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At the gym, Dusty leans over Bud's prone and bleeding body while Jordan kneels at Bud's feet. Dusty begs Bud to tell him anything he knows about Lucy's whereabouts. Bud croaks, "Saw...sawtooth." Jordan says he must mean the Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho, but Dusty thinks that still covers too much ground. He asks Bud for the name of a town or landmark, but Bud dies before saying anything more. Jordan says they will have to find out anything else from Dominic, but before they can leave Margo and several other officers enter and tell Dusty and Jordan they aren't going anywhere.

In the Idaho silver mine, Lucy screams as the mine begins to cave in around her and Rafael. After the debris stops falling, Rafi pushes himself up and goes to Lucy, who is apparently unconscious. He calls her name but she doesn't respond.

Will stands in an alley checking his cellphone messages. He hears one from Paul, who says he isn't blaming Will but still thinks they should talk about the strange events at Fairwinds. Will hears footsteps and hides but then steps forward when he sees it is Allison. She is startled but says she is glad to see him, since he has been missing since the night he ran from her apartment when Hal showed up looking for him. Will asks if she is still willing to help him, because he still can't go home. She says yes but still thinks he should just tell Hal who he saw at Fairwinds. He says he can't, and when she asks who it was he remembers seeing Emily. With a pained look, he tells her he can't tell her, either.

At Hal and Emily's, Barbara drops more drugs into Emily's tea. Mumbling to herself, Barbara says this is the only way to save Will.

She calls in Emily and convinces her to sit and drink the tea. As Emily sips, Barbara tells her she must call Paul, Rosanna, and Hal and confess to haunting Rosanna. Emily is confused, saying Barbara made her do it, but Barbara insists it was all Emily's idea. Emily appears to think about this as she continues sipping the spiked tea.

At the Lakeview bar, Henry repeats Jennifer's assertion that she knows what he's done. Jen says she doesn't appreciate his actions, and neither will Mike. When Henry says Mike is at work, Jen says Henry knows Mike is at Katie's. Henry tries to get up but Jen grabs his arm, knocking his cellphone to the floor. Jen is stunned when he snatches it up and tells her not to touch it.

Holding Katie on her couch, Mike is still shocked that Simon would dump her over the phone. She says she must have never really known Simon and laments ever giving Mike up. Mike is surprised and jumps up as Katie asks if it's too late for them now. She says even though she will be single now, he has moved on. Katie is secretly thrilled when he says that's not necessarily true.

Emily robotically practices what she will say to Hal about why she was gaslighting Rosanna. She says she was afraid Will was a danger to Daniel, and she hoped to convince Hal to send Will back to the hospital by making it look like he was hurting Rosanna. Barbara reminds her she now knows she was wrong and is sorry. Emily repeats this but comes out of the fog enough to remind Barbara she made her do it. Barbara says no and then walks away, mumbling that if Emily has to be sacrificed to save Will, so be it.

Still in the alley, Will says he wishes he could tell Allison the truth, but he needs to keep her out of it. She says that's fine and agrees to meet back with him in twenty minutes. She convinces him he needs to find someone he can trust. After she leaves, he calls Paul and asks to meet with him.

Henry tries to make a hasty retreat from the Lakeview, but Jen follows, demanding to know why he is trying to keep her from going to Katie's. He plays dumb, but she continues saying that it is obvious he is trying to hook up Mike and Katie, which makes no sense since Katie is married and Mike is happy with Jen. Before he can respond a woman interrupts, calling Henry a deadbeat and demanding the $1,000 he owes her from their night together. Henry takes the opportunity to get away and heads back to the bar with the woman.

Back at Katie's, Mike says a lot has changed since she left. He was hurt at first, but he has been trying to move on, and he has something good going with Jen. Katie tearily repeats that giving him up was a huge mistake, but he says there are other people involved now. He agrees to wait with her until Henry comes home, and she goes to the kitchen for drinks. Jen calls Mike and tells him about the strange morning with Henry. When she mentions Henry had left her to make a phone call Mike becomes suspicious, and he agrees to meet Jen at the Lakeview. Katie re-enters and notices Mike seems agitated. He says they need to talk.

Jordan tells Margo what they learned from Bud before he died. She says she will alert the Idaho task force, but Dusty says Dominic will go after Lucy and Rafi if she doesn't let him go. She says no way but agrees to have them escorted to Lucinda's to confer with Sierra before giving their statement about Bud at the station. Dusty thinks this is Lucy's death sentence.

Lucy awakens in the mine, and Rafi explains there must have been an avalanche. When she sees all the fallen debris she asks about the entrance. Rafi checks and reports it has caved in. Lucy realizes they are sealed inside the mine.

