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At the monastery, Brother Francis checks in on Craig to see how his twenty-four hours of solitude have worked out for him. Craig gives him a two-inch stack of papers, hand written, with an accounting of all his sins.

Dusty and Sierra are at the Walsh mansion, where Dusty practically begs her to call Lucy; she hasn't heard from her in over twenty-four hours! Sierra asks him if he's going to come by every day asking about Lucy. Dusty insists that Dominic Ramsey is dangerous and he's worried about her.

Lucy and Rafael make their way through the blizzard and find what they think is a cave. They crawl down into it. Lucy is exhausted and can only think about sleeping. The place is really creepy and cold.

Lily talks with an operator, trying to get another phone number for the "Order of the Sacred Way." Holden walks up behind her and is angry because all she thinks about is Craig. He asks her if she's forgotten that Jack and Carly are coming there for dinner. She tells him that of course she didn't forget.

At the Lakeview, Julia sits staring at the engagement ring Jack gave her. Lisa sees that she's upset; Julia tells her that Jack went back to Carly. She tells Lisa that if it were just her she'd pack her bags and move, but J.J. loves Jack, and Jack loves him, so she'll have to stay.

Carly and Jack stop by Al's restaurant to pick something up to take along to Holden's. They're happy until Carly realizes that Jack is thinking about Julia. She throws a bit of a fit, and then Jack tells her that Julia is probably not leaving town.

Lucy and Rafael realize that they're not in a cave, but a mine. Based on what Dominic said before jumping out of the plane, they think they're in Idaho. They find a lantern, and it works!

Lucy picks up a newspaper that's dated fifty years ago. Lucy is worried that Dominic has already gotten rid of Craig, and she wants to warn Dusty. They realize they have to stay put until the blizzard subsides. They find a radio.

Lily and Holden are arguing because of her preoccupation with Craig when the caterer arrives with the dinner she ordered for their party with Carly and Jack. Holden apologizes after she tells him she found a caterer that makes Montana specialties, in hopes it would spark memories of Carly and Jack's wedding. Holden tells Lily that he feels like an idiot and kisses her on the cheek.

Carly wonders to Jack if Julia really meant that she's staying. Jack admits to her that he wants her to stay, and Carly storms out of the diner. The waitress gives Jack his order, and he goes outside after Carly. Jack tells her he's sorry, but he had to tell her. He tells her that he loves her. Carly wants to know why Jack can't let Julia go, and Jack tells her that he loves J.J. He tells her that she's his wife and soul, "you and me forever." He tells Carly that he needs her to understand. She says she might if he'd make a few more of those "you and me forever" comments and hold her close while he's saying it.

At the Lakeview, Julia and Lisa discuss whether Carly would try to keep Jack away from J.J. Lisa asks her if she wants the bills for the hotel to be sent to Jack, but Julia tells her she'll take care of them.

When she sees the amounts of the bills she decides she needs to move out of there quickly. An employee interrupts them, saying she needs Lisa for an overbooking problem. Julia tries to call Holden, but he's not answering his phone. Lisa returns, and Julia tells her that she's going to ask Holden for help in finding an apartment.

Dusty is still grilling Sierra because he's concerned about Lucy. When Dusty says that Dominic has Craig, Sierra answers by saying that he doesn't.

Sierra ends up showing Dusty the closed-circuit setup she has to watch Craig. The two of them watch for a moment.

Brother Francis is reading Craig's pages of "reprehensible things" he has done. He's surprised by how many there actually are. Brother Francis tells Craig he is going to take the papers back to his cell at the monastery and read through them. Craig asks if he'll be able to leave this afternoon, but Brother Francis answers him, "Not a chance."

Sierra and Dusty continue their conversation. He can't believe that she's locked Craig up and comments that he doesn't want to get on her bad side. Dusty insists that if Sierra doesn't hear from Lucy in the next twenty-four hours he's going after her.

Rafael starts cranking the radio that he and Lucy found in the mine. They're not sure if it's working, but as he cranks Lucy speaks into it, saying, "Mayday!"

Jack and Carly arrive at Holden and Lily's house. They greet each other, and Carly makes a comment about them rating because of the caterer.

At the Lakeview, Holden's not answering his cell phone. Lisa tries to talk Julia out of asking Holden for help because he's Jack's brother. Julia decides to go and ask Holden for help in person. The employee who needs help interrupts Lisa again.

Sierra tells Dusty she needs to stop toying with Lucy. Dusty says that Lucy deserves better than him. Sierra asks him what he's going to do about Dominic Ramsey, and he says he knows where to find him. Sierra surmises that he's intentionally setting himself up as a target. Dusty says, "Better me than your daughter."

Dominic and his sidekick Bud are at Al's restaurant. Dominic gets a call on his cell phone; the voice on the other end says only, "It's done." Bud is worried that Lucy and Rafael might be found, but Dominic tells him they won't be found until the snow melts. He also tells him that Dusty is not going to disappear. Bud asks if he's going to kill him. Dominic says, "Did I say that?"

Rafael is cranking the radio, and Lucy is frantically calling, "Mayday!" She then gives more information, including where they think they are and that they're trapped. Then the radio stops working, and they're not sure if anyone heard them. Lucy wants Rafael to get the handcuffs off of them. She's afraid and very cold. Rafael tells her everything will be fine, and they'll make it out of there. He tells her he's thinking about Dominic and what it's going to feel like to tear him apart.

Craig pushes Brother Francis about being able to leave the monastery. Brother Francis tells him that true repentance takes time. Craig asks how long, weeks, months? Brother Francis answers him by telling him it may even be longer! He tells Craig that he'll read through his writings and will pray on them, as he's sure Craig will do.

Sierra calls Lucy on her cell phone. There's no answer, so she leaves a message asking Lucy to call her.

Rafael is worried about Lucy; her lips are blue and she's very sleepy. Lucy says it'll take years to get out of there because of all the passages. Lucy tells him she can't move, it hurts too much.

Holden, Lily, Carly, and Jack are sitting around talking about the kids and Christmas. The caterer walks through and tells them he's getting peppermint schnapps from his car. Julia arrives outside.

Sierra is watching Craig, who is praying and almost looking at the camera. He states out loud that he wants to make things right, he wants to face the people he's hurt.

Rafael tells Lucy that he's taking off her shoes because he read that if he can keep her hands, head and feet warm, it'll be better for her. He has her put her feet between his legs and her hands and head on his chest. She tells him that she was so cold she thought she was going to die. She asks Rafael, "You won't let me die, will you?" He answers, "No," and tells her to sleep, he will keep her safe.

At Al's, Dominic tells Bud that the only person standing between him and freedom is Craig, and he won't be standing much longer. Bud is worried that Lucy and Rafael might have made it through the plane crash; Dominic tells him that if the plane crash didn't kill them, the cold did.

At Metro, Dusty is holding the necklace that Lucy had given him. He says, "Be safe, princess," reaches for the light switch, and is zapped. He drops to the floor, unconscious.

The caterer runs into Julia outside Holden and Lily's house. He tells her to go inside, they're waiting for her. Inside, Carly is making a toast to Jack, and then they kiss. They all notice that Julia is there and just stare at her.

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