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At Memorial, Aaron is unconscious; the nurse is giving Ben Aaron's vital signs. She tells him that it'll be another five minutes before the operating room is available. Ben tells her they don't have time and they've got to get moving now.

Outside Aaron's room, Allison tells Jessica how happy Aaron was one moment and the next he was on the floor. Ben and the nurses frantically move the gurney that Aaron is on out and toward the operating room. Allison is frightened and calls out to Aaron. Ben tells her they don't have time, they've got to operate on him right away.

Carly and Lily arrive at Carly's house. Carly is on top of the world, but Lily feels guilty about setting up an innocent Julia. Lily feels especially guilty about lying to Emma. Carly tells Lily that if they play their cards right Julia will be on her way out of town.

At the cabin, Julia cries and tells Holden how sorry she is, but she didn't know where else to go. Jack walks into the room and sees Julia there and asks what's wrong. Julia tells them that Emma thinks she's a thief. She tells them that Carly and Lily set her up.

At Al's restaurant, Sierra meets Craig for milkshakes. Craig tells her that Lucy confided in him about what happened with her and Rafael while they were trapped in the mine. He tells Sierra that Lucy feels she betrayed Dusty. Sierra questions what he said to Lucy, and Craig tells her he pretended he was Sierra and told Lucy to follow her heart. He also told her that, from his own experience, he knows that secrets have a way of coming out. Craig tells Sierra that he thinks Lucy will tell Dusty the truth.

At Metro, Lucy is shocked that Dusty knows about Rafael and her. She asks him if Craig told him, but he tells her that no one had to tell him, he knew because he knows her. She tells him that she's sorry, she wanted to tell him sooner but she didn't know how. Dusty tells her that he loves her. Lucy tells him that she was afraid that he'd be angry and she'd never be with him again. Dusty tells her he understands that what she did was done out of desperation and what they have together is bigger than that. Lucy tells him that what she did with Rafael was more than just desperation.

At Carly's, Lily is a nervous wreck. Carly tells her to tell herself that she was saving her family and to keep her eyes on the prize; once Julia is gone she can concentrate on getting her marriage back on track. They hug and Lily leaves. Alone, Carly talks to herself, saying that Julia is out of her league.

Outside Carly's, Lily gets a call from Allison telling her that Aaron collapsed and that Ben's getting ready to operate on him. Lily tells her she'll be right there.

Julia, at the cabin, tells Jack and Holden she's not sure how the compass got into her purse. She swears to them that she never touched the compass. Holden tells Jack that this has gotten out of control and it's not like the Lily he knows. Jack tells them that he's got an idea of how this happened and leaves to talk to Carly. Holden stops Julia from leaving, telling her the roads are a bit tricky. He tells her that there's plenty of room there for her and it'll help J.J. if she's there, now that Jack is gone.

At Al's, Sierra laughs at Craig when he tells her that he didn't pry any information out of Lucy. Craig tells her that Lucy's hurt was more important than his wish to not have her involved with Dusty. Craig tells Sierra that he's given Lucy his trust, and Sierra tells him that she's proud of him.

At Metro, Lucy tells Dusty that Rafael kept her alive and he never left her. She tells him that she doesn't take making love to someone lightly. Dusty tells her he understands that she and Rafael have a special relationship, and he's not putting it down. Lucy tells him she can't just forget about what happened between her and Rafael.

Lily arrives at Memorial. Jessica and Allison are also there waiting for Aaron to come out of surgery. Allison tells Lily that they've gotten no word yet and she's worried that might mean something bad. Jessica explains that Aaron's latest test results show he had a rapidly growing blood clot in the brain. Lily is wondering how she's going to get in touch with Holden and tells them he's on a camping trip with Luke.

