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At Fairwinds, Paul tells Rosanna that Emily has been booked and is in jail. Rosanna tells him that she cost them Will. She can't understand how a friend of theirs did this to her.

Emily, alone in her jail cell, remembers hanging Cabot's stocking at Fairwinds. Allison comes to see her and Emily asks her if she found the map and knew what to do with it. Allison tells her that she burned it. Allison is worried that she destroyed evidence. When she looks at Emily's face she can't help but ask her if she did those things to Rosanna, and Emily answers that she thinks she did.

At the Walsh mansion, Craig tells Rafael that it's understandable that he and Lucy got so close after what they went through. Craig asks him why he thinks Lucy feels the same way, and Rafael tells him that he has pretty good reason.

At Metro, Craig tells Lucy that he wants things to be more than what they used to be. He tells her that when he knew she was in danger he couldn't think of anything but her, and he doesn't want to be in a world without her. Dusty asks her to please come back to him. Her mind goes back to her romantic encounter with Rafael in the mine.

At the farm, Julia passionately kisses Holden and then suddenly stops, telling him that she's sorry. Just as she's ready to kiss him again, her phone rings. It's Jack wanting to talk to J.J. Julia tells him that he's already in bed and she'll have J.J. call him in the morning. Jack asks if he's okay. Julia tells him that they're both fine and that Holden's been a saint. She hangs up without saying good-bye, and Jack looks puzzled.

Carly tells Lily that they need to take matters into their own hands, and the only way to take care of Julia is to get rid of her. Carly tells her that she's got more money than God, and she should pay Julia off! Lily is not convinced, but Carly insists that their marriages are on the line. Carly tells her that this is no time to lose her nerve, this is war!

At Fairwinds, Paul asks Rosanna if she believes that Emily is guilty. Rosanna tells him that Emily is a mother, and for her to use Cabot or Will that way is beyond cruel. She asks why she would do that. Paul tells her guilty is guilty, and he's not wasting time worrying about her motives.

Talking through the bars, Allison tells Emily that she knows she's remembered more about being at Fairwinds, but how and why did she plan it? Emily tells her that she really doesn't remember any of it and something must be wrong with her, because none of it makes any sense. She tells Allison that she knows she flunked the polygraph test, and she has these flashbacks that make her wonder if she could be guilty. Emily begs Allison to believe her and tells her it's like her body did the terrible things, but not her mind. Emily pleads with Allison to help her.

At the Walsh mansion, Craig offers Rafael a drink to celebrate his future with Lucy. Craig brings up Dusty and says it's clear that there is unfinished business between him and Lucy.

Sierra comes in carrying a tray of food and is surprised that Dusty and Lucy aren't back. Rafael leaves, telling Sierra and Craig that he's going to Metro to see what's keeping them. Craig tells Sierra that Rafael gave him information that has led him to believe that Lucy and Dusty might be through for good.

At Metro, Dusty apologizes to Lucy for hurting her. He tells her that he was a coward and doesn't know if he can be the guy that she deserves, but he'll spend the rest of his life making up for the pain he's caused her. He tells her that he loves her and asks for her forgiveness. She tells him that so much has changed.

At the farm, Holden explains to Julia that Jack really does care about J.J. Julia tells him that she thinks Jack just feels guilty; Holden tells her she's wrong and Jack truly loves J.J. She says if that's true, why is Holden the one there for them?

Lily agrees to make an offer to Julia. Lily is worried that Holden will find out, but Carly tells her to make that a condition of the pay-off. Jack walks in and Lily makes a quick exit, heading for the Lakeview.

Jack asks what's wrong with Lily, and Carly tells him about Holden and Lily's split. Carly nudges him to go to see Holden, telling him she'll heat up supper when he gets home. She rushes him out the door and quickly calls Lily to tell her that Jack's on his way to the farm.

At the farm, Holden tells Julia that Jack asked him to help out with J.J. Julia's phone rings and it's a call from someone at the Lakeview who tells her her they have some of her things, and if she wants them she needs to come and get them. Holden offers to get them for her as Jack arrives. He asks if J.J. is still awake, and Julia tells him no. Jack wants to talk to Holden, so Julia decides that she'll go and get her things. Jack questions Holden about the split. Holden tells Jack that it's his problem and he'll take care of it. Jack asks him if Julia and J.J. have made his problems with Lily worse.

