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Barbara tries to get Emily to tell her more about what happened at Fairwinds the night before. Emily remembers her run-in with Will but does not reveal to Barbara what happened; she simply says that something got in her way. When the phone rings, Barbara leaves the room to answer it, and Emily opens the door and finds Will standing outside.

Will demands that Emily explain why she is torturing Rosanna about Cabot, but Emily has nothing to say. Will continues to press and Barbara interrupts, demanding to know what is going on. At first Will does not want to say, but he finally tells Barbara that Emily has been trying to harm Rosanna. Barbara decides to face Will on her own and sends Emily upstairs. Will explains everything to Barbara, who is shocked to learn that Paul and Rosanna both think Will is responsible. Quick to get her son home, Barbara says that he should move back to the house and be with her and Hal. Will explains to her that he has been hiding from Hal and that if Hal finds him he will be sending him back to the hospital. Barbara offers money to hire lawyers who will keep Will from returning to the hospital, but he refuses.

She offers to remove the bracelet and join him on the run, but he says that will make it too easy for the police to find him. He tells Barbara that if she really wants to help she needs to convince Emily to confess. Barbara tells Will that she cannot do that, proving to Will that, once again, he is on his own. He takes off and Barbara chastises her so-called brilliant plan. She is about to get rid of the drugs she has been slipping to Emily when another plan hatches in her mind. She has one more way to help Will.


Aaron opens the door and sees Allison standing outside holding a Christmas tree. She thought it would brighten up the apartment. Aaron is still seething from the scene at AlÕs and asks Allison to explain her actions.

She tells him that after the fight she just wanted him to focus all his energy on getting well. When she learned about BenÕs problems she didn't want him to find out because she didn't want anything to set him back. She tells him he has always done things to try and help her, and that is all she was doing for him; for once she was not lying for her own selfish reasons. She tells him that heÕs her guy; heÕs her best friend, and she wants to do anything she can for him. Aaron explains to her that he is having a hard time trying to remember the guy he used to be, and her hovering over him and coddling him is not helping him; he asks her to leave. Allison promises to change if he lets her stay, but he tells her that if she stays he will change, and he wonÕt like the person he becomes.

He leaves so she can pack up her things. Allison leaves a Christmas present for Aaron under the tree when she is done packing. She is ready to leave when Will knocks on the door, begging for her help.


Ben finds Curtis and asks where he was all night. Curtis no longer feels obligated to disclose to Ben every detail of his life and decides that he is going to take a page out of Ben’s book; he will share only what he wants to share, and he will do it when he chooses to. He cannot understand how Ben could give up on everything and run, and Ben tells him he does not understand how important a reputation is in order to have a successful career. Curtis makes it clear that he cannot forgive his father. Ben decides to call Jessica.


Jessica joins Chris for a cup of coffee and starts to pressure him about Allison getting the hospital record from AaronÕs surgery. She suspects that Chris is responsible for this and issues a veiled threat.

Chris knows Jessica wants to do all she can to help Ben, partly because she is trying to make up for the pain she caused and partly because she thinks he is an excellent doctor, but Chris tells her that if she wants those records she is going to have to get them through Ben. Jessica receives a call from Ben, who wants to meet. Ben tells her about his talk with Curtis and says he wants to rescind the resignation and fight for his job. Jessica agrees to help him.

Aaron comes in, and he and Chris talk. Aaron tells Chris he asked Allison to move out, and Chris calls him an idiot.


Lily calls Margo over and tells her about the monastery and SierraÕs ties to it. She convinces Margo to call Brother Francis. At first Margo is doubtful that Sierra could have played a part in CraigÕs disappearance, but Lily convinces her to call. She speaks with Francis, who agrees to meet with her. Francis arrives but does not give them a straight answer about anything they ask. He agrees to let Margo search the monastery, provided she has a search warrant.

Margo agrees that Francis knows something but knows she cannot get a warrant. Lily decides to take matters into her own hands and heads off.


Lucinda tries to convince Sierra to release Craig. If Dominic did do something to Lucy, they need someone who can play dirty. Sierra is confident that Dusty will be helpful, but Lucinda cannot understand why she would trust him and not trust Craig. Sierra is not sure Craig has truly redeemed himself, and she is confident that his involvement would make matters worse. Brother Francis meets with them and tells Sierra of his meeting with Margo and Lily. He is disturbed that Craig’s disappearance is now hurting two innocent people and thinks reading a letter from Craig may help to change her mind. Sierra reads the letter but is still reluctant to trust Craig. She rings Dusty, who believes he may know where they are. Sierra leaves.


Craig requests that Brother Francis give his captors a Christmas present, a letter he wrote to them. Craig tells Francis he believes one of his ex-wives arranged his stay, or perhaps his daughter. Either way, he would like an opportunity to communicate with them. Francis agrees to deliver the letter.

Later, Craig is alone in his cell, utterly fed up with all the chanting. A hooded monk enters his cell, and Craig is shocked to see that the ”monk” is in fact Lily.

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