ATWT Update Monday 4/26/04

As the World Turns Update Monday 4/26/04

By Linda

Henry is enjoying the last bits of a martini at Metro as Katie joins him, informing him that they have a lot of work to do. She tells him she's been in Cicero and Henry is confused as to why. Katie then tells that she's been shopping at the largest electronic surveillance store in the Midwest and then she proceeds to unload her bag with tiny cameras and other bugging equipment.

Henry then quips "To get us into a tiny bit of trouble?" Katie then asks him why he is always so suspicious of her and he reminds her of when he was left stranded on an island with a less than savory character. Katie shakes her head, saying that was a long time ago and that everything is different now. Henry doesn't buy it, replying he doesn't want any part of it. Undaunted, Katie accuses Henry of being a "wuss" and then tells him all he has to do is use the equipment she's purchased to find out how Pilar is going to hurt Mike. "Forget it," Henry states emphatically, Katie asking him why. He then tells her that Pilar has been one step ahead of them the whole time.

Mike walks into a room at the Wagon Wheel motel and tries to get the attention of the maid that is busily making the bed. She continues her work, not noticing him and he says that he was asked to meet his friend there, Pilar Domingo. Still she doesn't hear him, so he politely taps her shoulder to get her attention. To his surprise, the maid is Pilar.

Paul and Barbara are in his condo and Barbara is asking him what he thinks it is that she has done and he responds, "You've lied to me, kept things from me and this has been going on for awhile." She replies that she thought she wouldn't have to defend herself to him anymore and he doesn't believe her, but Paul cuts her off stating that he wounded act wasn't working on him. He then tells her that he tried to call her cell phone and Walker Daniels answers and tells him that they were at Metro. Continuing, he accused her of not being at Metro or at least not yet. She asks him if that is why he's upset. Paul answers her that he wanted to know where she was, what she was up to and why Walker lied to him. Amazingly, Barbara admits that she went to see Will, which upsets Paul greatly. She explains that she realizes that Will can't have any family visitors, but that Walker had a friend who let her see him from an observation room and that she watched him from behind a one way mirror. He asks how he looked and Barbara replied sadly that he looked vacant, lonely and very lost. She added that she didn't know if it was better for her to see him or if it was worse and Paul swiftly cuts her off, saying they were losing their way. He then asks her why she gave Jordan authority to make purchases on her behalf. Stunned, she inquires how he knows about it. Paul calmly states that it's his company and he makes it a point to know when somebody is trying to take it away from him. Barbara vehemently denies the accusation, Paul going on a diatribe about how it was fun to work with him, but how she would rather work with someone she could control. Fervently Barbara tries to assuage him, reassuring him that he is her son and that he has her commitment. Firing back, Paul reminds Barbara that she has been married several times, that she says that she loves her children, yet she refuses to see them and he doesn't think commitment means a whole lot to her. Angrily she informs him that he doesn't even know what he's talking about and that everything she has done has been for her children.

Jordan and Jennifer are in the midst of a passionate kiss at Barbara's suite when Jordan pulls away and states that he doesn't think this is a business dinner anymore. Jennifer asks him if he's okay with that and Jordan sighs heavily, causing Jennifer to become flustered. She apologizes profusely, Jordan telling her not to and then revealing that he believes her to be an intelligent, beautiful, sexy woman who he'd love nothing more than to get close to her. Jennifer replies that she feels the same. Shaking his head, he explains that since they work for the same company and are around her mother and brother every day that the relationship would be doomed from the start. Becoming suspicious, Jennifer asks him if that is the only problem. Jordan is bewildered at her question, asking what else it could be. With a raised eyebrow, Jennifer queries, "Roseanna Cabot?"

Roseanna is hanging up her phone in her suite at the Lakeview and informs Carly that it's done and that Cabot Motors has agreed to sponsor BRO's fashion show in Las Vegas. Amazed, Carly inquires how that is going to keep Jennifer away from Jordan, to which Roseanna discloses that her publicity manager has a thing for Jennifer, and that Jennifer is the only one a BRO that he will deal with. Then she adds, "At least that's what we tell Jennifer." Shaking her head, Carly informs Roseanna that she thinks the plan is too obvious, especially since they were found out when they tried to break up Jordan and Jen's dinner that night.