Over drinks at the Walsh mansion, Craig tells Sierra how close Lucy and Rafael became while they were in the mine. Sierra finds it hard to believe that Lucy feels the same about Rafael as he feels about her, because she's not over Dusty. Craig wonders how Dusty will feel about Lucy and Rafael being intimate.

Lucy tells Dusty that she was sure she wasn't going to make it out of the mine and that she expected to die. She cries, telling Dusty that it's so hard to talk about. Dusty holds her in his arms and tells her he could feel where she was. Rafael appears at Metro just as they're about to kiss and asks if everything is okay.

Julia arrives at the Lakeview. She tells the desk clerk that someone called for her to come there and Lily appears, telling her she called her. Julia is angry that Lily called her down there. Lily asks for five minutes. She tells Julia that she wants to help her; she just has to name her price, and it's hers.

At Metro, Rafael notices that Lucy has been crying and asks if she's okay. He tells her that her family is worried. Dusty goes to get champagne. Lucy agrees to go home with Rafael, but when he moves to take her hand she pulls away.

At the Walsh mansion, Sierra tells Craig that if Lucy and Dusty want to get back together it's their business. She advises him not to butt in. Craig tells her it would make him happy for Lucy not to be with Dusty, but he agrees not to interfere and says that if Dusty finds out it won't be from him.

At the farm, Holden tells Jack that he's not responsible for Lily's and his problems. He tells Jack that Lily and he have not been connected for a long time. Jack tells him that it's sad. Holden tells him that he's the one who packed the bag, but Lily left a long time ago.

At the Lakeview, Lily tells Julia that she's not buying her, she's trying to help her. Lily admits that Holden doesn't know, but Julia should consider it a gift from both of them. Julia asks what she'd put in the memo line, and Lily answers, "Relocation." Lily asks her for the amount and Julia tells her five million dollars. Julia tells Lily that she's disgusted by the fact that she thinks she can buy anyone. Julia tells her she's serious about the five million, because maybe it'll hurt just a little bit. Lily tells her that there's no amount of money that can equal the pain she's caused in Oakdale, and now she's going after another family. She tells her it almost might be worth that amount. Julia tells Lily to get used to it, because she's here and not going anywhere. As Julia is leaving, she turns to Lily and tells her that she can't wait to see what Holden thinks about her offer.

Jack arrives home and tells Carly about his visit with Holden. He tells her that Holden's done and he's not going back to Lily. Jack tells Carly that he's feeling like he might have contributed to their problems, because he asked Holden to help with Julia. He tells her that he needs to start taking better care of Julia and J.J. himself.

Allison arrives at Fairwinds and tells Rosanna and Paul that, while Emily did do the terrible things to Rosanna, there is more to it. Paul asks Allison if Emily admitted what she did, and Allison tells them yes, Emily confessed.

At the Walsh mansion, Rafael, Lucy, Dusty, Sierra, and Craig all toast. Craig makes the toast and thanks Dusty for not giving up. Sierra toasts to new beginnings and second chances. Lucy toasts and thanks Dusty and Rafael for saving her life. Dusty decides to leave and tells Lucy he doesn't need an answer right away and to just think about their talk.

At Fairwinds, Allison tells Rosanna and Paul that Emily did do those things, but not in an attempt to hurt them. Allison tells them that Emily had been sick, and maybe that's what caused it.

At Metro, Dusty remembers Lucy in the mine. He says to himself, "Come back, princess; nothing's the same without you."

Back at the Walsh estate, Lucy and Craig hug. Lucy decides to take a hot bath and relax. Rafael offers to hang out with her, but she declines. She and Sierra leave.

Craig starts talking with Rafael, thanking him for taking care of Lucy, and tells him if there's anything he can ever do for him to ask. Rafael tells Craig that there is something; he tells Craig that he loves Lucy and asks Craig to help get Lucy away from Dusty. Craig tells him that he wishes he could, but it's up to Lucy. Rafael tells him that he'll make Lucy see. Craig tells him he's sure he will. As Rafael leaves the room, Craig mumbles to himself that he may not be able to help, but he'll be rooting for him.

Julia comes slamming back into the farm, not seeing Holden standing in the kitchen. Julia tells him there was nothing at the Lakeview and it was a mistake. Holden tells Julia that Jack knows about his and Lily's split and wanted to make sure he was okay.

Lily goes flying into Carly's, telling her never again! Lily tells her she feels like a fool and Julia was condescending. Julia is not playing; she wants what she wants and is not going to let anything get in her way.

Carly's working on another approach to getting rid of Julia, and it's going to work this time; Julia will wish she never picked this fight.

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