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Mikeís place:

Mike and Jennifer relax in bed as they each read different sections of the paper. Mike reads sports while Jennifer checks out the fashion section. Jennifer comments on how comfortable they are with each other. They briefly discuss what their future might be like. Mike offers to make grilled cheese sandwiches for them. He asks Jen if she wants to see a movie later. Jen thinks that would be nice, and Mike tells her to check the listings while he goes to make the sandwiches. Jen stops him with her exclamation when she sees Katie and Henryís engagement announcement in the paper. She tells him that she hopes he is in the mood for a comedy and shows him the page. Mike goes off to make the sandwiches as Jennifer reads the announcement.

When Mike comes back, they both go over the announcement together. Mike thinks that the picture looks funny and comments that the head doesnít match the body. Jennifer thinks it's funny that the picture might be doctored; she tells him that the picture might be fake, but the engagement is real. The smoke alarms start to go off and Mike rushes out, realizing that he has forgotten the grilled cheese sandwiches on the stove. He brings the pan back in and shows Jennifer that the sandwiches are burned beyond saving. Jennifer makes room for Mike in the bed again and tells him that if they put their heads together, she is sure they can come up with a solution to the "lunch problem."


Katie is waiting alone for Henry when a strange woman walks up and congratulates her. Katie is confused until the woman shows her a picture of her and Henry announcing their wedding in the local newspaper. Katie asks if she can keep the paper. The woman gladly leaves it with her.

When Henry arrives, Katie asks where he got the picture that is in the paper. He admits that he found an old picture of her and Simon and just used Photoshop to put his own head in place of Simonís. Katie isnít sure about all of this. She worries that Mike will see this and think she has moved on. Henry asks her if that isnít the point. He then pulls out a beautiful ring and gets down on his knees and asks her again to marry him. Katie gets a bit embarrassed and worries about others watching them. Katie finally takes the box from him and reminds him that she already said yes to him. She wonders where he got the money to buy such a thing. He tells her that he won it in a poker game, but he wonít tell her exactly how much he won. She still isnít sure this is the right thing to do. Henry continues to try to convince her that marrying him is the best thing for her. Katie sees Mike and Jen come in and tells him a bit loudly that the ring is perfect. She wonders how he knew she would like it. Henry tells her it's because he knows her so well. Henry then notices Jen and Mike at the bar. Katie comments that Jennifer didnít even bother to change clothes from yesterday. Henry tells Katie that time is on Jenniferís side. Katie puts the ring on her finger. Mike and Jen approach them and congratulate them on their engagement. Mike comments on the picture in the paper, and Henry explains that he has been working out.

Jen notices the ring that Katie is flashing around and tells her how special it is. Katie tells them that it came from a special man. Mike asks how long this has been going on between them. Katie and Henry both tell him that it was just one of those cases when you realize that the very best thing for you has always been sitting right in front of your face. Mike and Jennifer head off to their own table for lunch as Henry and Katie pretend to be toasting each other. Henry watches Mike and reports to Katie that Mike is indeed watching them. At Mike and Jenniferís table, Mike still doesnít believe any of this. Jennifer thinks that maybe the two of them really are in love. Later, Henry congratulates Jen on getting her man. Jen returns the thought. She really is happy for Henry and hopes that Katie realizes how lucky she is. Meanwhile, Mike slips into Henryís seat and confronts Katie. He asks her just how far she is willing to go to get under his skin.


Kim drops by to visit with Paul and Rosanna. They are concerned about Will. Kim admits to them that Will pretends that everything is okay, but he is very withdrawn and spends a lot of time in his bedroom by himself. Paul thinks that when Emily gets convicted it will help Will. Kim isnít so sure; she thinks that Will is looking more for acceptance than he is for revenge. Paul doesnít let up, though, and continues to think that once Emily pays for what she did, he and Rosanna will be able to gain back Willís trust. Kim tells them she isnít sure about that, since Will has told her that he doesnít ever want to see either of them again. Paul continues to make his anger at Emily known, but he thinks that he should start trying to mend the fence with Will. Kim tells them that Willís car broke down again and she dropped him off at Alís Diner. He was going to do his homework there. She tries to tell Paul not to expect too much. Will isnít happy that Emily is in jail. She tries to explain how Will must be feeling now, like his family is falling apart and he is caught in the middle again. Paul doesnít relent and blames that all on Emily, too. Kim tells them she just doesnít understand how Emily could have done all that she is accused of. Paul tells her that Allison just left, and she had told them that Emily confessed to all of it. Kim tells them both that she saw Emily when all this was going on, and she was so sick that Kim had even offered to take her to the doctor because she was worried that Emily wouldnít make it on her own. Paul thinks that Emily was faking the sickness, but Kim insists that she wasnít. Paul takes off, telling Rosanna that he is going to find out the truth. Ro walks Kim out and tells her how she wishes she knew how to reach out to Will. Kim tells her to just not give up and to look at things through a teenager's eyes. She makes sure that Ro will let her know what Paul finds out before the two hug and Kim takes her leave.

Rosanna rushes back into the room and calls someone, telling whomever it is that he or she needs to make a miracle happen within an hour.

Police Station:

Carly pays Jack a surprise visit and brings him some much-needed lunch. Jack sits down with her in the interrogation room to have his sandwich, and Carly tells him that she has come up with a perfect solution for his problem with J.J. Jack is very interested. Carly tells him that she knows how much he loves J.J. and how hard a time he has been having getting around Julia. She keeps going off on little tangents about Ďthat womaní and how she is messing everything up, while Jack tries to keep her focus on why she came there. Finally, Carly tells him that she thinks he should take J.J. camping. That way he can spend time with the boy without his mother being around. Jack thinks that is a really good idea. Carly then suggests that Holden and Luke go with him.

