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Katie walks in to see that Mike is being ambushed by a reporter. She quickly takes control of the situation and informs the reporter that Mikeís interview wonít be taking place until Jennifer arrives. As they sit down to a table, Katie tells him that he should conduct the interview outside. Since it is so cold, the interview wonít last very long.

They both remember making snow angels together about a year ago. Henry has entered and is pleased to see Katie and Mike talking. When Jennifer comes in he tries to stall her, but Jennifer figures out what he is up to and rushes to Mikeís side. Katie and Mike are still talking about the snow angels and all that has happened in the last year when Jennifer arrives and apologizes for being late. Mike sings Katieís praise by telling Jennifer how Katie saved the day with the reporters. Katie comments that it was nothing and makes a quick exit to join Henry. Jennifer questions Mike about his feelings for Katie. She needs to know now if Mike wants to pick things back up with Katie. Mike reminds her that Katie is a married woman. Jennifer says maybe, but she doesnít see Katieís husband around anywhere. After the interview, Jennifer is still concerned about the feelings that Mike has for Katie. Mike tells her again that he and Katie are just friends. Jennifer says that if that is true, they should buy Katie a drink for helping him out with the reporters.

Henry tells Katie that he tried to stall Jennifer, but Jennifer saw right through him. Katie gives him a big hug and tells him how much she has missed him. Henry knows that is true; he is the best friend anyone could ever have. Katie tells him that she took one look in Mikeís eyes and knew that Mike still loves her. Henry is happy to hear that and tells her that she should go over right now and call him out on it. Katie tells him that she has to make Mike come to her, to protect her, and then he will realize how much he loves her and leave Jennifer in the dust. Henry realizes how much he has missed her also, as well as her little schemes. He asks how she plans on doing all of this. Katie tells him with his help, of course. Katie comes up with a plan that Henry isnít sure he wants to be a part of. Katie tells him they can do this with their eyes closed. Henry is still not sure about it, but when they see Jennifer and Mike walking over to them, he excuses himself to run to the little boys' room. Jennifer and Mike invite Katie for a drink as a reward for the situation with the reporter. Katie declines, claiming to be waiting for a call from Simon. She tells them how lonely she will be with no one to help her trim the tree or to spend New Year's Eve with. Just then her phone rings; it's Henry pretending to be Simon. Katie and ĎSimoní exchange "I love you"s. Katie then hands Mike the phone, saying that Simon wants to wish him a merry Christmas.

Holden and Lilyís place:

Carly and Lily wonder what is taking the guys so long. Carly hopes it means that they have found a place for Julia to live, like somewhere in Alaska.

The two share some girl talk as Lily fills Carly in on all that happened between Molly and Holden while Jack was missing. Lily tells Carly that she totally understands why she feels the way she does about Julia. Carly tells her that she really felt sorry for J.J. when he was sitting on Santaís lap and said all he wanted for Christmas was Jack. The problem is, J.J.ís Christmas wish is the same as Carly's, Parker's, and Sageís wish. Carly just doesnít want to share her husband with J.J. She then feels guilty all over again. Lily tells her that maybe Julia will find a new man once she finds a good place to live. Talk then turns to Lily and Holdenís marriage problems. Lily admits that Holden is still sleeping in the guest room. She tells Carly that the main problem they are having now has to do with her concern for Craig. Lily fills Carly in on Craigís disappearance. Carly agrees that it does sound like it could be a little suspicious, but she also agrees with Sierra. Lily tells her that this time it is different. She just feels it in her gut. Carly tells her that Craig is not her responsibility. She should let Margo handle her brother, and Lily should take care of her husband and her marriage. Lily tells her that since Rose died she has felt that she didnít do enough to keep her away from Barbara. She didnít listen to Dusty when he said that Rose was in trouble, and now she feels like she has to do all she can to find Dusty. Carly tells her that it was different with Rose, she was her twin.

Craig is just a friend, and he has Margo looking for him. Lily remembers what a loving couple she and Holden used to be, and she misses it. Carly tells her that a new year is coming up, and it will be a new beginning for all of them. She guarantees that Lily and Holden will work things out and will be as happy as she and Jack are. (Uh-oh...the kiss of death in soapland.) The two comment that the guys have been gone an awfully long time. Carly is trying to stay positive about it and knows they are doing what is best for everyone. She offers to help Lily clean up before she takes off, but Lily tells her that the caterer will do it. She does ask Carly for a favor, though. She has a bunch of wrapping paper that Emma ordered from Lukeís fundraiser, and she asks if Carly can drop it off at Emmaís on her way home. Carly agrees and thanks her for the dinner. Lily thanks Carly for listening and tells her that now she feels like her marriage will work out. Lily holds the door open for Carly as they say their good-byes.

In the park:

Holden and Jack discuss whether they are doing the right thing. Holden thinks that bringing Julia and J.J. into the family is going to cause problems, but he still thinks it is the best solution. Jack is surprised to hear that Holden wants to be the one to tell Julia their plan. Holden explains that since he is the one that Julia asked for help, he thinks it is best if he is the one to inform her of the solution. Jack heads out to the farm to talk to Emma and Holden heads to the Lakeview to tell Julia that she and J.J. are moving onto the farm.


