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At the police station, Lucy finishes her statement and hands it to the officer. He asks her if all the details are included in it, and Lucy's mind goes to when she and Rafael made love in the mine. She tells him to call her if there's more that he needs.

Craig comes into the station just as she's leaving and tells her that Rafael and Dusty have been trying to reach her. Craig tells her that she can't avoid them forever and that he knows what happened between her and Rafael.

At Metro, Dusty leaves another phone message for Lucy and asks her to call him back. Just as Dusty hangs up, Rafael comes into the club and asks if he's seen Lucy. Rafael turns to leave and Dusty asks him what happened between him and Lucy at the mine.

At Al's, Allison hugs Aaron and asks what Dr. Harris told him to do to get his arm working again. Aaron stops talking and puts his hand to his head, telling Allison that his head feels really strange.

Ben Harris views Aaron's x-rays at Memorial. Jessica asks him if there's a problem with the tests, and Ben tells her that he's got to find Bob. Just then Bob walks up, and Ben tells him they've got an emergency. An indignant Bob tells him that he has no privileges at Memorial and asks him to leave.

At his cabin, J.J. calls Julia at the hospital to let her know he's there. Jack and Holden are bunking together and J.J. and Luke get their own cabin. Jack tells J.J. and Luke from now on, no more phones or video games. Holden hands J.J. his stuff and tells him and Luke to go set up their cabin. Alone, Holden tells Jack that his separation from Lily has been tough on Luke, and he's hoping this time with him will help. Jack thanks Holden for coming along, because he doesn't think Julia would have allowed him to take J.J. if he hadn't. Jack asks him how he's doing since the separation. Holden tells him that he sees the kids everyday, but his marriage is over. He tells Jack that, unlike Carly and him, they don't have the closeness anymore. Holden tries to explain his reasons for giving up; he tells him that he just realized they drifted apart, and he's started drifting someplace else. Jack asks, "Towards Julia?"

At the farm, Emma tells Lily and Carly that they're always welcome there. Carly starts digging in her purse, looking for the compass that Jack gave her, but she can't find it. Emma goes to the car to get something for the auction and Carly shows Lily the compass, telling Lily to relax and that Julia's not going to know what hit her. Carly tells Lily her plan is to plant the compass in Julia's room for Emma to find. Once Emma realizes that Julia is a thief, she'll throw her out. Lily's not convinced that it's a good idea and is worried that something will go wrong. Carly tells her that it's up to them to save Holden from himself, and she's going to lose him unless she fights back. Carly tells her that Julia is a manipulator and she has no rules. Carly hands the compass to Lily, and Lily asks where to hide it.

At the hospital, Julia gets relieved from her second shift and is given the night off. Ben shows Bob the scans of Aaron's arteries; there is an apparent clot that could have doubled in size already. The two realize that they've got to find Aaron and get him in there right away, and Bob is trying to locate Dr. Ramirez.

At Al's, Aaron tells Allison that he's fine now, but he had pressure in his head. They decide that it was just stress. Aaron is so happy that he's going to get the use of his arm back. He tells Allison that he's going to take her dancing. She tells him that if it doesn't work out the way he wants with his arm it won't change anything for her; all she wants is him. They kiss. Aaron tells her he's sure the news will be good. He turns to ask Al for the night off so they can celebrate and then suddenly grabs his head and falls to the floor. Allison yells for someone to call an ambulance.

Lucy and Craig move to one of the rooms in the police station. Lucy tells Craig she doesn't know what he thinks he knows. Craig tells her that, given the circumstances she and Rafael were under in the mine, they'd get closer. He tells her that he could see by Rafael's face that he cares about her. Lucy questions whether he's working with Rafael to keep her away from Dusty. Craig tells her that's something the old Craig would have done, and while Rafael didn't say anything she wouldn't want Craig to hear, he did make it clear that they've gotten closer. Lucy tells Craig that they made love. Craig tells her that he's not going to tell Dusty and that he's learned not to interfere in her life. Craig tells Lucy that if Dusty pushes Rafael's buttons, Rafael might be the one to tell Dusty.

At Metro, Dusty questions Rafael about what happened in the mine. Rafael's mind goes back to him and Lucy making love. He tells Dusty to ask Lucy. Dusty tells him that when he did, Lucy cried, and he asks him again to explain what happened in the mine.

At the cabin, Holden tells Jack that Julia is not the reason for his separation, they are just friends. Holden advises Jack to let Julia move on, because Carly and Julia hate each other.

In Emma's kitchen, Carly and Lily continue to work on their plan. They have difficulty figuring out where to hide the compass so that Emma can find it. Carly admits that Emma wouldn't put it past Carly to set Julia up, and that's why Lily has to be the one to insist that Julia stole it. Lily tells Carly no, she doesn't lie to Emma. Just as Carly is heading toward Julia's room to hide the compass, Julia walks in.

