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At Katie's house, she tells Henry that everything is exactly the same as it was last year when she and Mike spent Christmas together. Katie tells Henry she wants him to occupy Jennifer! There's a knock on the door; it's Mike and Jennifer. They're kissing when Henry opens the door.

Katie's plan in place, she flies from the kitchen with a burnt roast in hand.

At the farm, Julia and Emma are trying to get J.J. to come downstairs. He finally comes down but says he's not opening anything until Jack gets there.

At Jack and Carly's, Carly tells Jack that Parker will be home soon and that he made Jack a Christmas present. Julia calls, telling Jack that J.J. is really upset and won't open his presents until he gets there. Carly is annoyed that Julia has called again. Jack gets his coat, kisses Carly and tells her he'll be back.

Outside, Jack calls Holden at his house and asks him to go to Emma's and check on J.J. Holden then tells Lily that she and the girls should meet them over at Emma's because Jack asked him to check on an upset J.J.

Sierra goes to the monastery and talks with Brother Francis. Brother Francis tells Sierra that he felt he had no choice but to tell Craig that Sierra was the one who had him held prisoner because of the threats Margo made, and that Craig is very angry.
Lucinda summons Hal to her home because Lucy is missing. She tells him she's sure there's been foul play. She begs Hal to do something.

Dusty and Jordan are still stuck in the lockers at the gym. They discuss a way to get out of the lockers. Dusty says that once Dominic figures out where he's going to put them, he'll be back. They hear something... Someone is outside the locker.

In the mine, Rafael wakes, pushing the blankets off because he feels hot. Lucy tells him his fever has broken and perhaps they're out of the woods. They hear a plane. Lucy tells Rafael to stay put and runs outside to try and signal the plane.

At Katie's, Henry takes Jennifer into the kitchen to help him prepare Christmas dinner from whatever they can find in the kitchen, leaving Katie and Mike alone in the living room.

At the farm, Julia tries to talk J.J. into opening his presents, but he doesn't want to. Holden and Luke arrive and Holden gives J.J. presents, but he still refuses to open them. Luke asks J.J. if he wants to learn to ride a horse and gets Holden to agree to teach him. They go out to the barn.

Jack comes back into the house, telling Carly that he only went to the car. He gives her a present; it's a pendant with his and the kids' picture in it. Carly gives Jack a gift, a new wedding ring to replace the one he lost. She puts it on his finger and they kiss. Hal arrives with Parker. Hal takes Jack outside to talk police business. Carly tells Parker that some time during the day Jack needs to spend time with J.J. Parker's not happy about it. Outside, Hal tells Jack that he needs him to come back to work because of all that's going on at the station.

Bud opens the lockers and lets Dusty and Jordan out. They grill Bud about where to find Dominic, but he refuses to tell because Dominic will kill him. Dusty gives Bud one hour to find out from Dominic where the plane was when it was last seen or he's going to the police.

Lucy is outside the mine yelling for help. Rafael is coughing and yells for her to come back. They start cranking the radio, trying to reach the plane that just went overhead.

Brother Francis leaves Sierra, telling her it's prayer time. When he leaves the cell, Craig locks Sierra inside. Sierra tells him to let her out or she won't tell him what's going on with Lucy. He opens the door. Craig tells her they should call a truce, for their daughter.

Mike wants to go into the kitchen and help Jennifer, but Katie grabs him to help her hang a wreath outside. Jennifer comes looking for Mike, but Henry drags her back into the kitchen quickly.

Outside Jack's house, he tells Hal that he'll take his old job back. Jack tells Carly that he's never stopped being a cop, and they'll never lose each other again. Carly tells him how worried she is about that but agrees, telling him she'll deal with him being a cop. Parker sees them kissing and asks if Jack is leaving. Jack says no, this is where he belongs.

At Emma's, Julia tells Emma how great Holden is. J.J. comes back in and is thrilled to have gone horseback riding, and he agrees to open his presents. Lily comes in and sees them hugging.

Sierra tells Craig that Lucy and Rafael are missing. She tells him that it's all his fault because of Dominic Ramsey, and had he gone to the police right away this wouldn't have happened.

At the gym, Dusty tells Bud to go to Dominic and get him some answers. Bud tells them no promises, but he'll try. Bud leaves, and Jordan and Dusty agree that they can't waste anymore time.

Lucy and Rafael make contact with someone on the radio. They tell them that they're in a silver mine. They're thrilled because they believe someone will now be able to find them.

Katie has Mike help her hang a wreath on the outside of her front door. Katie positions herself to be face to face with Mike, but the door opens and Katie almost falls inside. Jennifer tells Mike dinner is ready, and he says, "Good," and comes inside.
At the farm, Lily tells Holden that it was really nice of him to help out with J.J., but J.J. is really Jack's problem, and eventually Jack will have to take care of it. Holden answers, "He will."

Jack tells Carly that he called Holden and asked him to take care of J.J. Carly says that today he's making her feel like maybe they can work all this out. Parker gives Jack his gift.

Craig follows Sierra, demanding that she tell him what happened to Lucy. Dusty and Jordan arrive and stop her from saying anything else. Craig tells Dusty and Jordan to leave. Dusty tells Craig that Lucy might be dead.

Rafael and Lucy decide they're going to try and uncover the S.O.S. that had been covered by snow so the plane can find them. They head outside together.

Jack and Carly glow in the Christmas spirit. She tells him that he amazes her because he always tries to do the right thing. She thanks him for a wonderful Christmas and for being the man she can always count on. She tells him that if he needs to go and see J.J. she'll understand.

Julia asks Emma how she put such a spread together. Julia tells Lily about her rough past and appreciates her husband helping. Julia gives Holden an envelope; it's a thank you card from Julia and J.J. Lily takes the card, looks at it, and doesn't look happy at all.

At Katie's, Mike tells Jennifer that dinner was incredible. Even Henry can't keep from commenting about the terrific meal she prepared. Jennifer makes a toast to Katie, saying that they're new friends but it feels like they've known each other a long time.

Craig yells at Sierra. He wants her to tell him about Lucy. She tells him to trust them, they'll find her. Dusty fills in Sierra about him and Jordan being held in the gym lockers.

Lucinda comes in with Hal. Hal tells them that a distress signal was picked up coming from the mountains in Idaho. He says they've got a search plane looking for them. Dominic overhears the whole conversation and quickly leaves.

Rafael cranks the radio while Lucy talks to the pilot on the plane. The pilot tells them that help is on the way. Suddenly the pilot starts yelling, "Mayday!" and says that his fuel gage is gone. Lucy and Rafael can hear the plane in trouble.

Parker asks Carly where Jack is. Carly tells him that Jack went to see J.J. They both agree that they're very happy Jack is home.

Jack arrives at Emma's and finds that J.J. is a bit standoffish. He tells J.J., "There were a lot of people I had to put my arms around today, but right now they're just for you. Come here. Oh! Yeah. Oh, merry Christmas, son. Merry Christmas."

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