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At the Lakeview, Mike and Jennifer discuss Christmases past. Jen's mention of making snow angels as a child reminds Mike of the year before when he and Katie did just that and kissed in the snow. When Jen asks where Mike's mind just went, he admits he was thinking of Katie but says he was just remembering how great it was when Jen saved Christmas dinner. Jen says she has fun helping in a crisis, and Mike laughs that there are plenty of those when Katie is involved. He thanks her again for helping, and she says while she did do it mostly for him, she is also genuinely worried about Katie. She says it's got to be horrible to be so alone over the holidays and vows to be a good friend for Katie.

Meanwhile, at Katie's cottage, Katie is lamenting to Henry that Jen is trying to "kill her with kindness." When Henry's suggestion that Jen really is kind receives a dirty look from Katie, he quickly adds that maybe the kindness is an act. Katie moans that Jen is digging her claws in deeper. Henry gently reminds her that burning the roast and letting Jen save the meal only made Jen look even better. He receives another dirty look. Pacing the room, Katie says she needs to find a way to be alone with Mike so he can remember what they had together. Henry insists Mike already remembers, and he still doesn't understand why Katie won't just admit the truth. She insists she's too far in and that Mike would hate her if he knew she'd been lying all this time. Suddenly, Katie has a brainstorm; she decides to tell him a version of the truth. She says she will tell him Simon dumped her, and he will believe it because it will happen right in front of him.

In Lucinda's study, Lucinda is on a business call when Craig barges in and demands she hang up. When she doesn't immediately comply, he rips the cord out of the wall and throws down the base. Lucinda jumps up, and he angrily says his daughter is missing and he wants to see Sierra. Lucinda says Sierra is taking care of things, but when he asks where she is she says Sierra doesn't want him involved. He shouts that he's already involved and sweeps more things off her desk. She asks him to vent his temper somewhere else and tries to call the police, forgetting Craig pulled the phone out of the wall. She leaves to get another phone, spitting, "Pig!" over her shoulder as she exits.

Craig angrily throws another object from Lucinda's desk, hitting a picture on the wall which then opens to reveal a hidden monitor. Looking closely, Craig realizes this is where Sierra watched him while he was held in the monastery. He thinks he can use this new information to get Sierra's cooperation.

In Idaho, Lucy climbs back down into the shelter where Rafael is waiting. She reports that it is snowing again, and she can see no sign of the plane they heard go down. Rafi tries to remain optimistic, saying they might have made it, but Lucy reminds him they felt the mountain shake when the plane crashed. He still thinks another rescue plane may be on the way, but she again says the pilot said he would radio in their coordinates after he landed. If he crashed, there is a good chance no one even knows about their S.O.S. Rafi tries to comfort her, but she worries they might die.

Jordan and Dusty are waiting as Sierra enters the Lakeview and joins them.

She explains that the plane that heard Lucy and Rafi's S.O.S. crashed before their coordinates could be relayed, and there are so many mountain ranges and such a bad blizzard in Idaho that finding them will be next to impossible. Jordan suggests that maybe the state police can get involved, but Dusty says if they do, Dominic will find out and go after Lucy and Rafi. Sierra thinks Hal can help, but Dusty says he has a better idea.

Lucinda re-enters her study and finds Craig watching the monitor. He threatens to have both her and Sierra arrested for his kidnapping, so Lucinda reluctantly confesses that Sierra is currently discussing Lucy and Rafi's situation with Dusty and Jordan at the Lakeview.

Meanwhile, Dusty explains that Dominic won't tell the police anything, so getting Hal involved won't help. He says they need inside information, which he thinks Bud can provide. Sierra isn't sure whom to trust, but Dusty reassures her that no matter what happened between them, he will die trying to bring Lucy home safely before letting anything happen to her. Just then, Lucinda calls the Lakeview and tells Sierra they have a situation at home and she must return immediately. After she leaves, Dusty and Jordan head for the gym to find out if Bud has their information yet.

Back in the shelter, Lucy apologizes for whining and offers to make some tea for Rafi. She asks him how he stays so optimistic. He says they could have died a dozen times by now, so there must be a reason why they haven't. He says they were meant to be there.

Mike and Jen are still having breakfast, but he says he's got to head to work. He asks Jen what she is doing on New Year's Eve, and she says she was thinking of going to a party in New York. Mike says he was hoping to spend the evening with "his girl," which puts a big smile on Jen's face, and they agree to spend the holiday together. Jen reassures him she doesn't mind him calling her "his girl," and they kiss before he exits.

At Katie's, Katie explains her plan for getting Mike. She will get him to come over due to a fake emergency. While he is there, Henry, posing as Simon, will call her and tell her he has met someone else and wants a divorce. Henry deduces that, of course, she will be "devastated," and Mike will be there to comfort her. He reminds Katie that Jen is usually around because she owns her own business and can take the day off whenever she wants.

Katie says Henry can keep Jen busy by pretending to want a job at Street Jeans. Reluctantly, he calls Jen and convinces her to wait for him at the Lakeview so he can pitch himself, though she insists they aren't hiring right now.

In Idaho, Lucy tries to go make tea, but Rafi stops her and apologizes for weirding her out. He explains that he simply meant he doesn't believe they were meant to die yet. He says his grandma could foretell the future, and she insisted he would grow up and have lots of kids and be a great man someday, and he believes her. Lucy looks into Rafi's eyes and says he's pretty great already.