Undaunted, Roseanna admits that could be a problem, but that was where Carly comes into the picture. Carly states that this is where she should get out and Roseanna eases her conscience by telling her all she has to do is to sell Barbara on the idea and then convince Barbara to sell Jennifer. "It's an awful lot of selling, don't ya think," Carly replies slyly, Roseanna assuring her that she knows she can do it with her hands tied behind her back and once Jennifer is on her way to Detroit, Jordan can be open to other distractions. Carly nods her head as Roseanna begs her to help her and then informs Roseanna that she reminds her of someone. Roseanna asks who and Carly replies herself. Roseanna asks if that's good or bad and Carly responds, "Truthfully? Frightening." Roseanna chuckles and smiles.

Jordan and Jennifer argue about Roseanna, Jordan swearing she's just a friend. Jennifer is suspicious of Roseanna's intentions, stating that since Carly's story about needing a fit model was bogus that the entire evening was a setup and that Roseanna has her hooks out for him. Jordan reiterates that he and Roseanna are just friends, Jennifer replying that if she were truly his friend, she wouldn't have sabotaged their dinner together. Shaking his head, Jordan says that he's not going to continue defending Roseanna and that she wasn't the issue. Jennifer becomes uncomfortable and agrees that the issue was her throwing herself at him, swearing that it will never happen again. Jordan pleads with her to understand, explaining that he's an outsider in a family business and there would be too many obstacles for them to overcome. "Jordan, I've seen you when you want something and obstacles don't stop you," she replies, turning away from him into the kitchen. Pursuing her, he entreats her further and she spins to him and says that if he didn't want to get closer, then he shouldn't have flirted with her. He vows that he was attracted to her the first time they met and she retorts that he was only making nice to her because she was the boss's daughter. Jordan replies that her comment wasn't fair and Jen asked if it wasn't fair to him or to her. He states that Barbara needs him and he didn't want to give Paul any reason to fire him again. Jennifer replies coldly that he could get a job at Cabot Motors, but she wasn't sure if there was a business card for what he'd be doing. Hurt, Jordan thanks her for cooking dinner and leaves. She tries to call him back but it's too late, so Jen sits at the dinner table and weeps.

Roseanna tells Carly she's sorry if she frightens her but when it comes to saving Cabot, nothing is going to stop her. Carly tells her that it's all getting strange and she feels badly that they are taking lightly Jennifer's feelings for Jordan and sending her off to Detroit like some canned ham. Her pleas fall on deaf ears, Roseanna telling her that Jennifer is young and she doesn't want to argue ethics while Cabot still needs her help. Carly again asks her sister to reveal more of her plans to her, but Roseanna refuses, replying that she knows too much already. Carly shakes her head and resigns herself to help her sister and leaves to find Barbara to tell her Cabot Motors sponsoring the fashion show.

Mike asks Pilar why she's mopping the floors and she replies that she works there now. She then explains that she worked out a deal with the manager to trade maid services for her room. Mike tells her she's crazy and she tells him it's what she can afford, and that was why she'd asked him there - so he could see for himself that she was all right. The manager enters and tells Pilar that his office needs dusting, being rude to Mike in the meantime. His manner disturbs Mike, warning Pilar that he was trying to come on to her.

She shrugs it off and says that she can handle him and even though Mike disapproves it's the best she can do. She goes on saying that ever since she's come back to Oakdale, she's made one mistake after another and she doesn't want to make another one and that's why she has to stay away from him. He replies that he understands, but he doesn't have to like it. Pilar tells him she isn't trying to make him love her anymore and all that she wants is his respect.

