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Sierra and Lucinda meet with Dusty and Jordan. Both Lucinda and Sierra report that neither of their pilots saw Lucy or Rafi the day they disappeared. Dusty tells them he found out that Dominic also has a plane at the airport and that he knows which pilot flies for him. The problem is that the pilot is stonewalling Dusty, claiming that he has not flown recently. Dusty needs Lucinda’s help to get him to talk. While they work on that, Sierra leaves with Jordan to find out if Dominic knows anything about Lucy and/or Rafi.

Lucinda meets with the pilot on her own while Dusty watches closely. She tells the pilot she is looking to hire someone, and he is very much interested. She mentions that she worries about the winds in the mountains, but he assures her that it is perfectly safe; he’s flown very recently and had no problems. Dusty comes out and confronts the pilot about his lies. He demands to know what he knows about Lucy and Rafi, but the pilot will not speak. Dusty understands that he would be afraid of Dominic but thinks he ought to know that he should definitely be more afraid of Lucinda. The pilot tries to make a run for it, but Dusty jumps him. Unfortunately, before he can get any information from him the pilot gets away. Dusty decides to confront Dominic once and for all to find Lucy.


Sierra takes a seat close to Dominic while Jordan joins him at his table. Jordan claims he represents a firm who likes to back up-and-coming talents, and his company wants to support Rafi. Dominic tells him he should keep up with the news; he no longer represents Ortega. Dominic tells him that Rafi made some allegations against him and he can no longer support him. Jordan is interested in the conflict, but Dominic makes light of it, telling him that the accusations were unfounded and nothing will come of it. He is not worried at all. Dominic simply says that he handed a new world to Rafael, and he got scared and ran away. Dominic appears to be certain that Rafi will never be a problem for him. Hearing all this, Sierra is very worried and scared that something terrible may have happened to Lucy.

Chris tries to make Aaron understand that Allison is not trying to hold him back. She is simply the type of girl who cannot sit back and watch someone struggle. By the time someone notices there is a problem, Allison is halfway through coming up with some plan to fix things. Chris knows that he could not live with it, although he will always love Allison, but he thinks that Aaron can. What Aaron needs to do is let Allison know what he wants and make it clear. If he pushes Allison away, he will regret it for the rest of his life.


Hal and Kim meet with Rosanna and Paul to discuss Will. Hal cannot find Will anywhere and needs their help looking. He tells them that if Will is guilty he needs to meet with his psychiatrist. Rosanna is convinced that there are no “ifs” about it; Will is the one trying to hurt her. Paul goes with Hal to look for Will. Kim tries to suggest to Rosanna that perhaps Will is not guilty, but Rosanna is convinced.


Will tells Allison he needs help dealing with the whole Rosanna situation. He tells her everything (except about seeing Emily), and she tells him he needs to prove that he is not the one trying to hurt Rosanna. Will tells her the only one listening to him now is Barbara, and she cannot be of any help to him. Allison assures him that she believes him and she will not let anyone send him back to the hospital. She tells him she cannot offer him a place to stay, though, because she just got finished packing up her stuff; she tells him how Aaron asked her to leave. They are discussing options when Aaron returns. Will hides out on the fire escape. Aaron tells Allison he was mistaken and he apologizes for throwing her out.

He asks her to forgive him and tells her he wants her to stay. Allison is thrilled and soon after tells Aaron about Will. Will starts to explain everything to Aaron, but Aaron does not need to hear it. If Allison believes Will, that is good enough for him. Allison and Aaron need to leave to run some errands. They lock the door behind them after telling Will not to open it for anyone. On their way out, they run into Hal and Paul, who are looking for Will. Allison swears she does not know where Will is, but Hal wants to look inside just the same. Aaron wonÕt allow it without a warrant, so Paul barges in, saying he does not need a warrant. They open the door and find a very empty apartment.


Craig is shocked to find Lily in his cell. He asks her how she could do this to him, but Lily assures him that she had no part in his abduction. She is trying to help him escape. Craig is skeptical until Lily rushes to hide under the bed when she hears Brother Francis. Certain that she is telling the truth, Brother Craig follows Brother Lily out of the monastery.


Lily brings Craig to her house and offers him some of Holden’s clothes. After he gets freshened up, Craig tries to get Lily to reveal how she found him, but she remains tight-lipped. She tells him she cannot tell him anything. Craig tells her he knows he has hurt a number of people in his life and he understand that someone thought he needed spiritual rehabilitation. He just wants to know who it was so he can thank them. Lily reveals nothing.


Rafi arranges some branches to spell out "HELP" while Lucy explores their surroundings. Lucy finds lots of food and supplies, and Rafi finds a Christmas tree. Lucy does the best she can to decorate it and then gives Rafi a surprise. She cleaned out a tub they found and has prepared him a bath. They set up a barrier using a blanket, but it falls and Lucy sees all of Rafi. They are both a bit embarrassed, but the moment passes and Rafi finishes his bath. Lucy is next, and Rafi cannot help but look at her silhouette as she undresses.

When she finishes her bath, Lucy is startled to see a rattlesnake.

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