At the cabin, Julia tells Holden that the one good thing that came from the day was that Holden believed her. Holden tells her that all she did was what she believed in and that she's not wicked. Holden tells her that he will never forget how nice and kind she was to him when Aaron was in the hospital. Julia tells him that she doesn't know where she and J.J. would be if it wasn't for him. Holden insists that she still stay at the farm, telling her he'll work it out with his mother. Holden tells her that she didn't cause these problems, she's just caught in the middle of them. He tells Julia that the more he's gotten to know her the more he understands why Jack fell in love with her.

Carly's turning off lights and getting ready to go to bed when Jack barges into the house and blurts out what happened at Emma's. He tells her he wants to know what happened, and he wants to hear it from her.

Allison asks Lily about Holden, saying that Aaron would want him at the hospital. Jessica tells them that she's got to go. Allison is frantic because they haven't heard anything yet.

On the sofa, in front of a fire, Holden tells Julia that he's sorry for what Lily did to her. Julia tells him that she understands what Lily is going through, and if Holden were hers she would have done the same thing. Holden tells her that Lily's blaming everything on Julia and not what's really going on between them. Julia asks Holden if he loves Lily, and Holden tells her that the Lily he loved would not have done what she did to Julia.

Jack is very upset with Carly. He tells Carly that Julia went running to the cabin. Carly admits to him that she set Julia up.

At Al's, Sierra tells Craig that she thinks the advice Craig gave Lucy was good. Craig asks Sierra what she wants, and Sierra tells him that she wants Lucy and Dusty to work it out.

At Metro, Dusty asks Lucy if she's in love with Rafael. She tells him that it's different than what she feels for Dusty, but him acting like her being with Rafael was casual hurts her. She tells him that she's trying to be honest with him. Dusty tells her that he's got to know where he stands. She tells him that she loves him, but what happened has changed her. She tells him that she wouldn't be feeling guilty about sleeping with another man if he hadn't turned his back on her. Lucy tells Dusty that Rafael kept her alive, and when there was nothing left and he offered her his love she was thankful to take it. Dusty asks if that tells him everything he needs to know and walks away from her.

Ben tells Allison and Lily that Aaron is out of the woods and they were able to remove the clot. Ben was also able to repair the damage to his arm, and Aaron should regain the full use of it.

Carly tells Jack that she wants to protect her family because he and Holden aren't able to see Julia for what she really is. Carly tells him that she and Lily want Julia gone. Carly brings up how Julia realized months ago that Jack had a family and didn't tell the truth. Jack believes that what she did was different because she didn't plan any of it, but Carly went over the line because she plotted to set her up.

At the cabin, Holden and Julia talk of their broken romances with Jack and Lily. Holden asks Julia how she gets through it and tells her that, for him, sometimes work and the kids aren't enough, sometimes you need... Julia answers, "Someone to put their arms around you." They kiss.

Jessica is signing papers at the police station when Ben arrives and tells her that Aaron is going to be okay. They hug and Ben thanks her for supporting him. Jessica tells Ben that maybe he should reconsider walking away.

Allison stands by Aaron's bedside talking to him, even though he appears unconscious. She takes his hand and tells him that he's going to be fine that she loves him. She leans over and kisses him, and he squeezes her hand with his bad hand. Allison squeals with happiness.

At the Walsh mansion, Craig and Sierra reminisce happily about their past. Lucy comes in suddenly, crying. Lucy tells them that she and Dusty are really over this time, completely finished.

At Metro, Dusty thinks back on what Lucy said to him about accepting Rafael's love; he throws his glass against the wall and it shatters.

Jack tells Carly that he loves her. Carly tells him that she's just really angry. He wants her to stop seeing Julia as a threat. When Jack states that Julia is the mother of his son, Carly yells that J.J. is not his son. Carly tells him that he's already got a little boy, Parker. She tells him that Parker does not understand any of this with J.J. Carly tells Jack that this is not working for anyone, not Parker or J.J., and that Julia and J.J. are just making things worse; he's got to cut them loose.

Lily calls Emma and asks her to stay with the kids overnight so she can drive to the cabin and tell Holden about Aaron.

Holden and Julia begin to remove their clothes while kissing by the fire.

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