Katie tells Henry that Pilar had bragged to her about killing Mike, but she saw through her rouse. She knew that Pilar would think that she would go to Mike about what she'd said and wouldn't believe her and cut Katie out of his life forever. Henry responds that he hasn't believed her and that she's already cut out of his life for good. She ignores him, saying that she knows the best way to stop her. Henry says he's game and Katie goes on to say if Mike won't believe her, maybe he'll believe it when it comes straight from Pilar's mouth. She wants to set up the equipment in Mike's house, but Henry informs her that he followed Pilar and she isn't living at Mike's anymore, but at the Wagon Wheel motel, where she is also a maid. He thinks that it pokes holes in Katie's theory. Unconcerned, Katie still insists it is part of her plan to make her look helpless and leave Mike open to her advances. Henry asks if she's going to tell Mike about it and she replies that she wouldn't know how to tell him. Henry reminds her that they've been looking into this for a long time, prompting Katie to ask him if he wants to quit. He replies that it has appeal to it. Pressing him, she tells him if he has anything to say, he should just say it. "I don't want to help you anymore," he replies sadly. Katie protests, Henry reminding her that it isn't her problem anymore. He also tells her it would hurt him to see her in prison. She softens, realizing that Henry really is concerned about her and he confirms that she lights up his life. He asks her if she's going to let Mike take care of himself now and she agrees that she will, then he asks if she's going to get a lawyer and take seriously the charges pending against her, Katie conceding again. Just when he thinks that everything is all cleared up, Katie mentions that it would be much easier to set up all the equipment in the Wagon Wheel. Henry bemoans that she hasn't heard a word he's said and she assures him that she has and she'll get a lawyer just as soon as she nails Pilar. Katie leaves for the Wagon Wheel despite Henry's protests.

Mike asks Pilar if he can at least buy her dinner and she replies that she can't. They are hearing Russ's case in night court and she has to be there. Mike tells her he doesn't think she should go alone, but she is adamant that she wants to look him in the eye and make sure he knows that she's not afraid to testify. He compliments her on her strength and she says that she's working on it. Excusing herself, she tells him she'd better get to the manager's office and as they leave, Mike warns her again about the manager. She tells him she's armed and holds up the broom and feather duster, then leaves as Mike's cell phone rings and he groans as he peers at the number. It's Henry and he asks Mike if he'd like to come to Metro to have a little chat, to which Mike declines. Henry begs him not to hang up and informs him that he has the inside track on what Katie is planning next. Mike says he'll be right there.

Paul and Barbara continue to argue, Paul still mystified as to why she would sign papers that would give Jordan secret powers, Barbara interrupting him and frantically explaining that she only did it because they have a deadline and wanted to cut through the red tape.

She then assures him that they built BRO and they can do it again, but it's going to take a lot of work and when the Las Vegas show is a huge success, these problems will all just go away. There's a knock at the door and Paul answers the door to Carly, who tells him hello. She asks if it's a bad time and he replies that it's getting there. She then asks if Barbara is there and he tells Barbara that her resident genius is there to see her. Barbara asks her if it's about business and Carly replies that she had discovered a great opportunity and since she can't take it, she thought she would bring it up to her. Paul is irritated and says that she's going behind his back and she denies it. Barbara then offers to discuss it with Carly the next morning, Paul stopping them and saying he'd love to hear about this opportunity, just like old times only different.

Roseanna stumbles upon Jordan eating alone at the Lakeview and asks him why he wasn't having dinner with Jennifer. He tells her they had to cut it short and Roseanna hoped it wasn't because he'd come to rescue him. He said it wasn't, but a lot of different things.

She then tries to give him a gift for helping her and he rudely tells her he doesn't want any gifts, but would like to know the real reason she called him. Roseanna tells him that out of all the people she wanted to call, he was the one that she most wanted to see. He accepts her compliment and she asks if she can join him for dinner and he agrees, pushing his plate over to her and telling her to "help herself."

Barbara is flabbergasted that Roseanna wants to sponsor the show, but she is also hesitant. Carly explains that people who go to fashion shows also buy cars and that they would need to put Cabot Motors all over the place, but Barbara says that she could get tie-ins anywhere. Carly sheepishly admits that her sister has an ulterior motive, Paul commenting that he's shocked as Carly turns and gives him a sour look. Carly continues to tell Barbara that Roseanna wishes the show to be a success so that lots of people get to see Carly's designs and she can become a huge success. She then tells Barbara that there's a little catch - the guy in charge of publicity has a little crush on Jennifer and Roseanna thinks it would be a good idea if she were the point of contact between the companies. Barbara smiles, saying she's sure Jennifer would do it. Carly then goes on to say that Jennifer would need to get on a plane to Detroit the next day, might have to stay a couple of days and maybe even have to go back. Barbara is sure that Jennifer needs a change of scenery and when Carly presses her, Barbara suggests that she get right on it, but she would like to call and thank Roseanna if it isn't too late. Carly assures her that it is too late, but she should do it in the morning. Barbara agrees and comments that she'll send her a basket of muffins as well, telling Paul on her way out that he doesn't need to worry about anything. Before she walks out the door, she tells Carly that she knew it was a smart idea to hire her, but she didn't realize how right she actually was. Carly tries to leave after Barbara, but Paul steps in front of the door and tells her, "Hang on, not so fast."

