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At the Lakeview, Henry tries to get Katie to eat something, but she has lost her appetite over Mike being so upset with her for lying to him. Katie explains to Henry that she told Mike the whole truth, and he doesn’t want to see her again.

At Worldwide, Mike explains to Jennifer everything that Katie told him about Simon and Pilar’s scheme to break up him and Katie. Jennifer is angry that Katie manipulated Mike by not telling him the truth.

At the police station, Paul makes it clear to Hal that he is there to make sure Emily doesn’t get special treatment for being his wife. Hal is hurt Paul would think he would do such a thing. Paul explains that Rosanna still can’t sleep and lives in fear every day of some horrible reminder of Cabot. Paul wants to make sure that Emily will pay for terrorizing his wife.

At Hal and Emily’s house, Emily hopes to get some support from Allison but is surprised when Allison walks in the door and wonders what Emily has done now.

At Lily and Holden’s house, Lily promises Holden she will change and do whatever she must do to fight for their marriage. Lily is willing to go to a marriage counselor. Holden is tired of fighting for their marriage and tells Lily he is there to explain things to the children. Luke interrupts their conversation and wonders if there is anything wrong. Holden tells Luke that there is something wrong, and it's time they set things right.

At the Snyder farm, Carly arrives to offer Julia her help and advice. Carly is amused to see Julia making an apple pie in Emma’s kitchen. Carly can’t resist and tells Julia Emma makes the best apple pie in Oakdale. Julia tells Carly she doesn’t need or want her help or advice. Carly explains to Julia that Jack feels awful about missing his time with J.J. but, since he is a cop, things come up unexpectedly; it is part of Jack’s job. Carly also tells Julia that being a cop is more than just a job to Jack, it is part of him. Carly advises Julia to stop playing the victim, because it makes Jack feel guilty for hurting her and J.J. every time he can’t live up to their expectations. Carly also explains to Julia that when Jack is working he needs to focus all his time, energy, and concentration on his job, because one mistake could cost him his life.

At Holden and Lily’s house, Holden explains to the children that he will be living at the farm for a while instead of at home. Luke wonders if his parents will be getting a divorce.

At Hal and Emily’s house, Emily tells Allison she would never use the loss of a child to terrorize Rosanna. Emily cries and tells her sister she doesn’t remember buying the doll, but she has had flashbacks of holding the doll. Emily also shows Allison the credit card receipt and the picture from the surveillance camera at the toy store. Allison thinks there must be another explanation and advises Emily to postpone the lie detector test until they can find the truth. Allison also tells Emily they need time to find a way to beat the lie detector test.

At the Lakeview, Katie tells Henry Mike feels he can’t trust her anymore. Henry advises Katie to apologize to Mike and beg for a second chance.

At Worldwide, Jennifer thinks Katie could turn into Barbara and warns Mike to be careful. Mike doesn’t think it's possible for Katie to become Barbara, but he promises to be careful of her. Jennifer thinks she and Mike should stop seeing each other until he resolves his feelings for Katie. Mike wonders if Jennifer really wants them to split up. Jennifer admits it's not what she wants to do; what she really wants is to forget about their pact to take things slow and make love to him. Jennifer asks Mike to be honest and tell her how he really feels about Katie.

At Hal and Emily’s house, Allison persuades Hal to let her come with Emily to the police station to give her sister moral support.

At Holden and Lily’s house, Holden explains to Luke that he and Lily are only spending time apart so they can think about things. Holden also tells Luke that this doesn’t mean they are getting a divorce, but even if they do divorce, that doesn’t mean they won’t be a family.

At the Snyder farm, Julia thinks Carly is trying to kick her and J.J. out of Jack’s life. Julia asks Carly to deliver a message to Jack from her. Julia wants Carly to tell Jack he doesn’t have to worry about her and J.J. anymore because they are no longer a part of his life. Carly warns Julia that right now she is being nice to her for Jack’s sake, but she can be nasty, and Julia wouldn’t want to know her when she's nasty. Julia tells Carly that since she has already lost so much she doesn’t care what Carly threatens to do to her.

At Lily and Holden’s house, Luke and Faith console Lily and don’t want to leave her alone. Lily tells her kids everything will be okay and they shouldn’t worry about grown-up problems. Lily tells Luke and Faith to go have fun at the hayride.

Paul calls Will from the police station and tells him that he found the family picture in the fireplace. Paul apologizes to Will and asks him to move back home. Will tells his brother he is happy staying with Bob and Kim. Will thinks if he moved back to Fairwinds and something happened to Rosanna they would automatically blame him for it. Will wishes his brother and Rosanna a happy life and makes it clear to Paul he doesn’t want to be a part of their lives anymore.

At the police station, Allison gives Emily a thumbtack and instructs her to place it on the floor and step on it because the pain will make her heart beat faster and mess up the test results. Emily gives Allison a hug and instructions on how to take care of Daniel. Allison tells Emily not to worry because she won’t go to jail.

At Worldwide, Mike gives Jennifer a kiss and assures her that his feelings for Katie are in the past. Jennifer thinks the reason Mike wanted to take it slow with her is because he still has feelings for Katie. Mike tells her the reasons they have waited to make love have nothing to do with Katie. Katie arrives and listens to the last part of Mike and Jennifer’s conversation. Mike gives Jennifer one more kiss before she leaves to meet with Lucinda. Katie comes out from her hiding place shortly after Jennifer leaves to talk to Mike.

At Holden and Lily’s house, Lily looks at a family picture and vows not to let Holden forget they are still a family.

At the farm, Holden arrives just in time to see Julia crying and taking her anger out on pie dough. Holden calms her down and tells her she must make new dough for the pie.

At Worldwide, Katie tells Mike she has promised herself she won’t tell any more lies. Katie apologizes to Mike and asks him to give her another chance. Mike accepts her apology but tells Katie they aren’t good for each other. Katie thinks Mike still has feelings for her and reminds him of the first time they made love. Mike tells her they had a good relationship once, but that is in the past. Mike also tells Katie he loves Jennifer.

At the police station, a nervous Emily begins the lie detector test.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer blasts Henry for helping Katie with her plan to break up her and Mike. Henry explains to Jennifer that Mike and Katie are meant to be together. Jennifer tells Henry she will be very angry with anyone who tries to mess with Mike’s head. Henry thinks that Mike doesn’t know it yet, but he's still in love with Katie.

At the police station, Emily gets nervous when asked if she bought the doll and placed it in Will’s hands. Emily steps on the thumbtack and screams, "No!" but has a flashback of holding the doll. Emily is also asked if she broke into Rosanna’s house. Emily steps on the thumbtack again as she answers, but she has a flashback of walking into Fairwinds. The man giving Emily the test finishes his work and walks out to tell Hal he has an answer for him.

At the farm, Lily arrives to talk to Holden, and Julia accidentally tells Lily she had a drink with Holden on New Year’s Eve. Holden enters the kitchen and Julia leaves Lily and Holden alone to talk. Holden explains it was a chance meeting, they were both at the Lakeview. Lily is angry that Holden didn’t tell her that he had drinks on New Year’s Eve with another woman. Lily is even angrier that Holden has been discussing their marital problems with a stranger. Holden tells Lily she didn’t show up to celebrate New Year’s with him because she was with Craig again. Holden once again reminds Lily she put someone else ahead of their marriage. Lily promises to change in order to save their marriage. Lily reminds Holden that he knew she was with Craig on New Year’s Eve, but he kept his drinks with Julia a secret from her. Holden shouts that they have grown so far apart he thought that what he did and whom he was with was no longer any of her business. An angry Lily leaves the house just as Julia comes downstairs.

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