In the restaurant, Julia isnít having much luck finding an apartment that she can afford. Either they have already been rented out, or they are way too expensive for her budget. She is getting depressed and frustrated when Holden shows up with the perfect solution. He proudly announces that Julia and J.J. are going to be moving to his motherís farm. Julia appreciates the thought, but she doesnít think it is a good idea. Emma is part of Jackís family. Holden tells her that she doesnít have to stay there long, just until after the holidays. It will be a perfect place for J.J. to spend Christmas at. Julia reluctantly agrees.

The Farm:

Emma is happy to see Jack; him coming home was the best Christmas present she could have had. Jack isnít sure she will feel the same way when she finds out why he is there. He tells her about his and Holdenís plan to have Julia and J.J. move into the farm with her. Emma tells him that she has a lot to be thankful to Julia for, such as saving his life and taking care of him. Jack agrees that all of that is true. Emma then slaps him upside the head and asks him what the hell he is thinking. She tells him how awkward it will be for everyone, Carly and Parker having to spend Christmas dinner with Julia and J.J. Julia wonít be happy watching him live his life with Carly, either. Jack knows that it isnít the perfect solution, but he wants to make good on his promise to J.J. Emma understands that Jack loves J.J. and sees that he is willing to turn everyoneís life upside down in order to keep that promise. She worries about Julia, though. Jack tells her that Julia is strong and will be okay. He is certain that Carly will understand, too. Holden arrives with Julia and J.J. in tow. Emma does her best to make them feel welcome and helps them bring their things into the house. Holden decides to take off. Jack tells him that he is going to stick around for a bit and try to explain things to J.J. Now he is having doubts about how Carly is going to take this. They both think that if Holden and Lily tell Carly about it first they might be able to smooth things over before he gets home.


Paul and Will discuss who could have put Cabotís stocking on the mantel. Paul is starting to think that maybe Rosannaís grief is more than she thinks it is. Rosanna comes home and is happy to see Paul. She isnít too happy to see Will, though. Will leaves quickly as Rosanna and Paul sit on the couch and talk about her trip. Rosanna quickly changes the subject to the "elephant in the room." Paul tells her that he believes Will didnít put the stocking up. He tells her that they thought that it might have been Barbara but then explains that they confronted her, and she has a pretty tight alibi. Rosanna asks him who he thinks did it now. He tries to gently tell her that he thinks maybe they should see a psychiatrist, but it comes out all wrong, and Rosanna gets upset that he thinks she is doing this to herself. Paul explains that he just thinks maybe her grief is making her do things that she doesnít remember. Rosanna tells him that she is dealing with her grief just fine. She thinks that they should figure out who did this to her and not argue between themselves. Rosanna tells Paul that she gets depressed sometimes, but she isnít losing her mind. Between the two of them, they decide that it must be Will who is doing these things. Paul agrees to talk to Hal about it and thinks it might be time to talk to Willís psychiatrist.

Hal & Emilyís:

Barbara is holding a baby doll that crawls. She tells Em that the outfit looks just like the one that Cabot was wearing in his Christmas card last year. She has big plans for the doll. She is about to go over the details with Emily when she hears Hal coming in the door. She quickly shoves the doll into the oven. Hal surprises them both by saying that he decided to bring his paperwork home and do it there. He doesnít think Em looks any better and asks what the doctor said. He gets a bit upset when Barbara keeps talking for Emily. Emily tells him that she didnít go to the doctor because she is feeling so much better. Hal tells her that he wants her to make another appointment. He wants to make sure she is okay. Emily hugs Hal and tells him how much she loves him. A disgustedly disappointed Barbara looks on. Hal decides to run up and take a shower and then get the paperwork done. He tries to peek in the oven to see what is for supper, but Barbara stops him. When he goes upstairs, Barbara tells Emily that she needs to get going. When Emily tells her that she canít do it this time, Barbara gives her another drugged cup of tea and coaxes her to drink it. As Emily drinks the tea, Barbara reminds her that Hal is busy upstairs and Barbara will be fixing supper. That means Emily needs to do what Barbara wants her to do so that Will can come home to them. Emily agrees with her and takes off. A little later Hal comes downstairs, just as Emily is returning. He asks her what she was doing outside. She tells him that she had bought some cold medicine and forgot it in the car. Hal offers to go and get it so that she isnít out in the cold. He doesnít want her getting sicker. When Hal goes out to get the medicine, Barbara asks Emily how things are at Fairwinds. Emily tells her that everything went just fine.

Alís Diner:

Alli is happy to find Will is her next customer. It means that she doesnít have to fake a smile for anyone. Will tells her that he is having a bad day, too. He thinks that no one will ever forget what he did or where heís been these last few months. Alli can empathize with him because it is how people treated her when she first got out of prison. When she brings him something to eat, he tells her he isnít in the mood to eat. He just wants to make things right with Rosanna. Alli tells him that Christmas always brings out the psycho in people and is sure that everything will be better after the holidays. She runs off to take care of other customers and returns to find that Will wasnít too depressed to eat after all. Will tells her he didnít want it to go to waste and also thanks her for the good advice. He tells her that it is nice to have someone to talk to who is close to his age. Alli is happy to oblige and offers an ear whenever he needs one. He thanks her as he heads home.

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