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Aaron tells Allison how much he misses Metro. Allison is coming on strong, but Aaron is resisting.

Will is at Fairwinds. Rosanna find him there and thinks he broke in to "haunt" her again. Paul comes in to break them up and explains that he asked Will to be there and that it wasn't Will who did all those things. She asks who it was, and Paul tells her it was the last person she'd ever think.

Hal comes home and tells Emily that Paul came to see him. She tells him that she wanted to talk to him about that. Emily tells him what Paul has accused her of and how crazy it is. Hal tells her that's what he thought, until he saw the picture; he pulls it out and shows it to her.

Lucinda and Sierra are at the station trying to get Jordan out of there.

Margo tells them that they are wasting their time. Jordan comes out and asks Sierra about Lucy. She fills him in on the situation and the snow storm.

Rafael is staying positive and trying to keep Lucy awake. She whines about being cold and tired. She asks if she can just burn one match to warm her hands. He lets her and then goes to try to find something they can use for insulation.

Lucy lights the match and hallucinates seeing Dusty in the flame. The hallucinated Dusty tells her that he won't let her down again. She talks back to the flame, and Rafael hears her. Lucy tells him the story of the little match girl who sees things in the flames of matches. He asks what she saw, and Lucy tells him she saw her heart's desires. He asks what happened to the match girl, and she tells him that she froze to death. He tells her that they aren't going to die because he loves her and he's going to spend the rest of his life proving it to her. Lucy looks VERY uncomfortable at this point.

Jordan tells Sierra to go home and that it's not a big deal if he has to spend one night in jail. She tells him that if it wasn't for him Lucy wouldn't have a chance, and she's not going to leave him there. Tom comes in dressed in a tux (he was at the mayor's party). Lucinda demands that he release Jordan. Margo tells him the charges. Jordan tells Tom about Dominic locking them up, about Bud helping them, and about them finding Bud dead. He also admits to knocking out the cop to get Dusty free so that he could go find Lucy. Tom tells Margo that it's her call, since it's her officer who got hurt. She tells him that the officer is fine and that he'd probably drop all charges with an apology letter. Jordan readily agrees, and Tom tells him to go home and they'll take care of the legalities in the morning. Margo apologizes for Lucinda interrupting his evening. Tom tells her that he wasn't having fun anyway. Then he asks if they can go have a drink. Of course, she says yes.

Allison wants to know what's wrong with Aaron. He tells her that she deserves better than him, since he can't hold her like he wants to. She tells him that he is the best and that she doesn't want anyone else. She tells him that she wishes he'd make love to her. Aaron sighs.

Hal and Emily continue to argue over the pictures and the situation. Hal thinks she did this to get Will sent back to the hospital. She tells him that she loves Will and would never do something like this to him. She thinks that Barbara has something to do with this. He tells her that Kim was there with Barbara when one of the incidents happened, and that Barbara couldn't have gotten the "bracelet" off. Emily realizes that Hal thinks she did this.

Rosanna is shocked that it's Emily. She asks if Emily said why she did it. Paul tells her that Em denied everything. Rosanna asks if she's going to be charged or arrested with the solid evidence that Paul was talking about. Will asks why not just check her into the mental hospital so they could get the family discount. Rosanna apologizes to Will for making the wrong assumptions. She asks if they can get through this, since they are family. Will tells her she'll fit right in to their family, since what she says today means nothing tomorrow, since she betrayed him and expects him to love her anyway. Paul stops them. Will says he's going to stay with Bob and Kim, but Paul convinces him to stay there for the night and sleep on it. He thinks they'll figure everything out in the morning. Will leaves the room to go upstairs. Rosanna goes to find her keys. Paul asks her if he can talk her out of going over to Hal's. She gives him a look, and he asks if he can at least drive.

Emily asks Hal how he can think that she did this. She asks how he can not know her after all these years. He tells her that he knew the woman he married, and that some habits are hard to change. She asks if he thinks she is turning back into the person that got what she wanted no matter what she had to do to get it. She asks him why she would go after Rosanna. She tells him that, even at her lowest, she always had a reason for doing what she did, and there's no reason for her to do this. She asks if he thinks she could hurt someone like this. He tells her he didn't, but he also didn't think that she would do what she did with Chris Hughes. He tells her that she betrayed him and her own sister. Sometimes he doesn't know what to think of her.

Aaron goes to get Ali's coat. She thinks he's mad at her. He tells her he's not, but that sometimes a guy wants to make the first move. She tells him to ask her, because she'll definitely say yes. She tells him that sometimes she gets scared that he'll get tired of her. He stops her and tells her he never would. They are about to kiss, and Alli tells him to make the first move. Her cell phone rings, and it's Will on the other end. He asks her to come to Fairwinds because he needs to tell her something.

