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Jen and Henry are toasting his and Katie's engagement at Metro. Jen tells Henry that she is proud of him for finally telling Katie how he feels about her. Henry is talking about how he cares for Katie. Mike and Katie, also at Metro, are sitting at a table. Mike doesn't believe that Katie loves Henry. He lets Katie know that she can't make him jealous.

At Alís Diner, Allison and Aaron discuss his appointment at the hospital. Aaron understands that Allison needs to go and see Emily. Allison thanks him for understanding and tells him there is something about the map that she destroyed that is bothering her. She canít figure out what it is just yet, though.

Outside the diner, Will is still shocked that Rosanna bought him a car. Rosanna proudly tells him about all the features that the car has.

Emily is in jail and Paul is talking to her from the outside of the door. Emily still canít really remember all that went on. Paul remembers that Kim said Emily went to the doctor. Emily doesnít remember what the doctor said, she just remembers that Barbara was there with her the whole time.

An officer escorts a very upset Barbara into the interrogation room where Hal is waiting for her. Barbaraís guilty conscience is wreaking havoc with her and she canít understand why she is there. She is upset that Hal wasnít at home when she got there. When Hal tells her that he had her brought there because of Emily, Barbaraís guilt gets the best of her and she tells Hal that Emily is a liar and he shouldnít believe anything that comes out of her mouth.

Jessica finds Ben at the hospital packing up his office. She tells him that someone called and told her he was there, and she wanted to be there with him.

Rosanna is very proud of herself as she tells Will that she hopes he will enjoy the car. Allison walks up and admires the car. Rosanna asks about Emily and says she can't believe she did all the things she did. Will listens carefully as Rosanna tells Allison that she is worried about Emily. Ro doesnít understand how Emily could have even found Cabotís Christmas stuff, since it was all in the attic. Allison thanks Rosanna for asking about Emily and leaves. A confused Will asks if Rosanna still cares for Emily. Rosanna says yes and that she hopes Emily gets the help she needs. She asks Will if the two of them can bury the hatchet. The viewers can tell Will is upset that Rosanna, after being so quick to believe that he did everything and blame him like she did, is now still worried about Emily. Will thanks Rosanna for the car.

At the police station, Barbara and Hal are in Hal's office and are talking about Emily. Tom comes in and hands Hal some paperwork and tells him that he is ready to move on this. Barbara immediately thinks that she is under arrest and prepares for the cuffs. Tom informs Barbara that she is not going to be handcuffed, but set free.

Emily and Paul are still talking at the jail when Allison walks in. Paul was fixing to leave, but Emily tells him she has a message for Rosanna; she wants him to tell her that she is sorry for everything. Allison says she saw Rosanna and Will, and Rosanna said something important. She is reluctant to talk in front of Paul, but Emily assures her that it is okay. Allison goes on to say that Rosanna said she didn't know how Emily got all those things out of her attic without a map of Fairwinds. She tells Emily that she thinks they shouldnít have destroyed the map. Paul is intrigued by their discussion.

Jessica asks Ben out to dinner at the hospital and then Aaron walks up. Ben tells Aaron that he thinks they may be able to give Aaron back the use of his right arm. Aaron is very happy to hear that and asks Ben to look at the results. Ben is not sure if he should, but Jessica talks him into it, and Ben agrees to stick around for the results.

At Metro, Katie and Mike are still talking about her and Henry's wedding. She says she has always loved Henry. Mike doesn't believe her. Katie tells Mike the wedding will be on St. Valentine's Day and she hopes he can make it. She walks off, going straight to Henry; she grabs him away from his talk with Jen and plants a huge kiss on him. Mike watches with a disgusted look on his face.

Will is with the car and has flashback memories of Rosanna and Paul blaming him for all of Emily's dirty deeds.

Barbara is excited about being set free and starts talking about going to get facials. Tom tells Hal that she can't move out yet because she is still under certain monitoring. Barbara starts talking about Will and how she wished he could come live with her and Hal.

At the jail, Allison is asking Emily how she made the map of Fairwinds, and Emily says she has no idea. She says she couldn't even find a bathroom in that place. Allison believes someone had to make it for her. Paul is very interested now and is starting to believe Emily.

Katie and Henry are kissing at Metro and Katie calls it "sealing the deal." Mike and Jen are discussing the happy couple. Jen tells Mike that if he can't be happy for them, be quiet. Jen and Mike kiss.

Will is at Soldiers' Hill when he takes the emergency brake off of the brand new car; it rolls down the hill and crashes.

Hal tells Barbara in no uncertain terms that she is not to start thinking of her, him and Will all being a happy family. He makes it clear that she is living in Emilyís house and that Emily is his wife. Barbara assures him that she is aware of that. She also understands that his loyalties are being tested.

Emily and Allison are discussing the map. Allison says she could go tell Hal about the map, but Emily tells her not to tell a soul. Shortly after Paul agrees not to tell a soul, either, he leaves. Emily tells Allison she thinks that Paul can find her a way out of jail.

Paul runs into Barbara and tells her that she'd be surprised what Emily told him.

At the hospital, Jessica asks Ben what he is going to do now that his office is cleaned out, and Ben says he'll wait for Aaron's test results. They chit-chat a bit about how Bonnie and Isaac are looking for a house now. Jess tells him that Sarah made the honor roll again. They talk about how much Bonnie and Isaac went through. Jess makes a point to mention that there is something to be said about being stubborn. Ben gets the point.

Back at Metro, Jen and Mike are going to go celebrate with the happy couple when they find Katie and Henry kissing. Katie and Henry stop kissing, and Jen and Mike propose a toast to them. Mike looks as if he is totally disgusted.

Barbara and Paul are still talking about Emily. Barbara thinks Emily should go back to the doctor. Tom walks up and tells Paul that Barbara doesn't have to stay at Hal's 24/7. Paul congratulates Barbara and then leans over to whisper in her ear that he will be watching her. Paul leaves the room, and Tom starts to go over the new rules that Barbara will now have to follow. Barbara is unnerved when she sees Paul watching her through the window.

Emily and Allison are talking about Paul at the jail cell. Emily tells Allison she loves her no matter what and starts crying. Allison tells her it will be all right and she will see her later, and she leaves. Emily hears footsteps and calls Allison's name but hears Barbara's voice. Barbara tells Emily hello and says they need to talk.

Katie and Henry are still at Metro talking about how beautiful the toast was and about the wedding and wedding night. Mike comments that they need to get going. Henry and Katie kiss until Katie asks if Mike and Jen are gone. She tells Henry if pretending to love each other got to be too much for him, he should tell her. Mike tells Jen that he was going to lose his appetite if he was around the happy couple anymore. Jen tells him that Katie isnít his problem anymore. She knows that Henry really does love Katie. Mike doesnít believe that Katie is in love with Henry. Jen reminds him that the two of them started out as friends, too.

Allison finds Aaron, and he tells her about possibly fixing his arm.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Ben looks at the test results and tells Jessica that there is a big problem.

At Fairwinds, Will knocks on Rosanna's door to tell her that he was at Soldiers' Hill when the brakes gave way in the new car, and he barely got out before it crashed. He tells her he hopes there are not hard feelings and hands her the keys.

At the jail, Barbara tells Emily she should know why she did those things to Rosanna and that she should take responsibility. Barbara says she tried to help Emily. Emily tells Barbara that other people believe she didn't do it. Barbara tells her they won't help her and adds that she is free, but, as for Emily, she is on her own.

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