Paul enters the alley to meet with Will. When he asks if Will is okay Will thinks he is trying to get him to go back to the hospital, but Paul insists he only wants to help him. Will repeats that he didn't hang the stocking or buy the doll, but he is hesitant when Paul asks who did.

He finally stuns Paul when he admits it was Emily.

At her kitchen table, Emily repeats the story, saying she hasn't trusted Will since Rose's death, so she tried to get him re-committed. She still has trouble with some of the details, so Barbara sends her upstairs so she can make her some more tea. She is placing the drops in the mug when Allison barges in, startling her. She barks at Allison, calling her a fool for making her drop everything.

Mike asks Katie why Simon would want to talk to him. He puts everything together and announces Simon never called at all -- it was Henry. Katie tries to deny it, but when he threatens to *69 the last call she is forced to admit the truth. He wants to know why she has been playing him.

Dusty, Jordan, and an officer wait for Lucinda and Sierra at Lucinda's mansion. Dusty thinks Dom knows they have found Bud by now. Dom calls Dusty and says he'd better say good-bye to his girl, because he's only one hour away from her. Dusty tells him not to hurt her, but Dom hangs up.

Rafi says the mine is too unstable to keep digging right now, as the roof could collapse farther. They also know they can't have a fire because it will burn up the oxygen. Rafi tries to stay optimistic, saying there are still a number of ways they could be rescued, but Lucy has given up hope. She gets irritated, saying he just needs to be honest. He finally admits that, yes, they could die, then says he wants her to know he's always loved her.

At the Lakeview, Henry's companion leaves and he is startled when Jen reappears. He is obviously nervous when she tells him she just talked to Mike, who was very curious to know about Henry's mysterious call. Before Jen can stop him, Henry bolts.

Knowing the jig is up, Katie finally spills the whole truth to Mike. As he listens in shock, she explains how Simon paid Pilar many months ago to break up Mike and Katie. She says she found a letter from Pilar detailing the plot, and she dumped Simon that day. She tried to tell Mike the truth but felt she had no right to want him back after she had pushed him away so many times before. She admitted she wandered aimlessly alone for months until she saw Mike's Street Jeans ad and realized how much she still missed him. She used Margo's call about Craig as an excuse to return to Oakdale, but now she knows she just wanted to see Mike.

In the alley, Will assures Paul he is positive the woman he saw at Fairwinds was Emily. He says he thought Emily liked him, so he doesn't understand why she would do this. Paul tells him he believes him and then tells Will to wait while he checks things out.

In Emily's kitchen, Allison wonders why Barbara is so upset over a broken cup. Barbara says she shouldn't come over uninvited, but a more lucid Emily comes downstairs and says Allison is welcome any time.

Alli begs off her scheduled afternoon with Emily and then starts to leave. A hospital driver arrives to take Barbara for her evaluation. Barbara says she has no time to be gone for a few days, but Em says she has no choice and shoos her out the door.

Back at Lucinda's, Dusty tells Jordan that Dom will kill Lucy if Dusty doesn't reach her first. Dusty remembers a way he and Lily used to sneak out of the mansion via the maids' quarters, so Jordan agrees to provide a distraction.

In the shelter, Rafi says he has been in love with Lucy his whole life and asks her forgiveness for not taking better care of her. She says that's not his job, but he says he will still do all he can to get them out safely. She kisses him on the cheek, but the kiss soon turns passionate.

Mike is livid that Katie has been lying to him and manipulating him for months. She tries to explain her actions, saying she was hurt and ashamed, but he says those aren't good reasons. She begs for another chance, but he says he can never trust her now. She tries to stop him, calling after him not to go, but he leaves.

Allison returns to the alley, and Will tells her in relief that he told Paul the truth and Paul believed him. Alli is thrilled and asks where Paul is now.

Meanwhile, Paul knocks on Emily's door and demands she tell him what she is doing to Will and Rosanna.

Jen is just about to leave the Lakeview when Mike arrives, pulls her into his arms, and gives her a passionate kiss. He thanks her for being the only one he can really trust.

Henry arrives home and finds Katie sobbing on the couch. She admits she told Mike the truth, and now she's lost him for good. Henry holds her as she continues to cry.

Dusty is on his phone and pretends the caller wants to speak to the officer. As Jordan comes up behind, Dusty looks over the cop's shoulder and says hello to "Margo," As the cop turns, Jordan sucker-punches him and knocks him out. Dusty takes off and Margo enters.

She is dumbfounded, but Jordan explains he only did what he had to and hopes Dusty can reach Lucy in time.

Lucy and Rafi continue to kiss on the shelter floor.

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