinds and then brings up the party. Will figures it out right away and asks Casey if Rosanna bought him a car, too. Margo and Rosanna watch the two of them talking from around a corner.

At Metro, Mr. Lyons tells Henry and Katie that he purchased the gym as a write-off, but the manager got murdered and now he can't get anything for the place. Mr. Lyons tells them the place needs a face-lift, but no big budgets. Henry tells him that Katie can broaden his client base and shows him her workout video. Mr. Lyons gives her six months to turn the place around. Mike comes in and overhears him say that when a guy gets shot on the premises people don't just walk back in. Mike comes right up to the table and asks her about a job at a place that was the scene of a murder. She tells Louie (Lyons) that she'll take the job.

Barbara tells Jennifer that she's worried about Will. She tells Jen that Emily is trying to get Will put back into the hospital, and then she rips into Paul. Barbara tells her she just wants to live her life and for her children to be happy. Jennifer laughs at her when she asks why Paul would think she'd hurt Will. Jennifer puts her on the spot and asks her what she's up to and whose life is she going to destroy this time.

Paul comes back to the kitchen, telling Emily he couldn't find anything upstairs. Emily is fuming because Barbara rearranged her entire kitchen. Emily tells him that Barbara wants her life but it's going to stop, everything is going back to the way it was. She reaches for a cup and has a memory of Barbara fixing her tea. She drops the cup, and Paul asks her what she just remembered.

Rosanna and Margo spy on Casey and Will as they talk. Will tells Casey that now Rosanna is buying him friends. Casey asks him what's the big deal about having a party and says that he'll supply the people. Casey starts dogging Will, telling him to lighten up and asking what's the worst that can happen. Casey tells him he might even have a good time. At last Will agrees, and Casey is thrilled. He walks out and tells Rosanna and Margo that Will gave in.

At Metro, Katie signs a contract to manage the gym. Mike apologizes for the wise crack he made to Henry. Mike tells her to be careful and to check out the owner. When Mike walks away, Katie is thrilled that he was so concerned about her working at a club where there was a murder. She tells Henry that Mike is so worried and their engagement is driving him crazy.

At Memorial, Bob tells Ben that he's an excellent surgeon and he'd be a fool to not want him back at Memorial. Bob does tell him that he'll be looking over his shoulder for a couple of months, but he'll bring it up to the board, and hopefully he'll be reinstated within the week. Jessica and Ben are thrilled.

In Aaron's room, Chris explains that he had an interview at a children's hospital in Pittsburgh and they made him an immediate offer. Allison tells him to be happy. Chris tells Aaron to take care of Allison. When he leaves, Allison tells Aaron that she's sorry for putting him through all that trouble when she thought Chris was right for her. Aaron tells her she'll have to make it up to him, and they kiss.

Emily is still holding the cup that Barbara used to serve her tea, and Paul again asks what she remembered. She tells him it's an image, but nothing she can make sense out of. Emily remembers Barbara making her drink lots of the tea and telling her that it would make her feel better. Emily tells Paul that she told Barbara she didn't want the tea, but Barbara kept making her drink it. Paul tells her to think about it because it could be important and asks Emily if Barbara could have put something in her tea or possibly been drugging her.

Jessica and Ben decide to celebrate him being reinstated at Memorial. They hug and then kiss; she tells him she'll call him later and they'll make a plan.

Barbara tells Jennifer that she didn't come to Mike's to pump her for information, she came out of concern for her brother. Barbara spouts that she's looking for a little understanding, and no matter how far she pushes her away it won't stop her from loving Jen, just as she will never stop loving Barbara. Barbara asks if she's still living at the Lakeview and tells her that she holds the lease there and will call her next week about possibly working out of the suite.

Paul and Emily continue to wonder if Barbara drugged the tea. Emily tells him that her dishes have been washed so many times there's no way they could prove that Barbara drugged her. Paul thinks there might be traces. He decides they'll empty the cabinets and ask Hal to have the lab analyze the cups.

At Memorial, Bob asks Chris if he's said all his good-byes. Nancy is there to go with him to the airport; she notices that he's wearing his grandfather's watch. Chris tells her he's wearing it to remind him of the person he wants to become. Bob tells him he'll always have a home there. Chris takes one last look around before leaving.

In Aaron's hospital room, Ben tells Aaron that everything looks terrific. He tells him that he's on bed rest to start, and that means no strenuous exercise. Ben tells him no heavy lifting, no exercise or sports, and no sex. Aaron and Allison both have odd looks on their faces.

Mr. Lyons tells Katie she can start right away and tells her to meet him at the gym. Katie tells Henry that she knows nothing about running a gym and asks him exactly how much money she needs for the wedding. She then assures Henry that she can turn the gym around, adding that it's worth whatever it takes to get Mike back.

Mike returns, asking Jennifer if the coast is clear. Jennifer is looking for an apartment because Barbara is threatening to come to the Lakeview. Mike tells her he knows of a place and asks her to move in with him.

Rosanna goes to Will's table and questions him about Casey. She realizes that Will knows it was a setup. Rosanna tells him he might have fun. Will asks her how will he know if he's having fun, and she tells him that he's smart and will figure it out.

Barbara comes home as Emily and Paul are packing her things. She yells at Emily, "What the hell are you doing in my house?" Emily reminds her that it's not her house. Paul and Emily tell Barbara that they've figured out how she got Emily to do the things at Fairwinds. Paul tells Barbara that all the proof they need is in a box filled with dishes, and it's going to the crime lab.

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