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Mike, cleaning up his place, comes across the article announcing Henry and Katie's engagement. His mind goes back to the kiss he saw between the two at Metro. When Jennifer walks into the room, he quickly puts the paper aside. Jennifer asks him if he's got those two on his mind, and he tells her he could care less about their fake wedding. Jen thinks their engagement is making him nuts, but he tells her that it's only because it's bogus. Jen mentions that for a guy who could care less, he sure is giving it a lot of thought. Mike takes her in his arms and asks if she knows what he's thinking now.

Henry joins Katie at Al's restaurant. Henry talks about picture frames for the guests at the wedding, and Katie tells him that Mike has got to be at the wedding. Katie tells Henry that he should get Mike to be his best man.

Will meets Margo at Metro. She questions him about his car, which was wrecked and abandoned. She asks him to explain himself, and he tells her that he lost control of the car and it crashed. Margo tells him that the lab guys believe it was intentionally crashed and asks if that's what happened. Will answers, "I guess." Margo questions why he didn't report it, but Rosanna tells Margo that he did report it to her.

A police officer escorts Emily from her cell to a room where Paul is waiting. Emily tells Paul she's surprised that he came back, because she knows she sounded crazy. She tells him that she knows she was there and did those things to Rosanna, but she doesn't know why, and how can she expect him to believe that. Paul tells her that he does believe her.

At home, Jack can't believe that Carly wants him to cut and run on J.J. Carly tries to make Jack understand that J.J. will sense his guilt over not spending enough time with him. She tells him that it's because of Julia, who's using the love that Jack feels for J.J. Jack admits he knows that, and Carly tells him to stop her. She adds that now Julia's using Holden because Jack chose Carly. Jack tells Carly that he can't condone setting Julia up to look like a thief. Carly spouts back that if he doesn't like her tactics he should use his own, but to get rid of Julia before she destroys everyone he cares about.

In her car, Lily imagines getting to the cabin and knocking on the door; when Holden answers he tells her he was dreaming about her. Holden tells her that he misses her and that he loves her, then kisses her. Suddenly Lily is jolted back to real time by another car blowing its horn.

Julia rubs Holden's bare shoulder as he holds her by the fire at the cabin. He tells her that he hasn't felt so peaceful in a very long time. Julia confesses that she feels guilty about needing him, with all that's going on between him and Lily. Holden tells her not to be sorry, because he's not, and they kiss.

Rosanna sits down at the table with Will and Margo at Metro. Will immediately gets up from the table, telling Margo that he doesn't want Rosanna there. Margo barks at him to sit down, and he does. Margo tells him he's in trouble; when Rosanna questions what kind of trouble, Margo continues and asks if Will told Rosanna that he intentionally crashed the car. Before Rosanna has a chance to answer Will blurts out that he told her. Rosanna tries to tell him not to confess if he values his freedom. Margo tells him he's in a lot of trouble because he did this intentionally, didn't report it, and didn't clean up the mess. A phone call interrupts Margo, and that gives Rosanna a chance to talk to him alone. She asks him why he did it, and Will tells her that he knows she hates him and she only bought him the car because she was trying to impress Paul. Will tells her he ditched the car so that she and Paul would know he doesn't need them. On the phone, Tom tells Margo to read an article in the paper announcing Henry and Katie's engagement. She quickly gathers her things, telling Rosanna and Will that she needs to leave. Before leaving, Margo tells Will that any number of people could have been hurt by what he did with the car. She tells him to make restitution and to start with Rosanna. Will tells Rosanna that there's nothing she has that he wants, and she tells him she can give him the truth.

At Al's restaurant, Henry tells Katie that he loves her and he can't believe that she's serious. Katie reminds him that it's all part of the plan and that they have a deal. Henry wants to amend the deal, and Katie agrees that if Mike doesn't stop the wedding they'll go through with it. Henry tells her he'll get Mike to be his best man and leaves. As Katie is waiting to pay the bill, Margo pops in, shoves the newspaper in front of her and tells Katie she's got some explaining to do.

Jack tells Carly that he's insulted by her insistence that he run Julia out of town. Jack tells Carly that she still can't get over him once choosing Julia over her. She tells him that she used to know that whatever happened he loved her best, and while Julia didn't steal him from her, she did steal that. Carly tells him that she hates Julia, and she hates that she made love to him. She tells Jack that she wonders sometimes if he touched Julia the same way he touches her, and when she feels that way all she wants is for Julia to be gone and not exist at all.

At the cabin, Holden and Julia are naked and kissing. He stops, telling Julia that he thought he heard a car door slam. There's a knock at the door; it's Lily, calling Holden's name.

At the police station, Emily gets emotional because Paul believes her. Paul settles her down to go over things again. He questions her about the time she was sick. Paul tells her that someone had to be feeding her information about the layout at Fairwinds, someone who wanted Will out of his house. Emily realizes and tells him, "Barbara." Paul tells Emily that she did have a motive and an opportunity to be close to her. He tells her to try and remember, because if she can't remember anything he's not sure he can help her.

At Mike's house, Jen asks him to take a week off and go to New York with her over Valentine's. Mike points out that that's when Henry and Katie are getting married. They're interrupted by Henry, who, after gracing Jennifer with flowers and offering champagne to Mike, announces that Mike will be his best man. Mike is stunned.

