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Jack is finishing up at the crime scene when he receives a call from Julia. She is waiting for him to come pick J.J. up and he’s late. Jack apologizes for being late; he promises that he will be there, but he doesn't know when. Julia tells him he should not get J.J.’s hopes up if he is going to continue to disappoint him. J.J. has a sleepover planned and he cannot wait all night. Jack assures her that he is not avoiding J.J. and that he wants to spend time with him, he is just delayed at work.


Paul comes in on the attack and Emily is confused by his accusations. He demands to know why she is trying to hurt his wife and his brother, but Emily insists that she did nothing. He tells her Will saw her at Fairwinds with the doll. Emily recalls Will mentioning something like that, but she did not know what he was talking about and she still does not. Paul does not believe her. He knows how opposed she was to Will coming back home. Emily says she was upset at first and worried about Daniel, but she loves Will, and the moment she saw him with Daniel she knew there would not be any problems. Paul thinks she pretended to accept Will, but what she really wanted was to drive him back to the institution. Emily insists that she would never do that, but she does believe that if Will is making this stuff up then maybe he does need to see his doctor. In the heat of the moment, Emily says that Paul couldn’t watch Will long enough to save Rose, and she would advise Rosanna to sleep with one eye open. She regrets the words the minute they are out of her mouth but she can’t take them back. Paul feels that now he knows what he is up against. He leaves, and Emily tries to reach Hal but he is not available. She leaves and Paul sneaks back into the house, looking for clues to prove Emily’s guilt. When he comes across a receipt from a toy store, Paul is sure he can nail Emily. He slips out of the house just after Emily returns home, but she notices that things are not in order and knows that someone was in her house.


Allison meets with Will and offers her help. He tells her that he took her advice and he talked to Paul. Paul believed him and is going to help him. Allison tries to get Will to tell her who the guilty party is, but he won’t. She is glad Paul is on his side and understands how important that is; she has a big sister who would never let anyone hurt her. When Allison gets a phone call from Chris, she rushes off to help Aaron, and Will worries that Allison will not be his friend when she finds out what he told Paul.

Later, Paul comes back and tells Will he has proof of Emily’s guilt.


Jack is trying to wrap things up quickly so he can head off to meet J.J. but he keeps getting delayed. Lucinda speaks with Sierra and tells her she is going to get Jordan out of jail tonight. She goes to Jack for some help, but he tells her he is busy. She asks for Hal but he tells her Hal has been delayed in Chicago. Lucinda insists that her employee, Jordan Sinclair, was wrongfully arrested. Jack tells her he read the report and Jordan assaulted an officer to help Dusty get away. They were being detained after they were found over a dead body at the gym. Lucinda explains to Jack that Dusty and Jordan have been investigating Lucy’s kidnapping, but Jack does not relent. He tells her that they should have left that to the police officers, and Jordan has no choice but to remain in jail.


Julia is annoyed that Jack is late but tells J.J. that he will be along soon. J.J. is disappointed and wonders if he is with his other family. Julia is not sure but knows that he will come soon, and they will have a lot of fun. J.J. gets mad and tells Julia he hates sharing Jack. Holden overhears them and leaves to get J.J. a present. He comes in and offers J.J. his very own cowboy hat. J.J. is happy about it but still somewhat disappointed about Jack. Holden explains to J.J. that, as a police officer, Jack has a lot of responsibility and has to help a lot of people, and sometimes that means he gets late, but he does always show up. J.J. feels better and goes off to his sleepover happy. Julia gets weepy and thanks Holden for the millionth time, and Jack walks into the room.


Jessica thanks Nurse Hanson, who she met with, and is leaving the hospital when Dr. Winters confronts her. He insists that everyone in the operating room knew that Ben was not himself that night, but Jessica is sure she has proof that Ben is innocent. In fact, she believes that Dr. Winters himself is responsible for Aaron’s condition. Aaron overhears this and asks Jessica what is going on, but she cannot divulge any information yet. All she can tell him is that Ben is not responsible for his condition. Aaron confronts Dr. Winters but he blows him off, and Aaron decks him. Chris, who witnessed the assault, calls Allison and tells her to come over right away. When she arrives Aaron tells her what happened, and she is disappointed that she didn’t see it. They begin to make plans for New Year’s Eve.


Lucinda is unable to stay with Ben and Bob for a meeting but assures Bob that Ben has her support. Jessica meets with them after her meeting at the hospital. Jessica tells them what she learned from Nurse Hanson: Dr. Winters used 100 ccs of Dopamine instead of 10 ccs, which resulted in a subdural hemorrhage that caused the paralysis. Ben is very grateful to Jessica; but Bob is concerned and wonders why all this did not come out during the initial investigation. Jessica tells them that Nurse Hanson confronted Dr. Winters about the error, but he threatened her. Jessica is excited that Ben can resume his position at the hospital, but Bob tells her it’s not possible. Ben admitted to falsifying a drug test and there are consequences. Ben tells Bob he understands and appreciates everything that he did. Jessica is sorry that she couldn’t get him reinstated. She feels that it is her fault he lost his job. Ben realizes that Jessica thought that if she could help him out, things might change between them. Ben tells Jessica that he is grateful for all she has done for him but nothing has changed.

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