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Henry tries to detangle the Christmas tree lights for Katie at her house. Henry is surprised that Mike's not there yet. Katie tells him she's not worried, she's sure he'll be there.

At Al's restaurant, Mike tells Jennifer that Katie asked him to come and help her decorate her tree. Jen asks why Henry can't help, since he lives with her. Mike tells her that she just wants company, so Jennifer tells him she thinks that they should both go.

Knocking on Lily's door, Margo is shocked when Craig answers. She pounds on his chest, crying and asking him if he knows what he's put them through. She demands to know where he's been. Craig tells her he didn't do anything and tries to calm her down.

At the gym, the pilot tells Dominic that Dusty knows about Rafael and Lucy. The pilot is nervous because Lucy is related to Lucinda, and he's worried that the cops will be digging into this. He threatens Dominic, telling him that he'd better give him a reason not to "roll" on him. Dominic points his gun at the pilot. Dusty is outside the door, listening; he hears a gun shot.

Rafael is asleep in the mine. Lucy sees a rattlesnake very close to him and tells him not to move. Lucy has a long stick and moves closer to the snake.

At Katie's, Henry and Katie are still straightening out the Christmas tree lights. Henry tells her that a direct approach with Mike might work best. Katie lays out her plan to get Mike back. She tells him that the direct approach wouldn't work because he's already involved with Jennifer. She plans to spend time with him and churn up the old chemistry. Then, once he's hooked, she'll tell him the truth, and he'll realize that he's in love with her. She tells Henry that she even picked the rough-looking tree to remind Mike of the awful tree the two of them had last year. She says that by the end of the afternoon they'll be one step closer.

Mike is surprised that Jennifer wants to go with him to Katie's house. She tells him that if the whole situation gets strange with Katie, she wants him to be able to look at her and know that, with her, he's number one. Mike goes to get the check so they can leave but first gives her a peck on the cheek.

At Lily's house, Margo (wiping her tears) questions Craig about where he's been. He tells her he was kidnapped and held at the monastery. Margo says, "The Order of the Sacred way?" Craig then realizes that she already knew. He wants to know who kidnapped him. Margo tells him she has suspicions, but she's still investigating. He tells her that he wants to go back to the monastery and have her question Brother Francis.

Lucy, with her stick in hand, tells Rafael she's going to try and move the snake away from him. She moves the snake and tells Rafael to roll the other way, not realizing that the snake struck Rafael dead center in his chest. When she realizes that he's been struck she tells him not to move around, if there's poison in him it'll make it worse. She takes a knife, cuts him, and sucks the venom out of his chest.

Dusty enters the locker room at the gym where he heard the gunshot. Dominic holds the gun on him and has Bud frisk him. Dusty tries to convince Dominic that all he has to do is hide the pilot's body and leave town. He tells Dominic that he only has to bring Lucy home safe and the police won't even bother looking for him, since Aaron is going to be okay. Dominic threatens that maybe he should send Dusty where Lucy is. Jordan is outside the door, listening.

Katie advises Henry to make himself scarce when Mike comes. Just then, the doorbell rings. When she answers it she sees Jennifer! Katie's mouth hangs open. Jennifer tells her that Mike had an emergency but will be along soon to help with the tree.  Henry makes his exit, but Katie tells him to hurry back.

A monk at the monastery tells Margo and Craig that Brother Francis will be there shortly. After Margo threatens that she'll get a search warrant, he leaves Craig and her at Craig's room, where he was kept. Craig shows Margo the camera and where he carved his initials while there. Brother Francis comes in and tells Craig that all his repentance was replaced with anger and violence. Craig tells him that he wants to know who did this to him. Brother Francis finally tells Craig that it was Sierra.

In the mine, Rafael becomes very groggy. Lucy notices that he's running a fever and attempts to get aspirin for him when he passes out. She yells for him to wake up.

Dusty questions Dominic, "Lucy's dead?" He tells her that he parachuted out of the plane while it was set on autopilot. Dominic surmises that the only problem he has now is Dusty.

Jordan bursts into the room, telling them not to move or he'll shoot. He's got his hand in his pocket, acting as if he's got a gun, when his gun starts to ring! They realize it's a cell phone. Bud stops Dominic from shooting them, telling him it's too much of a mess to clean up. He puts Jordan and Dusty into lockers and locks them in.

Lucy tries to wake Rafael. She grabs a blanket and covers him. He wakes briefly, saying it's too hot, and then drifts off again. She grabs the radio that they found the first day in the mine and begins cranking and yelling MAYDAY, begging for help.

Brother Francis tells Margo that no one else at the monastery was involved in Craig's kidnapping. She tells him he'll need a good lawyer because of possible felony charges. Craig insists that she not arrest him and that he doesn't want to press charges. Margo also wants to arrest Sierra. Craig tells her no way, he'll take care of Sierra himself.

Mike is talking to a client at Al's restaurant when Henry comes in. Henry and Mike laugh because Mike's ex- and current girlfriend are spending "quality time" together.  The two end up talking about Mike's relationship with Jen. Mike tells him that he's happy, and it feels good for a change.

At Katie's house, Jennifer starts to decorate the tree. Katie tries to (in a roundabout way) get Jennifer to leave. She suggests that she might have other things she needs to do, but Jennifer sticks to her guns and stays.

Jennifer asks Katie about her marriage and tells her how happy Mike makes her. She also says that more and more she thinks Mike is the one for her. Jennifer tells her that she'll never take Mike for granted and she will make him happy. Henry and Mike finally arrive and are told the two were girl-talking.

Locked in the gym lockers, Dusty and Jordan are talking. Jordan is getting a bit crazed wanting to get out. Dusty tells him to calm down, one way or another they'll get out of there. Jordan tells Dusty that Dominic didn't say that the plane crashed, just that he parachuted out and saw the plane fly off. Realizing that Lucy and Rafael might still be alive, Dusty says they've got to get out of there.

In the mine, Rafael is asleep. Lucy is talking to him, telling him to rest but come back to her, pleading with him not to die and leave her alone.

Mike and Katie reach for an ornament at the same time and touch hands. They begin to talk about last year's tree. She thanks him for helping, and Jennifer comments on the beautiful tree. Katie invites them for Christmas dinner, and they agree to come. Mike and Jennifer leave after deciding to go and decorate his place. Henry asks Katie about what went on while she and Jen were there. Katie says they just chatted. She tells Henry not to worry; Jennifer is good, but she's better.

Margo makes a call to have Craig's missing persons report taken off, and they decide to leave.

Craig hangs behind, looks into the camera and says, "Hello Sierra, I know it was you, so you better get ready."

Stuck in the lockers, Jordan starts yelling for help and Dusty tells him to stop. Jordan is sure that Sierra will be worried and call the police. Dusty hopes so because he wants to find Lucy if she's alive.

In the mine, Lucy holds Rafael's head in her lap. She's telling him that she's so sorry for getting him into this mess, that everyone she gets close to either leaves or dies and that she is poison. She begs God to make him well.

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