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Alison and Aaron enter a crowded Metro. Aaron thinks it's too crowded, but Alison says that's the idea on New Year's Eve. Aaron says he doesn't want to stay, but he does want to speak to Curtis. Curtis is obviously thrilled when Aaron tells him Ben has been exonerated of any wrongdoing during his surgery and forgives Aaron for blaming Ben. Aaron still wants to leave until some other Metro employees greet him with open arms and invite him to stay for the party.

In Lucinda's living room, Jessica apologizes to Ben for telling him she still loves him, saying she knows that's her problem. She understands that things haven't changed for them, and Ben agrees. He does admit he still cares for her, and she asks if he will ever forgive her.

At Memorial, Lily brings cookies from Emma for the children. A nurse complains they are short-staffed and points out a man she says has been waiting for an hour for his doctor. Lily offers to keep the man company and is shocked when the man turns out to be Craig, who appears to be hyperventilating into a paper bag.

At the Lakeview, Jack walks in to see Julia holding Holden's hand and thanking him for his help with J.J. Jack is disappointed when Julia tells him J.J. has already left for his sleepover. He offers to go see him, but Julia thinks that will make things worse. Jack again apologizes for having to miss his plans with J.J., saying he had to work, but Julia thinks that's just an excuse. She says he's been avoiding both her and J.J.

At the police station, Paul tries to convince Will that Hal will understand when he tells him Emily has been haunting Rosanna. Will isn't convinced, but Paul reminds him they have proof, holding up a videotape. Hal enters and is thrilled to see Will is okay, thanking Paul for bringing him home. Paul says he promised Will that Hal would listen to what he has to say, and Hal agrees. Will says he knows who broke into Fairwinds, and Hal is happy until Will says it was Emily. Stunned, Hal blames Paul for putting Will up to it, saying he is not helping Will.

In the silver mine, Rafael says he should be afraid right now, since he and Lucy are still trapped, but he's not. He says he's wanted to be with her for a very long time. When Lucy looks shocked, he says she shouldn't be.

In Idaho, a police officer tells Dusty the storm is not letting up. He says it may be four to five days before they can send out helicopters to search. Dusty angrily says he will find Lucy himself if he has to, but they can't afford to wait that long.

Will is angry that Hal still doesn't want to believe him. Paul says the videotape shows Emily buying the doll used to torment Rosanna, but Hal says that proves nothing and insists Emily has no motive. Will says he doesn't, either, but that didn't stop anyone from blaming him. Hal clarifies that Will suspects the blond woman he saw at Fairwinds was Emily, but Will says he knows it was her, he was just afraid to tell Hal until he had proof.

Jessica tells Ben she would understand if Ben couldn't forgive her, because she doesn't even know why she did what she did. Ben admits he can now understand what it's like to do something out of character without understanding why. She says that means a lot to her. Ben asks if she'd like to have a drink with him and see Curtis at Metro.

Craig admits to Lily he is having a panic attack after his conversation with Sierra. He tells her Sierra told him she had him kidnapped so he could look at his life. He starts to gasp again as he tells her Lucy's plane went down while she was searching for him.

Dusty argues with the officer that they need to start the search immediately. The officer repeats that the storm is too heavy, but Dusty tells him a bad guy is after Lucy and Rafi, too, and will kill them if he finds them first. The officer doesn't think the bad man could find them, either, but goes to make another phone call. Dusty prays for Lucy to hang on.

Lucy promises Rafi she is fine with their relationship because he is a good person. Rafi realizes it's New Year's Eve and offers to share the emergency whiskey, saying it might warm them up. Lucy passes, but Rafi takes a swig, grimacing as it goes down. They continue to huddle for warmth.

Holden leaves the Lakeview to pick up Lily at the hospital. Jack tries to apologize again for standing up J.J., but Julia thinks he is just making up excuses. She says maybe they should just disappear, since they are obviously last on his list of priorities. Jack is stunned.

Aaron admits to Ali that he is having a good time at Metro and says he really misses working there. Ali is shocked that he would contemplate working for Dusty again, but Aaron insists Dusty had no intention of hurting Aaron and even tried to talk Aaron out of the fight several times. When Ben and Jess arrive, Aaron apologizes for jumping to conclusions, and the two men shake hands.

Will leaves the interrogation room so Paul and Hal can talk. Paul says Will needs Hal's support, but Hal says he doesn't know if he can support this story about Emily. Paul repeats that it is not a story and implores Hal to look at the evidence as a cop, not as a father or husband.

Lucy is reluctant to cuddle with Rafi, but he promises it is just for warmth. He tells her he wanted to be a boxer so he might have a chance with her if he ever saw her again, but then when he did she was with Dusty. Now, if they are rescued, he hopes to have a chance with her, and he vows to love her forever. Lucy doesn't look pleased.