Dusty and Jordan arrive at the gym, but it is empty. Jordan says he really never believed Bud would help them, but Dusty says they had to try, since Dom and the pilot are the only people who know where Lucy and Rafi are, and the pilot's dead. Just then, Jordan notices blood dripping from a locker.

Dusty opens the locker, and an unconscious Bud falls out into his arms.

Mike arrives at Katie's door, toolbox in hand. She apologizes for calling him away from work and says she opened the windows like he said. She says she no longer smells any gas, and Mike says he will check things out, just in case.

He reassures her, and she smiles and says she always feels better when he says everything will be okay. She then apologizes for getting all sentimental, saying she always gets like that around the new year. After Mike goes to the basement to check the gas, Katie phones Henry at the Lakeview. He says he is just about to talk to Jen, and Katie berates herself for ever letting Mike go in the first place. Henry tries one more time to convince her to tell Mike the truth, but she repeats she is in too deep and promises this is the final lie. They hang up, and Henry approaches Jen. Henry says he understands Jen isn't hiring. She asks, "If that is true, why are we here?"

Sierra returns to Lucinda's and is angry to discover she was summoned because of Craig. Lucinda explains Craig was threatening to go to the police, so Sierra tells him he should go ahead. She says what she did to him was nothing compared to what he did to Alan.

Lucinda begs them to focus on Lucy, but Sierra says she needs to talk to Craig alone. Lucinda reluctantly leaves, and Sierra rips into Craig for ruining the reputation of a wonderful man like Alan. She says she was trying to save Craig by putting him in the monastery. He repeats that Alan died because he was stupid, and it wasn't his fault. He won't let her imply he doesn't deserve to love his daughter. She looks at him sadly, saying she'd been looking for the man she'd once loved, but if Brother Francis couldn't save him, no one could.

Huddling around their little fire, Lucy tells Rafi she doesn't believe they were meant to be in a plane crash. Rafi explains that maybe they could have done without the crash, but they were meant to find each other again. He reminds her of a promise they made as children to be friends forever, and she says he's been more than that -- he's kept her from giving up. He says he has faith they will make it out alive. Lucy decides to go check on the storm again.

At the gym, Dusty and Jordan lay Bud on the floor. Dusty sees Bud has been shot with a .45 in the stomach. Jordan finds a weak pulse and calls an ambulance while Dusty tries to talk to Bud. Bud's eyelids flicker, and Dusty asks him if he found out anything about Lucy. Bud manages to whisper, "Yeah."

At the Lakeview, Henry tries to convince Jen that she should hire him. He says he is a marketing genius and reminds her he used to do PR for WOAK. He checks his watch, and Jen asks if he has an appointment. He says he has to take some medication and scurries out of the room to call Katie.

Mike tells Katie one of her gas valves wasn't closed tightly but says it should be fixed now. She tries to stall him by offering him a cup of coffee, but he begs off. Just then, the phone rings, and Katie talks as if the caller is Simon with bad news. Mike overhears and sticks around while she talks. From her side of the conversation, Mike deduces Simon has just told her he is leaving her for another woman. After she hangs up, Mike can't believe Simon would ask for a divorce out of the blue. Katie says they've actually been having problems, but Mike still thinks it is cold to tell her over the phone.

Katie tries to get Mike to leave, saying she's no longer his responsibility, but he insists on staying as long as she needs him.

After completing his phone act as "Simon," Henry is sitting at the Lakeview bar when Jen asks him what happened, he left to take a pill and never came back. He makes up an excuse but his fibs begin to fall apart, and Jen realizes he is stalling her for some reason. When she says she has to go because she is meeting "a friend," she is startled by how quickly Henry asks if the friend is Mike and how relieved he appears to be when she reminds him Mike is at work. As Jen walks away, Henry hopes aloud that Katie hurries her plan along.

In Lucinda's study, Craig still thinks Sierra is being unreasonable. Sierra says he is not the man she married, but he says she should still treat him like a human being. Sierra says she would if he would take responsibility for his actions. Craig says if she thinks he was responsible for Alan's death, she should have gone to the police. She says she couldn't send her daughter's father to prison, because Lucy loves him so much. Craig looks like he isn't certain of that, but she says now she wishes she had gone to the cops back then, because Lucy wouldn't be missing now. When Craig looks confused, Sierra finally admits Lucy and Rafi were searching for him when their plane went down.

Lucy climbs back down into the shelter and sadly reports that the storm is the worst they've seen. They hear a groaning sound from deep in the mine.

Katie is wrapped in Mike's arms on her sofa, telling him she never should have given him up for Simon. Just then, Jen, who is still at the Lakeview, calls Mike and starts to tell him she has thought of plans for New Year's Eve. He stops her, saying it's not a good time to talk. When she asks what's wrong, he admits he's at Katie's and then promises to call her later. Stunned, Jen begins to put two and two together and stomps back over to Henry, who is still sitting at the bar. She tells him she's on to him. Back at Katie's, Katie hopes Jen isn't coming over, saying she doesn't want anyone to see her like that, but Mike promises her Jen is not coming and says he will take care of her.

At Lucinda's, Craig is still in a state of shock that Lucy was searching for him. Sierra says they were both trying to save him in different ways, and she just hopes Lucy doesn't lose her life trying to save Craig's.

At the gym, Dusty reassures Bud he will be all right, then again asks if Bud knows anything about Lucy and Rafi. Bud croaks out, "Saw ... Sawtooth." Jordan realizes he must be referring to the Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho.

Rafi and Lucy continue to hear the groan. Suddenly, the shelter begins to collapse. Lucy screams and Rafi throws himself over her, trying to shield her from the falling debris.

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