At Metro, Will calls Rosanna on what he perceived as a bribe with the car she bought him. She admits that it's partly true, and that money works for her; sometimes it can even get people to say they love her when it's not true. Will asks her what it was supposed to accomplish with him, and she tells him it was to get him to forgive her. She tells him that she felt too guilty to even see that he wasn't the one who did it. Will asks her why she felt guilty, since she didn't kill Cabot, and Rosanna tells him she didn't save him, either. She asks Will if he knows what it feels like to need forgiveness.

Jack tells Carly that he thanks God he was able to find his way back to her and their kids, and that Julia's not a part of that. Carly tells him that as long as she's there in their town she's part of their life. Carly tells him to get her away from them, because if he doesn't nothing can be the same between them. Jack asks her if she's given him an ultimatum.

Holden and Julia frantically clean up the cabin, and Julia rushes from the room. Holden opens the door with no shirt on, just like Lily imagined. She tells him that she needed to tell him about Aaron and that he'll be okay, but she knew Holden wanted to be there when Aaron woke up. Lily asks where Jack and the boys are, and Julia walks into the room, saying, "Hi." Lily looks at Holden and asks, "What's she doing here?" Julia tells Lily that, initially, she came to the cabin to get J.J. because she was so embarrassed. Lily tells them both that she does feel bad about making her look like a thief. Julia decides that she's going to stay at the cabin with J.J., and Lily goes to wake Luke. Lily watches as Holden thanks Julia for being so understanding about everything.

Carly tells Jack that she's not giving him an ultimatum and that she could never leave him. Jack tells her that pulling the kind of stunt she and Lily pulled isn't making things better. He asks her to promise that there'll be no more dirty tricks and she won't do anything to undermine Julia again.

At Al's, Margo questions Katie about why she would choose to marry Henry. Katie tells Margo that maybe it's time for her to marry someone who loves her enough to stick around. Margo still can't understand it, and Katie starts to cry, telling her that she was going to ask her to be her matron of honor.

Mike asks Henry why he would ask him to be his best man. Mike tells him he can't because he and Jen are going out of town the week of the wedding. Mike tells him to find someone else, and Henry tells him he's basically his only friend. Mike asks him if Katie put him up to this as a ploy to get him into the wedding party. Henry tells him that this wedding is for real, and he wants his best friend to stand up for him. Henry walks out, and Jen asks Mike if he's sure. Mike goes after Henry and Henry tells him that this doesn't get any more real for him. Mike gives him his tux size. Henry is thrilled, and Mike tells him they'll make sure the wedding goes off without a hitch. Henry leaves and Jen comes out, noticing that Henry looks happy. Mike tells her that he'll be happy, too, if she'll go to the wedding with him. She tells him that wild horses couldn't keep her away.

Emily tells Paul how wonderful Barbara treated her while she was sick. She tells him that she did everything, the cooking and cleaning, and even brought her tea. Emily tells him that it doesn't make sense because the two of them are constantly taking jabs at each other, but the whole time she was sick Barbara was nice. Paul tells Emily that maybe if she went home, where she lost all her memories, she might get them back.

At Metro, Rosanna asks Will how he thinks it makes Paul feel that he can't talk to his own brother and it's her fault. She tells him that she was going to take care of all the expenses for the car incident. Will asks her if he's supposed to say thank you. She tells him that if he'd rather go back to the hospital he should just say the word, and she'll walk away.

Katie starts to cry, and Margo tells her that she'll be at the wedding. Henry walks into Al's, looks at Margo, and says, "Hey, it's my future sister-in-law." Margo tells him not to call her that. He leans over and kisses Katie on the top of her head, telling her that the mission is accomplished, Mike is going to be his best man. Margo leans back and tells her that now she gets it. She tells Katie that this is all to get Mike jealous. Katie tells her that they really are getting married, and Margo tells her that she'll have to do it without her and walks out.

Jack asks Carly if she's thought about what he asked. She tells him she can't promise she'll stop trying to get Julia out of their lives, and if he's going to close his eyes to her then it'll be up to him.

Holden sends Lily ahead, telling her that he's going to give Julia instructions on closing up the cabin. He thanks her for coming up there to get him, and Lily tells him she'd do anything for him and she'll see him at the hospital. Holden then thanks Julia for being so discreet. He tells her that he's got no regrets about what happened between them. Julia tells him that she has no expectations, and he tells her to expect that they'll be doing "this" a lot from now on, and they kiss passionately. Luke stops, staring at them while they kiss.

Jennifer tells Mike that she's fine with him being the best man for Henry. She's glad that he was willing to take a week off and go away with her.

Henry asks Katie if she's having second thoughts, but she tells him that she's not. Katie tells him that they are going to throw the best wedding Oakdale has ever seen.

Rosanna tells Will that if he wants to come to Fairwinds, she knows Paul would love to spend time with him, and that she'd cook or they could go out if he'd prefer. As she's walking away Will goes after her and asks if she'd cook; she tells him she could make sandwiches. Paul comes into Metro as Will is leaving. Paul asks Rosanna how it went, and she tells him, "better." Paul tells Rosanna that Emily will be out on bail soon, and he has an idea about how to trigger her memory.

Jack tells Carly that he needs to go to the station, adding that unless she promises to let well enough alone, there's nothing left to talk about.

Julia is sitting alone at the cabin, drinking a beer, when there's a knock at the door. She runs to the door and opens it, and it's Lily, who tells her she forgot her map. Lily tells her she feels badly about what happened at the farm. The two decide they'll forget what happened. Julia tells Lily not to worry, she thinks everything will work out fine now.

On the car ride home, Holden thanks Luke for being so nice to J.J. Luke is quiet and Holden asks him if he had any fun at all. Luke tells him yes and asks if he had any fun. Holden answers that he did.

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