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At the Lakeview, Katie laughs hysterically when Henry asks her to marry him. He tells her that he's serious; she takes his hand and tells him that she loves him but she's not in love with him. Katie tells him that Mike is on the rebound with Jen and she's sure that he's thinking about her right that minute.

At Mike's place, he and Jennifer frantically try to decide where they're going to have sex. Mike's bed is loaded with clothing, he tells her to give him a minute, she takes everything in one clean swoop and throws it off the bed and says, "Now where were we?"

At the Walsh mansion, Craig tells Sierra that he's not going to tell Lucy about the monastery. He tells Sierra that they need to make sure that in the future Lucy is safe, and that means keeping her away from Dusty. She tells Craig that Dusty is nuts about Lucy and he'd risk his own life to save her. Craig blames Dusty for her being in danger in the first place, but Sierra tells him it's entirely his fault.

At the police station, Lucy and Rafael wait while Dusty gives his statement. Rafael thinks back to when he and Lucy were romantic in the mine. He tells Lucy that he wants to talk about what happened between them.

Lily storms into Jack and Carly's house, looking for Jack. Carly tells Lily that Jack is at work. Lily is fit to be tied, because of Julia. She tells Carly that because Jack didn't want to deal with Julia he drafted Holden to deal with her. Now, Holden has moved out to the farm where Julia also happens to be staying.

In Emma's kitchen, Julia takes off her engagement ring, puts it into a box and tapes it closed. Holden comes in, tells her how great JJ is doing with tending to the horses and offers to teach Julia how to horseback ride.

Julia thanks Holden for helping JJ get over Jack. Holden notices that she's not wearing Jack's ring. He asks what's in the box, Julia tells him that in the box is Jack and she's moving him out. She tells Holden, "like you said it's time to try something new."

At Carly's house, Lily wants to tell Jack about Julia. She tells Carly that Holden is bonding with Julia and her son. Carly tells Lily that she should talk to Julia not Holden, because Holden will just feel sorry for Julia. Carly tells Lily that she needs to tell Julia to stay away from her man.

Julia asks Holden to keep an eye on JJ so she can run an errand with the box, he agrees.

At the Walsh mansion, Craig tells Sierra that Lucy's connection with Dusty is dangerous and that even Dusty has admitted that he's not good for her. Sierra tells Craig that he should keep those feelings to himself. Jordan and Lucinda come in to be a part of Lucy's homecoming. At Sierra's request, Craig thanks Jordan for all he's done to help.

At the police station, Rafael talks to Lucy about what happened between them in the mine. He tells her that it meant something to him, she tells him it did to her as well. Dusty interrupts them.

Henry tells Katie that Mike has dumped her. Katie tells him that she can tell by the way Mike looked at her that he still loves her. Henry tells her she should spend time with him, that he cares about her and she'd never be alone.

At Mike's place, he and Jennifer make passionate love.

Lucy arrives at Lucinda's with Rafael and Dusty. Jordan tells Dusty he's glad to see that he's arrived back safely. Craig is so relieved to see her; Lucy immediately wants to know where he had been.

Lily arrives at the farm, she walks in yelling Julia's name when Holden answers her that Julia is not there. Lily tells him that she was going to ask Julia about New Year's Eve, Holden tells her there's nothing to tell, when she stood him up he ran into Julia and that's it. Holden tells Lily that Julia is not the reason their marriage is in trouble.

Carly, leaves Jack phone message, asking him if he's spoken with Holden. The doorbell rings, it's Julia with the box in hand.

Lucy tells Craig how worried she was about him. He tells her that he took a little break because he had some thinking to do. Lucy tells him that he should of called, Sierra stops her from badgering him, she tells Lucy that he came back as soon as he knew there was a problem. Sierra tells Lucy that she thinks his time away was good for him.

Mike and Jennifer lay holding each other. She tells him that she loves him; he tells her that he loves her too.

Katie tells Henry that Mike will never believe that she'd marry Henry. She tells Henry that getting married is an insane idea. She questions why Henry would want to marry her, spend money on her, and never go to bed together. She tells him no, that she's played games with Mike and it got her nowhere.

Lily tells Holden that she's come there to remind Julia that Holden is a married man with a wife who still loves him. Holden tells her that Julia is heartbroken over Jack and he's only trying to help. Lily reminds him that this is supposed to be a trial separation and the whole idea was to work out their problems. Holden sticks up for Julia saying that Carly and her make her out to be a schemer. Lily points out that Julia kept Jacks marriage a secret from him. Infuriated, Lily tells Holden that Julia is anything but a victim.

Carly tells Julia that if all she wanted to do was deliver that box she could of asked Holden to give it to Jack or even use the mail. Julia shoves the box into Carly's arms, telling her not to look in the box that it's personal.

Mike feeds Jennifer a peeled grape. They decide they're going to try every room in the house since he's so good in the kitchen and then he chases her.

Katie wants to know what's in it for Henry. He tells her that he's got a secret; he doesn't connect with other women like he does with her. He points out that their relationship is the most dependable relationship they've ever had. Henry tells her that Oprah says you should always marry your best friend, he asks her again, she says yes. Kisses her, then shakes her hand.

At Lucinda's, her arm around Lucy, Lucinda asks if they're sure that Dominic Ramsey is really dead. Craig moves around the room, hugs Rafael and then Dusty. Rafael leaves to phone his family. Dusty takes Lucy by the hand, telling her he thinks this calls for champagne, and he's got a nice selection at Metro, so they leave. Craig looks at Jordan, and Sierra, and says isn't this cozy.

Rafael comes back in and Craig tells him Lucy left with dusty.

Alone at home, Carly goes crazy wondering what Julia put in the box for Jack. Finally, she breaks down and rips into it. Going through it she finds the engagement ring Jack gave her, and says, "it's about time she gave this back." She's pulling things out and then finds a red and black negligee!

In Emma's kitchen, Lily mentions that Julia gloated to her that she and Holden spent New Years together. Lily asks him why he defends Julia. Julia walks in and gives Lily a cheery hi! Offers to get Lily coffee and pie, Lily tells her that she grew up there and knows where things are. Holden told Julia that Lily was just about to leave. After Lily walked out, Julia apologized to Holden for interrupting them.

Henry slips a cigar ring on Katie's finger telling her it's an official engagement. Katie agrees to a Valentine's Day wedding. Henry goes on and on about the arrangements that have to be made. When he walks away, Katie mumbles to herself, that Mike won't let this wedding happen.

Back in Mike's bed he caresses Jennifer.

At the Walsh mansion, Rafael tells Craig that Lucy finally knows that he loves her and he thinks that Lucy has feelings for him too.

At Metro, Dusty tells Lucy that when he thought he lost her nothing else in his life mattered to him but bringing her back. Not back from Dominic or just the mine, but bringing her back to him, to his bed, to his life. Dusty tells her that he loves her and never wants them to be apart again.

Lily goes back to Carly's to tell her about her encounter with Holden and Julia. Carly shows Lily the sexy negligee that Julia returned to Jack. Carly tells Lily that Julia wanted to remind her that she slept with her husband! Lily's not sure what to do to, and Carly says they've got to get rid of her.

At the farm, Holden tells Julia that Lily thinks he moved out because of her. After Holden said that Lily couldn't be more wrong, Julia planted a big kiss on him, saying, "Maybe she's not."

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