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Carly surprises Jack at the police station by throwing confetti on his desk and yelling, "Happy New Year!" They kiss. He steps away for a minute and his cell phone rings.

Carly answers it and it's Julia. Carly tells her that Jack is busy and hangs up on her.

At Lakeview, Julia tells Lisa that Carly just hung up on her. Julia says she was just trying to set up a schedule so that J.J. won't get let down. Julia tells Lisa that Jack looks at her like she's a frustrated woman who's taking up his time, and if Jack won't make time for her, she'll find someone who will.

Lily gets home and Holden is already there. Lily apologizes for not being there and Holden tells her he's been thinking. Lily tells him she wants things to change, and Holden tells her he can't and won't do this anymore. He tells her he's moving out tonight.

At the Walsh mansion, Sierra tells Jordan that Lucy and Rafael are safe. As they hug Craig walks in and sees them, but they don't see him.

In the mine, Dominic holds Dusty, Lucy and Rafael at gunpoint. Dominic tells them that, had it not been for the flare they set off, he'd still be digging in the wrong snow bank. Dusty tells him that he isn't the only one that saw it and the forest service rescue team is on their way. Dusty tells Dominic that this isn't what he wants, but Dominic insists it is; after what they put him through, this is his justice. He takes aim at Rafael while Dusty and Lucy yell for him not to do it. Dominic then aims at Lucy, saying, "This is her fault, she should die first."

Holden tells Lily that ever since Rose died nothing is working. He says that him moving out is just putting a name to it. Lily asks him what she should say to the kids. Holden tells her that the kids need to know that they both still love them and it's not their fault. Holden tells Lily that the kids already know something is wrong. He tells her they need to admit that their lives, with the exception of the kids, have gone in two different directions. He says he's staying at the Lakeview and he'll be back in the morning. Lily begs him to stay for the night, but Holden says he just can't stay there anymore. Lily says, "This is your home." Holden replies, "And I'll miss it."

At the Walsh mansion, Craig clears his throat and Sierra and Jordan notice that he's there. Sierra tells Craig that Lucy is fine and is coming home. Craig is shaken up; he says that he had been preparing for the worst, and he's relieved she's okay. Sierra introduces him to Jordan, but Craig already knows him because he was married to Rosanna. Lucinda comes in and immediately tells Craig that he's not welcome there, but Sierra gets Lucinda to allow him to stay so she can give him the details of Lucy's rescue. Lucinda steals Jordan away to talk business. Craig tells Sierra that they need to talk. She asks him what he wants but he tells her nothing, he just wants her to know that he's not going to tell Lucy that she had him abducted.

In the mine, Dominic aims his gun at Lucy and says that she's the problem. Before Dusty and Rafael got mixed up with her they weren't a problem for him, and all Dusty ever wanted was money. Lucy starts to tell him that if it's money he wants… But he shuts her up. Dusty grabs at Dominic and there's a struggle; the gun goes off.

At the police station, Jack gets his coat and tells Carly he's ready to go. Carly tells him about the phone call with Julia and that she kind of hung up on her. Jack tells Carly that he was supposed to spend time with J.J. earlier and he was late because of a case he's working on, and Julia was upset about it. Carly tells Jack that she knows he cares about J.J., but no matter what he does it's not going to be good enough for Julia. Jack tells her that he loves J.J. and wants him in his life.

Julia and Lisa talk at the Lakeview. Julia starts talking about what a great guy Holden is and how nice he's been to J.J. Lisa stops her and tells her that Holden is married to a woman who has many friends in that town and that Lily and Holden are as solid as can be. Julia says she didn't mean that she'd go after him, and Lily has been very nice to her, too. Julia tells Lisa that hopefully one day she'll meet a good man. Lisa tells her that she's glad they cleared the air about Holden.

Holden packs his bags and tells Lily that he'll be back tomorrow for more of his things. Lily cries and tells him that they spent half their lives together and he's just walking out. Holden says he's sorry, but she argues that he's not. He tells her that she has changed and he is upset about it, but he doesn't blame her. The girl he met, the woman he married, whatever it was that drew her to him is gone, and he's lost her. She grabs at him and tells him he hasn't lost her, but Holden pulls away and tells her that it is over.

Dusty struggles to get the gun from Dominic, but Dominic prevails. The mine is shifting and making loud sounds. Rafael says they've got to get out of there or they'll be buried alive. Dominic tells him that that is the point.

At Metro, Lucinda talks to Jordan about Sierra and why she continues to talk to Craig. Jordan tells her it's because of Lucy. Lucinda asks him to do some fact-finding for her, she wants to protect Sierra from Craig. Jordan tells her he won't spy on Sierra for her.

Craig and Sierra are at the Walsh estate. Craig talks about his time at the monastery. He tells Sierra that he has repented, and that is why he's not going to tell Lucy that it was Sierra who had him held at the monastery. Sierra questions if it's some kind of bribe so she doesn't tell Lucy that he shot Alan, and if so, forget it! No deal!

The mine is falling, and just as Dominic is saying that it's Mother Nature getting even, a huge part of it comes down on top of him. Lucy, Rafael and Dusty escape while Dominic lies on the ground.

Carly reminds Jack of another child whom he loved and let go. Jack said that child had a mother and a father who loved him. Carly tells him she doesn't think what he's doing is actually the best for J.J. Jack tells Carly that he can handle Julia. Carly tells him that Julia doesn't want to change.

Julia sees Holden at the Lakeview and asks him why he's back. He tells her he doesn't want to talk about it. She tells him he's been such a good friend to her, and if he needs someone to talk to he knows where she is. Talking in circles, he says that what he's done is odd, but he knew he had to do it. He tells Julia that he left his wife.

Lily's at home alone in her living room; she is teary-eyed and looks very sad.

Jack tells Carly that he's not going to call Julia until tomorrow to see what she wants, and that'll give her time to cool down. Carly tells him that Julia wants her family back. She warns him that he will never satisfy Julia. Jack asks her what he should do, besides turn his back on J.J. Jack gets called away, and Carly, alone, tells herself that she'll have to deal with Julia, because Jack is too nice.

Holden and Julia talk about their relationships with their spouses. Julia tells him it's hard because you want to hold on to the way it was in the beginning. He tells her that he's going out to the farm tomorrow. Julia tells him that J.J. will love that he's there. The concierge tells him his room is ready, and Julia hugs Holden before he leaves to go to his room.

Lily looks out her front door and says, "I know things are a mess right now, Holden, but I do love you." She turns off the lights and walks toward the back of the house.

Jordan and Lucinda are having drinks at Metro. Lucinda tells him she thinks he's a nice young man and she gets him to agree to keep an eye on Sierra for her. Jordan tells her that he cares about Sierra and he doesn't trust Craig. He tells Lucinda that he likes her daughter very much.

At the Walsh estate, Craig tells Sierra that he's not trying to bribe her, and if she wants to tell Lucy about Alan she should go ahead, but he's not telling Lucy about the monastery. Craig tells her that the time he spent there taught him what a terrible person he was and that his only hope is the future. She questions if it is a trick, but he tells her no, he's truly sorry.

Aboard an airplane, a cop says that Dominic Ramsey is buried and they'll never get him out of there. Rafael, Dusty, and Lucy are safe in the plane. Dusty tells her that there's so much he wants to say to her; they kiss and he holds her. Rafael thinks back to their time in the mine when they kissed. As she hugs Dusty, Rafael and Lucy stare at each other.

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