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At Hal and Emily’s place, Allison tells Aaron about all the evidence that points to Emily terrorizing Rosanna. Allison is positive there must be some reasonable explanation for Emily’s actions. Aaron feels the same way, so he promises Allison he will help her find the truth.

At the hospital, Will shares his worries with his aunt Kim about being sent back to the mental institution. Will is hurt that his father doesn’t believe him. Kim tells Will she knows he has made mistakes, but she knows he would never hurt Rosanna. Kim encourages Will to be the bigger man and forgive his father, because if Emily fails the lie detector test Hal will need his support more than ever. Will gives Km a hug and thanks her for trusting him. He heads over to the police station.

At the police station, Hal, Emily, and Paul are informed that Emily failed the lie detector test. Emily cries and screams that she could never do such a thing to Rosanna. Paul demands that Hal throw Emily in jail.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer wonders why Henry allows Katie to get him in trouble all the time. Henry explains in detail some of the things he has done for Katie in the five years he has known her. He tells Jennifer he would do anything for Katie, even give up drinking, because he is in love with her.

At Worldwide, Katie thinks Jennifer seems like a woman who is very insecure about her relationship. Katie refuses to accept that Mike is in love with Jennifer because she thinks Mike is using Jennifer to push her away. Mike makes it clear that Jennifer is a wonderful woman and he would never use her for any reason. Katie wonders when Mike told Jennifer he loved her. Mike explains he hasn’t shared his feelings with Jennifer because he is trying to find the right moment. Katie thinks it's strange Mike chose to tell her his feelings before telling the woman he supposedly loves. Mike tells Katie the only reason he told her was because she wanted to know the truth. Mike makes it clear to Katie that he will always care about her, but he loves Jennifer. Mike and Katie decide to be friends with each other. Katie holds back tears as she gives Mike a hug.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer encourages Henry to tell Katie how he really feels about her because she might surprise him and feel the same way about him. Henry tells Jennifer he can’t do that because he has accepted that she will always love Mike. Henry thinks it's better to be Katie’s friend than to not be a part of her life at all. Henry advises Jennifer to accept that, no matter how strong her relationship is with Mike, sooner or later he will return to Katie. Henry tells her that he will be there to give her advice on how to be a good friend to Mike.

At the hospital, Ben asks Bob if he can talk to Dr. Ramirez about Aaron’s case. Bob informs Ben that Dr. Ramirez is out of town. Ben explains to Bob that he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about Aaron’s case. Ben thinks the reason Aaron is unable to move his arm is that there is residual swelling around his brain. Ben asks Bob to consider running more tests on Aaron. Bob is hesitant to do it, but after talking to Kim, who overheard the conversation, Bob decides to call Aaron and talk to him about more tests.

At the police station, Emily once again pleads with Hal and Paul to believe she would never do this to Rosanna. Hal is confused and doesn’t know what to believe about Emily. Paul thinks Emily volunteered to take the lie detector test because she never thought she would get caught. Paul once again demands Hal to do his job and put Emily in jail. Margo takes Emily into the interrogation room so Paul and Hal can talk. Hal warns Paul that if he gets in Emily’s face again, he will be the one begging for mercy.

At the Lakeview, Katie tells Henry about her conversation with Mike. Henry advises Katie to move on with her life. Katie insists that Mike isn’t in love with Jennifer, he is only using her to push her away because he is angry she lied to him. Henry explains to Katie that women threw themselves at Mike while she was gone, and he never paid attention to one of them until Jennifer came along. Henry thinks their relationship is real, and he doesn’t want to watch Katie pine for someone who doesn’t love her anymore.

At Mike’s place, Jennifer tells Mike he doesn’t have to let her down easy or worry about breaking her heart. Jennifer wishes Mike happiness with Katie. Mike stops her and explains he didn’t want to talk to her because he wanted to break up with her, and then he tells Jennifer he loves her. Jennifer is surprised and happy but asks Mike if he is positive he loves her. Mike tells Jennifer he told Katie that he is in love with someone else now. Jennifer and Mike kiss.

At the police station, Emily explains to Margo that this has all been a mistake, she would never hurt Rosanna. Margo advises Emily not to discuss the case with her. Margo leaves to take a phone call. Emily has a flashback of allowing Daniel to draw a picture on the back of a map she drew of the inside of Fairwinds. Emily also recalls hiding the map inside Daniel’s backpack. Emily calls Allison and tells her about the map, but before she can tell her to get rid of it Margo walks in the room. Emily thanks Allison for taking care of it and hangs up the phone.

At Hal and Emily’s place, Aaron and Allison try to decide what to do about the map. Aaron encourages Allison to give the map to the police because he doesn’t want her or Will to go to jail. Aaron explains to Allison that Will is going to be blamed for a crime he didn’t commit, and this time he will be tried as a grown up and could go to jail. Aaron also tells Allison she could go to jail for destroying evidence, and he doesn’t want to lose her. Allison hears a car in the driveway and notices Barbara has come back. She quickly stuffs the map back inside Daniel’s backpack, and she and Aaron leave the house through the back door.

At The police station, Hal reminds Paul that Emily is innocent until proven guilty, and the lie detector test is considered circumstantial evidence. Will arrives and volunteers to take a lie detector test. Hal accepts Will’s offer and goes to set up the test.

At the Lakeview, Katie decides to come up with one more plan to get Mike back, and if it doesn’t work she will move on with her life. Henry has a brilliant idea.

At Mike’s place, Mike proposes to Jennifer, and Jennifer is speechless. Jennifer tells Mike that she has never felt more loved or safer with anyone than she has with him. Jennifer kisses Mike in response to his question. The two share another kiss.

At the Snyder farm, Aaron tries to persuade Allison to go to the police or ask Holden for advice. Allison tells Aaron that despite everything she has done, Emily is her sister and she loves her. Allison reminds Aaron she would risk anything for the people she loves. She takes a lighter and starts to burn the map. Aaron takes the lighter and map away from Allison and he burns the map himself.

At the police station, Will’s lie detector test proves he is telling the truth. Emily begs Hal to believe her and help her clear her name. Hal explains to Emily that he does believe her, but he can’t be involved in her case. Emily cries and continues to beg Hal to help her. Margo places Emily under arrest.

At the Lakeview, Henry asks Katie to marry him.

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