Katie approaches Pilar's room at the Wagon Wheel and is pleasantly surprised that the door is wide open. She goes in, but is unexpectedly interrupted by the manager who asks her what she's doing in there. He recognizes her as the broad with the baseball bat and tells her to get out. Katie tries to tell him the bat thing was a big mistake, but he's not convinced so she tells him that one of his employees could become one of the luckiest girls in the world. She then explains that she's the associate producer of a new reality show, "The Maid and the Millionaire". The manager asks if that was why she was hitting that guy with a bat and she tells him they have to do that sometimes so people don't get suspicious. He asks why and she replies that one of his maids has been selected to go on a blind date with Anton Von Casey. The manager asks who that is and Katie acts shocked that he's never heard of him, going on to explain that he is one of the country's most rich and eligible bachelors. She explains the premise and he says that it sounds terrible, but Katie pushes on, telling him she needs this room and the room next door to set up their equipment. He asks if the maid is Pilar, and Katie agrees, pretending not to know Pilar's last name. Wincing, he says he doesn't know if he wants Pilar to get her heart broken by some playboy, Katie countering his fear with the fact they may fall in love and get married. Still uncertain, the manager reports that he needs time to think about it and sends Katie on her way.

Mike meets Henry at Metro and asks what Katie is up to. Henry tells him he can't be specific, so Mike gets up. Henry explains that the reason she is doing all of this wild stuff is that Katie still loves him. Mike says he doesn't want to talk about and begins to leave, Henry catching him and telling him that he and Katie need to sit and talk it out.

Mike says she's still in love with Simon, Henry replying that Simon is only an obsession with Katie, but with Mike it's the real thing. Mike says they've had so many chances and he wonders what would be different about this one. Henry suggests that he doesn't know, but that they'd been talking at each other for months and no one has been listening, so perhaps Mike should try listening and give it one last chance.

Barbara arrives home and asks Jennifer why she's upset. Jennifer explains that she threw herself at Jordan and he refused, Barbara assuring her daughter that by the way Jordan looks at her, he's interested.

Jennifer then tells her mother about Roseanna and curses herself for handling the whole situation in the spiteful way that she did. Barbara offers her condolences, but Jennifer is worried about seeing Jordan at work the next day. You don't have to, says her mother and Jennifer begs her not to fire him. Barbara then alludes to the trip to Detroit and adds that it just might be what it takes to wake Jordan up.

Paul corners Carly with his confusion and admits to her that he feels like he's lost control of everything. He goes on about how Carly had refused to continue in his plan to wrest control of BRO from his mother and she apologized, saying that it must be strange. Paul continues, reminding Carly how Roseanna absolutely refused for her sister to be even around him, but yet when Barbara offers her a job, she accepts and no one tells him about it. Again she apologizes, but he cuts her short. He points out that now Roseanna wants to fund his show so that his company can do well and it's messing with his head. Carly tells him it's happening for a very good reason and he questions for who, Roseanna? Carly assures him it isn't that, and that she's not out to get him.

He swears he'll find out how as Carly makes a hasty exit.

The manager informs Pilar that Katie was there and Pilar says to let her set up the equipment.

Mike stops Katie at Metro and tells her they need to listen to each other.

Carly interrupts Jordan and Roseanna having drinks in her suite and telling her about Barbara accepting their offer. Roseanna spills the beans about the sponsorship and how Jennifer fits in. Carly informs her sister that Barbara just called and said that Jennifer would be a plane to Detroit the next morning. Jordan asked for how long and they said no more than a couple of days. Carly excuses herself and then Jordan leaves as well, leaning in to kiss Roseanna goodbye, but she rebuffs him tenderly.

Barbara reassures Jennifer that Jordan will realize he misses her, the show in Vegas will be perfect and everything will be all right.

Paul has a disturbing vision that Roseanna and Jordan take all of his credit at the fashion show. They all mock him and he resolves that the vision will never come to fruition.

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