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At Metro, Katie gives her cell phone to Mike, telling him Simon would like to speak to him. Henry (who is pretending to be Simon) asks Mike to help him with Katie and keep her company over Christmas.

At Fairwinds, Rosanna cries and wonders why Will would walk in holding a doll dressed exactly the way she dressed Cabot last Christmas. Paul also wonders how his brother could do something like this to Rosanna.

At Alís Diner, Jack buys J.J. a gigantic sundae and tries to convince him that living at the farm will be fun.

J.J. wonders why Jack canít live at the farm with him and his mom if it is so much fun living there. Jack explains that he has his own family, but that doesnít mean their relationship will ever change. Jack tells J.J. that they will see each other all the time.

Carly is stunned to see Julia at the farm when she goes to deliver the wrapping paper Emma ordered. Carly calls Emma’s name a few times but doesn’t get an answer from her. Julia informs Carly Emma will be back soon, she is just running an errand. Julia assures Carly she didn’t break into the farm, Emma welcomed her with open arms. She begs Carly not to make trouble for her with Emma. Julia also asks Carly to have some decency and leave her and J.J. alone.

At Fairwinds, Will explains to Paul and Rosanna that he had just gotten home and was about to open the front door to come inside the house when a woman shoved the doll into his hands. Will tells Paul and Rosanna that he didn’t see the woman or even know what the doll looked like until he came inside the house. Paul decides to call Hal so he can check for any signs that someone tried to break into the house.

At Metro, Mike wonders why Simon is making such a strange request of him when Katie has family and friends in Oakdale. Simon explains that Margo will probably be busy looking for Craig and won’t have much time to spend with Katie. He also tells Mike that this Christmas may be difficult for Katie, since her brother is missing. Simon tells Mike he is just to spend time with Katie until he can arrive, which won’t be until the first of the year. Mike tells Simon he will think about the request and then gives the phone back to Katie. Katie keeps up the charade and thanks Simon for calling, then she hangs up the phone.

At Holden and Lily’s house, Holden arrives with flowers for Lily, but Luke tells him his mom is upstairs wrapping presents and he has instructions that nobody is to go upstairs. Holden wonders if Carly is in the kitchen. Luke tells his dad that Lily sent Carly over to Emma’s to deliver the wrapping paper she needs for the hospital Christmas party. Holden senses trouble, so he calls Jack, but Jack has his cell phone turned off. Holden considers asking Lily to go to the farm but thinks better of the idea. Holden thinks his mom will be able to handle things between Carly and Julia, but he has his doubts, so he heads over to the farm.

At the farm, Carly wants Julia to stop playing the victim, act like a grown-up, pack her bags and leave Oakdale. Carly asks Julia to stop using the husbands of other women to fix her problems. Carly thinks Julia is a parasite and tells her to take her claws out of Jack and Holden and leave town so she can find someone else to bleed dry.

At Metro, Henry returns to the table and is informed by Katie that Simon called to wish her a merry Christmas, but he spent most of the phone call talking to Mike. Mike and Jennifer leave after Mike tells Katie they have something they must do. Henry tells Katie every detail of the conversation that he had with Mike. He also tells Katie that Jennifer is a nice person. Katie tells Henry she doesn’t care if Jennifer is nice because soon Mike will be back with her where he belongs.

At Fairwinds, Will tells Paul that, after he confessed what he did to Rose, Paul promised him that he would always be his brother; no matter what he had done, he would always love him. Will tells Paul that it was his love and belief in him that kept him going while he was in the mental institution. He begs Paul to believe that he loves him and Rosanna and he would never do anything to hurt her. Will swears he would never do anything to mess up his second chance. He asks Rosanna to look into his eyes so she can know he is telling the truth.

Hal arrives and finds no signs of forced entry, but Will thinks Rosanna has already poisoned Halís mind against him.

At Al’s Diner, a sad J.J. won’t touch his ice cream and tells Jack the sundae is too big for him. Jack decides to share the sundae with J.J., and J.J. gets happy again. J.J. wonders if Santa knows his new address. Jack assures him that Santa knows where he lives. J.J. wants to wait for Jack to arrive at the farm to open his presents on Christmas day. Jack encourages J.J. to open his presents first thing in the morning but asks him to take a lot of pictures, because he must be with his family. Jack tells J.J. he will arrive at the farm later in the day with presents for him from Carly, Parker, and Sage. J.J. gets sad again and tells Jack he doesn’t want presents from them. Jack tells J.J. he must try to get along with Carly, Parker, and Sage, because families must try to get along with each other.