Sierra tells Jordan that she'll find him some clothes to change into after he showers. He tells her that he'd like to be there when she gets the good news from Lucy. She asks how he's so sure it'll be good news. He tells her that Lucy is strong and determined, just like her mother.

Lucy tells Rafael that she just wants to go to sleep in his arms and stop fighting it. He gives in, but then she hears something. She says it sounds like rocks moving. Then we hear Dusty asking if anyone is down there.

They start yelling so that he'll hear him. They are both really excited. Rafael is excited because they are being rescued, but Lucy is excited because she recognized Dusty's voice.

Margo and Tom are having a drink. They talk about how Christmas was almost normal. Tom tells her he needs to know something about when they split up. Margo tells him she'll tell him whatever he needs to know. He asks how they let it happen.

Emily tells Hal that she was lonely and acting out when she was almost with Chris. Hal asks if they are any better now, with him working too much and Barbara living in the house. He asks if she's acting out again. She thinks that he still hasn't forgiven her for the Chris thing. Then Paul and Rosanna knock on the door. Rosanna barges in, asking Emily why she did this to her. Emily insists that someone is setting her up. Paul goes over the evidence again and asks her if she hates Will enough to try to get him locked up again. Emily wants to take a lie detector test.

Allison and Aaron show up at Fairwinds. Will tells them that Paul worked everything out. Aaron thinks that he means Paul found out who was doing this. Allison tells him that Will already knew but couldn't tell her before. She thinks the person is locked up now or something. Will tells her that the person isn't locked up. Allison asks who it was, and Will tells her that it was Emily.

Dusty shows up in the mine to save the day. He and Lucy hug while Rafael is left out. Dusty asks if he's okay. Rafael asks if he has any food. Dusty tells them he has food, blankets, warm clothes, and everything else they'll need. Lucy tells him she thought he was dead. Dusty tells her he's fine, and so is Craig. He adds that Dominic still wants them dead, so they need to get out of there fast. Rafael asks if he thinks Dominic will come there. Dusty goes up to light a flare for the forest service to find them. Rafael tells Lucy that he knew they'd get out of there. She tells him that she wouldn't have made it without him, and they hug. Dusty comes back in to see that and looks upset. He asks if they are up for hiking out of there. She tells him that he should ask Rafael, since he was the one bitten by the snake. Dusty tells Lucy that she can call her mother from his radio in the pack.

Margo apologizes again to Tom. He tells her he's had enough apologies and that what he needs is a reason. She tells him that when Doc flirted with her she found herself laughing and wanting to flirt back. He tells her that he wonders when he started looking at her as something that would always be there instead of something he couldn't bear to lose. She tells him she's still there. He tells her he can't go through it all again. She takes that to mean he wants her to leave, so she gets up to go. He stops her and tells her that from now on they have to talk about things. She realizes that he wants to get back together. They leave the bar to go home together.

Will tells Alli that he understands if she doesn't believe him. She thinks that he's out to get Emily. He tells her that he just told her because he didn't want her reading it in the newspaper. He tells her that he can't pretend he didn't see what he did because they'll lock him up again, and he's already done that once and won't do it again - not for Alli or Emily.

Rosanna doesn't think that a polygraph is worth it since there are ways around it. Hal thinks that they owe it to Emily to take the test seriously, since she's already volunteered for it. Rosanna asks her again how she could do this. Emily again tells them that she didn't do it. Paul and Rosanna leave. Emily thanks Hal for backing her up about the polygraph test. Hal tells her he's going to call the station and set it up. Paul comes back to the door. Emily tells him she's had enough accusations for one night. He tells her that he really hopes that he's wrong about her, but that the pictures are hard to dismiss, even with a conclusive polygraph test. While he's talking to her she has a flashback of herself in Fairwinds holding the doll.

Aaron tries to convince Alli that there has to be another explanation. Aaron tells her there is nothing they can't get through together. He takes her home so that he can take care of her for a change.

Hal tells Emily that the test is set up for tomorrow. She tells him that she has changed her mind, she's afraid it will be misleading. Hal asks if there's something she wants to tell him. She tells him again that she didn't do this.

Rosanna tells Paul that she is going to make it up to him and Will somehow. 

Will has his backpack ready to leave Fairwinds. He stops to look at the picture of him, Rosanna and Paul from the wedding. He takes it out of the frame and puts it into the fire.

Jordan and Sierra are talking. Lucinda comes in with a phone. It's Lucy calling from the mines. She tells her mom that they are fine and that they are coming home. After she hangs up, Dusty says he heard the forest service and that they must have followed the flair he set off.

As they start up the stairs, Dominic comes down towards them. He thanks Dusty for leading him straight to them and then tells them they are all going to die.

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