At memorial, Bob tells Ben that Ramirez is still in Ecuador and won't be back for another week. An ambulance crew brings Aaron into the hospital, and Allison is frantic. Ben tells Bob that they don't have time; they've got to get Aaron into surgery right away. Jessica tells Bob that Aaron has confidence in Ben. She wants them to move right away and save Aaron.

At the farm, Julia asks Lily and Carly if they are there to ambush her. Carly (holding the compass behind her back) tells her they didn't know she'd be there, and Lily adds (sarcastically) that they wouldn't have come by if they knew Julia would be there because they wouldn't want to make her uncomfortable. Lily asks her to leave and run some errands, but Julia tells them that she's tired and not going anywhere. Julia sets her purse on the counter and turns away to hang her coat. Carly puts the compass into Julia's purse. Lily tells Julia that, for the good of the children, they should try to get along. Julia spouts off about Lily trying to pay her off and tells her that it's no wonder Holden left her. She tells Lily that she's obnoxious, and someone has to bring her down to earth. Lily tells her that she and Holden are still married. Staring straight at Carly, Julia tells Lily that she had a family before Carly took it away from her, and that Lily will find a way to get through it; she did. Emma walks in and asks if everything is all right, and Carly tells her no. Julia picks up her purse and says she's going upstairs. Carly grabs her arm and the purse falls to the floor. Emma bends over to pick it up and picks up Carly's compass.

At the police station, Lucy tells Craig that Rafael won't tell Dusty that they made love because it would hurt her. Craig asks her if she loves Rafael. She tells him that they needed each other to stay alive in the mine and she didn't want to hurt him. She tells Craig that she loves Dusty, and if he ever found out about Rafael it would drive him away. Craig tells her that when you hide something from someone you love it builds a wall that's hard to tear down. He holds her and she tells him she doesn't know what to do. Craig tells her that she'll figure it out.

At Metro, Dusty questions Rafael about their time in the mine. Dusty asks him if he took advantage of Lucy, and Rafael tells him that he'd never hurt her. Dusty asks again if something happened, and Rafael caves and says that she wanted it to happen. Dusty says, "So you're telling me?" Rafael tells him that he's not telling him anything, if he wants to know he'll need to ask Lucy. Dusty tells Rafael that he told Lucy he wants her back. Rafael tells him he's the one that broke it off with Lucy. Dusty snaps at him, saying he's the one that put her on that plane. Dusty tells Rafael not to get in his way, and Rafael reminds him that he's a fighter.

At Memorial, Allison is upset and asking Bob and Ben what they're waiting for. Ben tells Bob that he's got to let him perform the surgery, any further delay will hurt Aaron's chances. Bob immediately reinstates Bob to Memorial and tells him he'll get him an operating room right away. Ben tells Aaron that he's getting him ready for surgery and promises he'll do everything he can for him.

In the cabin, Jack explains that Carly and Julia can't be blamed for their feelings. Holden tells him that Carly doesn't want him to have any contact with Julia. When Jack tells Holden he's not giving up his son, Holden points out that he's not really J.J.'s father. Holden tells him that he thinks the only thing Jack can do is let go of J.J. J.J. runs in yelling for his Dad (Jack) to come and look at the card game he's got going with Luke.

At the farm, Emma holds the compass in her hand. Julia questions what it is, and Carly asks where she got her compass. Carly spouts that Julia took it because she can't stand to see Jack happy with her. Julia accuses Carly of putting it in her bag. Carly calls upon Lily to back up that she didn't do it, and Lily does just that. Carly, in a raised voice, tells Emma that Julia needs to stop taking things that don't belong to her. She tells Emma that first she went after Jack, and now she wants Holden. Julia decides she's had enough; she gets her coat and leaves. Carly yells for her to not come back. Carly tells Emma that Julia's got to go and that she's the problem. Emma tells Carly not to push her and storms out of the house. Carly turns to Lily and says, "So far, so good." Lily tells Carly that they've ruined everything.

Dusty sulks at Metro. He remembers the conversation with Rafael and how Rafael said that if something happened, Lucy wanted it to happen. Lucy comes into Metro and they just stare at each other. She tells him that she wants to talk with him. Dusty asks her why she's been avoiding him. She answers him, saying that they've always been honest with each other. She explains that in the mine she thought she was going to die, and she confesses to him that she and Rafael made love. Dusty whispers, "I know."

At the farm, Lily tells Carly that Emma knows they lied. Carly hopes that Julia won't come back. Lily tells Carly that the problem is that Emma feels sorry for Julia. Carly tells Lily that Julia deserves whatever she gets.

Jack takes J.J. back to his cabin. Julia shows up at the cabin, and when Holden opens the door she wraps her arms around him.

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