At first Jack isnít sure about that, but Carly manages to convince him that it is a great idea. Jack starts getting excited making plans for the camping trip. Carly is very pleased with herself. Jack kisses her and thanks her for being a wonderful woman as he runs off to go to the farm and talk to Holden about it. Carly stays behind, telling him that she needs to make a call and she will see him at home later. After Jack leaves, Carly calls Lilyís phone and leaves a message for her to meet her at Alís when she is done at the farm. She hopes things are going as well for Lily as they are for her.

Paul pays Emily a visit in her cell. He tells her that he knows she was faking the sickness while she was running all over Fairwinds terrorizing Rosanna. Emily tries to explain to Paul all that was happening. She really was sick. She tries to explain that her memories are fuzzy, but she only understands half of them. Paul totally believes that she was out to get Will and barely listens to anything she says. He replies sarcastically to everything she tries to tell him, and Emily finally gets fed up with it and orders him to leave. Paul tells her that he doesnít believe the Ďsickí defense, and he is sure the jury wonít, either, especially now that Allison will be their star witness.

Emily tries to convince him that she really was sick and tells him to ask Hal. Paul doesnít think Hal is an objective witness. Emily is desperate now to get Paul to believe that she was sick. About the time that Paul finally gets tired of this little game and starts to leave, Emily blurts out that he should ask Barbara. Barbara was there for all of it and helped take care of her. Barbara can verify how sick she was. This catches Paulís attention, and he steps back to the cell to ask a few more questions. He tells her that he didnít understand how she and Barbara could have become so close. Emily canít explain it, but she tells him what good care Barbara took of her; she cooked for them and always made her tea, and would make Emily go and rest. Now she has Paulís full attention.

Snyder Farm:

Lily finds Holden alone going over some paperwork. She tells him that she is there to talk to him about Luke. Luke isnít dealing with the separation very well, and she is concerned about it. Holden knows that Luke is going to need an adjustment period.

Just when it looks like Lily and Holden are going to have a good talk, Julia comes bursting in with groceries. When she sees Lily there, she misunderstands and thinks that Lily is there telling Holden her side of the Ďbuy-offí story. By the time she realizes that isnít why Lily has come, it is too late and too much has slipped out. Julia tries to apologize to Lily, but she can tell that Lily doesnít believe anything she says. Holden demands to know what is going on, and Julia finally tells him what really happened when she was called to the Lakeview the day before. Things totally fall apart for Lily then. The two women bicker back and forth, and Holden ends up sticking up for Julia. Lily doesnít understand how Holden canít see right through the Ďvictim cardí that Julia always plays. Lily tries to reason with Holden, but things go from bad to worse quickly. Holden tells Lily that he thinks she should leave. Out of pure frustration, Lily gives up and takes off after telling Holden that it is clear to her now that he has other priorities besides his family. Julia offers her comfort to Holden and tries to explain to him that she understands what Lily did. Of course, Holden is touched that Julia is such an understanding person. Jack comes bursting into the room and stops short when he sees that Julia is holding Holdenís hand across the table. After a bit of awkwardness, Julia jumps up and starts to gather her things for work. She asks Holden to tell J.J. that she will call him later. Jack asks if she is working the night shift now. Julia tells him that since she is the new hire, she takes what she can get. Jack then tells her that he wants to spend some time with J.J. Julia immediately puts the walls up again and tells him that she doesnít think it is a good idea. Jack explains his desire to take J.J. camping so he can spend some quality time with him. Julia is still argumentative with Jack and isnít really open to the idea.

Holden speaks up and tells her that he thinks it would do J.J. some good. Jack tells the both of them that he would like Holden and Luke to join them. Holden thinks that is a great idea, and Julia finally gives in and agrees to let J.J. go, since Holden and Luke will be there too. Jack is excited about the trip and tells them that he is going to gather up all the gear they will need. Julia thanks Holden for going and makes a point of getting across how she thinks he is a much better father than Jack is. She kisses him on the cheek as she leaves to go to work.

Alís Diner:

Carly sits alone waiting for Lily while Will sits at another table doing his homework. Ro comes in and briefly talks to Carly before approaching Will. Will tells her that he has a lot of homework to do, but Ro tells him that it will only take a minute, and Will gives in. Rosanna tries to explain that she has made a lot of mistakes. Moving back into Fairwinds so soon after Cabotís death was the first one. She tells Will that she wants to know if he can give her another chance, maybe sometime in the future. It doesnít have to be today, or even tomorrow, just whenever he is ready. Will tells her honestly that he isnít sure if he ever can. Ro respects the honesty but tells him there is one more thing she needs to show him. She asks him to come outside with her for a second. Will is reluctant but finally agrees to go outside when Rosanna tells him that it is a surprise. Outside, Ro shows him a brand new car and hands him the keys. She explains that it is a gift, because Kim mentioned that his car has been breaking down a lot lately. Will asks her what the catch is. She proudly tells him there is no catch. It is just a gift, and she hopes that he will accept it.

Back inside at Carlyís table, Lily comes in and tells Carly what happened at the farm. The two sit and enjoy a little Julia-bashing for a bit. They both fuel each otherís fire and get each other really stoked up. Carly tries to cheer Lily up by telling her that Jack totally went for the camping trip idea. Lily wonders if he will be able to convince Holden to go along also. Carly gets a call from Jack and learns that their plan is working so far. Holden has agreed to take Luke camping with Jack and J.J. When she hangs up, she announces to Lily that the fun is about to begin. Lily is game for anything.

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