Dusty tells the officer he is heading out to search as soon as there's a small break in the storm. The officer says Dusty is committing suicide, but Dusty says he has no choice.

Holden arrives at Memorial to pick up Lily, but she says she can't leave yet. He reminds her they have New Year's Eve dinner reservations at the Lakeview that can't be changed, but he realizes what is happening when he sees Craig. Lily explains that Craig was having a panic attack all alone and, although Craig tries to convince her otherwise, she insists she won't leave him until he sees a doctor. Holden angrily says he'll be waiting in the Lakeview Lounge.

Julia continues to argue that Jack is avoiding her and J.J., but Jack says that isn't true, explaining that sometimes his job keeps him late. Julia says J.J. should come before the job, not the other way around, and says they are tired of always waiting for him. Jack deduces her argument is more about her than J.J.

As Dusty readies himself for the search he finds the necklace Lucy gave him and remembers when she first put it around his neck. The officer re-enters, saying there was an avalanche. He tells Dusty they have no choice now but to wait out the storm because even if they find the mine it will be buried.

Lucy repeats that they won't be rescued, but Rafi tells her she has to try to believe they will. She still thinks they will die there, but he begs her to just let him care for her for as long as they have together.

Lily insists to Craig she isn't babysitting him, and he says she's a better friend than he deserves. She is stunned to realize he isn't joking, but he says he had a lot of time to think about that kind of thing in the monastery. He says the worst part of his incarceration there was being alone with himself.

Julia says she is doing her best to deal with the end of her relationship with Jack. Jack says he doesn't want to be mean, but he needs to be sure they really have been talking about J.J.'s feelings, not hers.

Lisa enters and announces the start of the New Year's Ball in the dining room. Julia makes a bitter comment about the great start to the new year. Jack gets paged and heads back to the station.

Ben and Jess decide to celebrate his exoneration over some champagne. Curtis tells Ben he is proud of the way Ben owned up to his mistake, though he is worried when Ben admits he can no longer work at Memorial because of the faked drug test. Ali apologizes to Ben for accusing him of hurting Aaron. Ben is stunned when Ali admits they were told Aaron may never regain full use of his arm. He tells Jess that Aaron should have made a full recovery after his second surgery and stops himself as he starts to think of tests he could run. He laments there is nothing he can do for Aaron now.

Hal admits photos taken from the toy store videotape do look like Emily but says they also look like a lot of blond women. Paul shows him the doll receipt Emily signed, admitting he found it in their kitchen drawer when he searched their house. Hal vows to Will he will get to the bottom of whatever is happening, but Will sadly says they already have.

Lily tries to convince Craig he needs to learn from his mistakes. She says his plans and schemes are always about what he wants, and maybe he should examine that. She states thoughtfully that the people who love us are the ones who matter most.

Lisa tries to convince Julia to stay for the festivities, but Julia says she isn't much in the mood to party. As she finishes her drink, a stranger comes on to her. She tries to get him to go away, but he is persistent until Holden arrives and pretends to be her date. When he admits Lily may not be coming, Julia offers to buy him a drink.

Ali convinces Aaron to dance with her despite his malfunctioning arm. Jess returns to her table after having spoken on the phone with Bonnie. She thanks Ben for not telling Bonnie, Isaac, and Sarah about their breakup, and he expresses surprise she hasn't told them herself. She says it just hasn't been the right time. As midnight approaches, Ben tells Jess she should know now he can forgive her, and she says he needs to forgive himself, too. He says he is working on that. At midnight, Ali and Aaron kiss.

Hal returns home and calls for Em to come downstairs immediately. Back at the station, Paul reassures Will that it's not that Hal doesn't believe him, he just doesn't want to believe the culprit is Emily.

He offers to take Will home to Fairwinds, but Will doesn't think Rosanna will go for it. Paul convinces him Rosanna will be thrilled he isn't the one responsible for her torment, because she just wants them to be a family. He says New Year's Eve is the perfect time to start over.

Julia confesses to Holden that she's never liked New Year's Eve. Holden agrees that it always feels like you're expected to have fun. Julia says she's glad she spent this New Year's Eve with him, and they toast to the new year.

Lily calls Holden and apologizes for not being with him at midnight, but he says he is fine and buys Julia another drink. Lily tells Craig she has put her family through a difficult year and wants this year to be different. Craig promises that if Lucy comes home safe he will be a better man.

Lucy is reluctant when Rafi tries to get her to eat some of the last of their food supplies. As he holds her, she remembers Dusty holding her that way, and Rafi guesses what she is thinking. She says her life with Dusty seems like a million years ago, and Rafi reminds her he is there for her now.

Despite the officer's warnings Dusty heads out into the snow, saying he doesn't want to be alive if Lucy dies.

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