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At the Lakeview, Jessica informs Ben that he can take back his resignation and demand an administrative hearing to review the evidence they have against him. Ben reminds Jessica that he resigned because he lied about his drug use. Jessica tells Ben that few people know that, and if he asks for an administrative hearing and is able to look at the incident report he can save his job. Ben insists that he doesn’t want his job back. Jessica reminds Ben that being a doctor is more than a job to him, it's his career. Jessica tries to persuade Ben to fight for his career, but Ben insists he doesn’t want to.

At Alís Diner, Allison watches Aaron work the cash register and smiles proudly. Allison quickly picks up some change when Aaron drops it on the floor. After the customer leaves, Allison tells Aaron she is happy they are working together again as a team, like they did at Metro.

Aaron reminds Allison they also worked together at Sparkyís garage, but Allison smiles and tells Aaron she would rather forget about the garage. Aaron and Allison kiss and make a date to go home and make popcorn and watch bad television shows. Allison leaves to take an order from a customer.

At the Walsh mansion, Sierra worries when she calls the caretaker of the Walsh cabin in Colorado and is informed that Lucy and Rafael are not there, and he hasn’t seen them at all. Jordan arrives as a nervous Sierra begins to call the hotels in the Aspen, Colorado area and discovers Lucy isn’t registered at any of them. Jordan offers to help by using his computer to get a list of the bed-and-breakfasts and inns. Jordan assures Sierra they will find Lucy and she shouldn’t worry about her.

Inside the mine shaft, Lucy is still cold, despite the fact that she is wearing Rafael’s jacket. Lucy notices Rafael shivering, so she lies and tells him she isn’t cold and persuades him to put his jacket on again. Lucy and Rafael blame each other for falling into Dominic’s trap. Rafael tries to keep Lucy’s spirits up by telling her they will find a way out of the mine shaft. Lucy cries because she is sure Dominic has killed her father and Dusty is next on the list. Lucy feels frustrated because she can’t warn Dusty he is in danger. Rafael holds Lucy as she continues to cry.

At Metro, Curtis finds an unconscious Dusty and calls 911. Curtis also performs CPR and manages to revive Dusty after a few minutes.

At Holden and Lily’s house, Carly accuses Julia of stalking her and Jack after Julia interrupts a family celebration. Julia cries a little and apologizes for interrupting things, saying she didn’t have any idea they would be there. Julia explains she just came to talk to Holden. Carly doesn’t buy Julia’s story because Julia would have seen their car parked in the driveway. Julia insists she didn’t notice their car in the driveway. Julia goes outside and Jack runs after her.

Outside of Holden and Lily’s house, Julia insists she is sorry for interrupting their celebration of her agony. Julia cries a bit more and tells Jack that it hurts to see him and Carly together. Julia explains to Jack she just came to ask for Holden’s help in finding a cheap apartment in order to give J.J. some stability in his life. Julia tells Jack that Lisa and Holden are her only friends in Oakdale. Julia also apologizes if her friendship with Holden bothers him. Jack tells Julia that he offered to help her pay for an apartment for her to live in. Julia makes it clear she doesn’t want to take any money from him or Carly. Holden arrives to talk to Julia and sends Jack back inside the house.

At Metro, Dusty calls Sierra, who informs him she hasn’t heard from Lucy. The electrician informs him that it is likely someone tampered with the ground wire, because the type of accident he had doesn’t usually happen when the wiring is new. Dusty leaves Metro to go talk to Sierra.

Inside the mine shaft, Rafael finds something which helps him cut the handcuffs off, and once the two are free they set off to explore the mine shaft and find a way to get out of it.

At the Lakeview, Ben and Jessica are still arguing over his career. Ben gets a call from Curtis, who proudly tells Ben that he saved Dusty’s life by using CPR. Curtis tells Ben he is considering becoming a doctor. Ben agrees to meet Curtis at Al’s Diner to hear all the details of his exciting day. Ben wonders how he will explain everything to Curtis. Jessica offers to go with Ben and help. Ben accepts the offer, and the two leave to go to Al’s Diner.

At the Walsh Mansion, Dusty informs Jordan and Sierra that Dominic tried to kill him. He tells them he suspects Dominic tried to electrocute him. Dusty is worried that Dominic has done Lucy harm because she insisted on going after him to find out her father’s whereabouts.