At the farm, Julia tells Carly to leave, but Carly refuses because it isn’t Julia’s house; it belongs to Emma, who is a member of her family. Julia thinks Carly is insecure about her marriage and that is why she feels threatened by her and J.J. Julia tells Carly Jack loves her and J.J., and Carly can’t stand that they will always be a part of his heart. Carly makes it clear to Julia that what Jack feels for her and J.J. is pity, not love. Carly also tells Julia that Jack couldn’t possibly love a woman he has only known for a few months and a little boy who isn’t even related to him by blood. Carly tells Julia she and Jack have a long history together and Sage is Jackís only blood child, conceived from their love for each other.

The two begin to push each other back and forth until they get into a huge and very physical fight. Julia notices Holden's arrival and continues to push Carlyís buttons until Carly grabs her and puts her hands around her neck. Holden pulls the two women apart. Julia tells Holden that once you have been an abused woman you canít stand to have people put their hands on you in a violent way. She says she always tries to find ways to solve problems in a civilized, grown-up way rather than use violence. Carly explains to Holden that Julia started the fight, but Holden looks like he believes Julia, not Carly. Carly tells Holden how Julia discovered Jackís true identity, came to Oakdale, spied on his family and kept the truth from Jack on purpose. Carly also tells Holden that having Julia live at the farm was a bad idea and the person that had the idea needs to have their head examined. Jack arrives and tells Carly that having Julia live at the farm was his idea.

At Metro, Katie asks Henry to go over everything Mike said to him on the phone one more time. Katie also wants to know everything about Mike and Jennifer’s relationship. Henry explains that he, Mike, Nikki and Jennifer always went out as friends and had fun together up until recently, when Mike and Jennifer have gotten closer. Katie asks Henry to describe the sort of person Jennifer is. Henry describes Jennifer as smart, classy, sensitive, nice and pretty.

At the park, Mike apologizes that their friendly get-together with Katie and Henry got ruined. Jennifer tells Mike she understands and not to worry about it. Jennifer wants to know what Simon told Mike while they spoke on the phone. Mike explains Simonís strange request of him. Jennifer also thinks the request is strange. Mike asks Jennifer what he should do about it, since he doesnít want Katie to affect their relationship. Jennifer encourages Mike to spend Christmas with Katie.

Jennifer thinks that if Katieís husband trusts Mike to be alone with Katie after their past relationship, she shouldnít be threatened by Mike spending time with Katie, either. Mike thinks Jennifer is the most caring and understanding woman he has ever met.

At Al’s Diner, Hal wants Will to calm down so they can talk. Will feels hurt that his father doesn’t believe that he would never hurt Rosanna. Will explains that a blonde woman gave him the doll. Hal suggests Will go visit his doctor again for a few days. Will is afraid that once he enters the mental institution he will never leave again. Hal asks Will if he can describe the blonde woman to him. Will tells his father that if he told him the woman’s identity he would really think he was crazy. Hal walks away a few minutes to take a phone call. Will tells himself the blonde woman was Emily, and he vows to discover who is trying to frame him.

At Fairwinds, Paul informs Rosanna that Will has decided to live at Bob and Kim’s house. Rosanna thinks Will needs more therapy, while Paul remains torn between his wife and brother because he finds it hard to believe his brother would terrorize Rosanna. Rosanna thinks Paul needs intensive therapy and suggests a clinic in Switzerland. She is surprised Paul still thinks Will is innocent.

Holden fills Jack in on what happened between Carly and Julia. Jack goes out on the porch to talk to Carly while Holden stays inside to calm a shaky Julia down. Julia cries and tells Holden they will be gone as soon as they find a place to live. Holden tells Julia that she can stay as long as she wants and should enjoy a Snyder family Christmas with Emma. Holden promises Julia he will always be her friend and she will never be alone. Julia thanks Holden with tears still running down her face.

On the porch, Carly is angry Jack left a family celebration to once again rescue Julia. Carly can’t stand to watch Jack bend over backwards to try and make everyone happy. Jack insists he loves Carly and his family with her, but he just can’t cut J.J. and Julia out of his life. Carly explains that this arrangement isn’t working for anyone because he can’t be a husband to two wives. Carly tells Jack to truly search his heart and decide what he wants to do about the situation.

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