Inside the mine shaft, Lucy and Rafael find kettles and wood to make a fire. Rafael tells Lucy to stay there while he goes to get snow to melt so they can drink the water. Rafael also wants to go find more wood. Lucy insists on going with him because they are a team.

At Holden and Lily’s house, Carly admits to Lily that she is worried that Julia will always be a part of their lives. Lily encourages Carly to take the high road and wait until Julia accepts that Jack will never be hers. Carly tells Lily she is tired of taking the high road and being the understanding wife. Carly thinks Julia will never let go of Jack and comments to Lily that Julia is still wearing her engagement ring.

Outside Holden and Lily’s house, Julia pulls on Holden’s heartstrings by telling him she doesn’t have much money to pay for an apartment and household expenses, and she must find a cheap apartment so J.J. can stay in school and have some stability. Holden tells her he thought Jack was helping them with money. Julia tells Holden she doesn’t want to take Jack's and Carly’s money. Julia tells Holden she feels alone since Jack left and doesn’t know how J.J. will react to losing the only father he has ever known in his life. Holden assures Julia that Jack will keep his promise to be a part of J.J.’s life. He also tells Julia she isn’t alone because he will always be there for her as a friend. Holden holds Julia as she cries, and Jack watches them through the window inside the house.

Inside Holden and Lily’s house, Jack is a little annoyed at seeing Holden and Julia together, and he walks away. Jack tells Carly Julia is fine and Holden seems to be calming her down. Lily walks by the window and is also annoyed at seeing Holden and Julia together. Lily explains to Carly that Julia and Holden became friends when Aaron was in the hospital. Lily acts like she isn’t bothered by Holden and Julia’s friendship when Carly asks how she feels about the two being friends. Lily thinks Holden will help Julia accept the truth about Jack’s decision because Holden has always been sensible and trustworthy.

Outside the house, Holden tells Julia that she is a strong woman who will help her son move on with his life. Holden promises to help Julia look for an apartment tomorrow. After Julia leaves, Jack comes outside to talk to Holden. Jack tells his cousin that Carly is fine and isn’t angry with him. Holden tells his cousin that Julia isn’t fine because she changed her entire life to follow him and now she is left with nothing. Holden explains to Jack that she has no friends and very little money and refuses to take money from anyone. Jack tells Holden that he feels badly for the pain that he is causing Julia, but he doesn’t love her, and his indecision was hurting everyone so he had to make a choice. Holden asks Jack to let him help Julia, and Jack accepts the offer.

At Al’s Diner, Ben, Jessica, and Curtis arrive, and Allison throws them out. Aaron and Curtis both wonder about Allison’s attitude toward Ben.

Inside the mine shaft, Rafael and Lucy share granola bars as they imagine they are eating a wonderful dinner that Rafael’s mom cooked for them in Montega. Lucy continues to think of Dusty and have flashbacks of them together as her feeling that Dusty is in trouble gets stronger. Lucy and Rafael hold each other and share Rafael’s jacket to keep warm.

At Al’s Diner, Aaron calms Allison down, and Curtis tells Aaron about the rumors of an investigation into his surgery. Allison gets angry and tells Ben she saw the incident report and believes he is the reason Aaron had to have a second operation. Allison also informs Curtis and Aaron that Holden may sue the hospital. Aaron is angry that everyone he loves treated him like a child and kept secrets from him. Curtis storms out, refusing to listen to Ben. An angry Curtis gets in his car and drives away. Ben is worried that something will happen to Curtis because he is driving while he is angry. Aaron demands to know what other secrets Allison has been keeping from him. Aaron’s boss tells Aaron he has work to do and adds he only gave him the job as a favor to Allison. Aaron is angry at being told another lie by Allison and goes back to work. Ben takes off after Curtis, and Jessica is determined to get a copy of the incident report and fight for Ben’s career.

At the Walsh Mansion, Dusty is worried that Dominic has hurt Lucy. Sierra is also worried and asks herself, "What have I done?" She knows she is the one responsible for her daughter being in danger.

At Lily and Holden’s house, Carly admits to Lily that she feels sorry for J.J., but she really wishes that Julia would leave town and leave her family alone. Jack tells Carly he and Holden must take care of something, and if his plan works everyone will be happy. Carly is positive Jack’s plan involves Julia. Jack thanks Holden for his help with Julia and J.J. Jack is determined; if J.J. can’t have him, at least he can give J.J a home.

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