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While at the Walsh Mansion, Mike and Jennifer decide to celebrate his return to Street Jeans. Jennifer questions Mike about why he decided to do more modeling and asks him if Katie had something to do with it. He admits that Katie did push his buttons, but he insists that he wants to be with Jennifer.

Katie meets up with Henry at Metro. They hug; it's been a long time since they've seen each other. She tells Henry that she never went to Australia with Simon and that she divorced him. Henry says he should call for champagne.

The manager at Al's offers Aaron the cashier job. Allison tells Aaron that this job will be a piece of cake for him.

Jessica and Ben are at the Lakeview talking about Aaron's operation. Jessica tells Ben that she saw Bob, and he didn't report what Ben had told him about the faked drug test. She tries to tell Ben that it has no bearing on his performance in the operating room. John Dickson appears, saying that he'll be the judge of that.

Now that Emily is back home, Barbara is quizzing her about her trip to Fairwinds. Emily details how she did it. She parked behind the house and entered through the service entrance, using a key Barbara had given her. Emily went up the back stairs to the attic and found the Christmas box with Cabot's stocking. Barbara again says, "We've become good friends," and Emily repeats the phrase. She tells Emily that, thanks to her, Will's coming home where he belongs.

At Fairwinds, Paul grills Will about Cabot's stocking, accusing him of hanging it. Will can not believe Paul thinks it was him and storms out of the room.

At the Walsh Mansion, Mike tells Jennifer that Katie can't believe that he's been modeling. Jennifer tells him she's so glad he decided to come back to modeling, because he's got talent. He says he does it because it's fun to be around her. Jennifer tells Mike that she knows Katie got to him and she understands. She tells him it's okay for him to still have feelings for Katie. Mike tells her that it's over between Katie and him.

At Metro, Henry tells Katie that Simon was wrong for her. She says she's okay with the divorce. Henry asks if she came back for Mike, but she insists it's because Craig is missing. She tells Henry that she has seen Mike, right out of the shower, along with Jennifer Munson, who was also dripping wet! He asked Katie if she told Mike that she came back for him, but she says it's worse. She told Mike that she and Simon were ecstatically happy.

Aaron tells Allison he doesn't know if he can handle the cash register because of his arm. She tells him to try it; what does he have to lose? Aaron agrees to give it a shot and stumbles to the register. His first customer comes up and he handles it just fine, with a smile, even. He tells the manager he'll take the job! The manager tells him to start tomorrow at seven. Allison tells him about the invitation to Holden's to decorate the tree, and Aaron agrees, saying he wants to go have some fun.

At the Lakeview, John Dickson questions Ben about the surgery. Dr. Dickson says he thinks the hospital is going to be facing a huge lawsuit. A young man is partially paralyzed for the rest of his life, and this didn't have to happen. "This case doesn't add up," John says, "and you're the guy with the missing piece." John tells Ben that anyone could look at the reports and see that this surgery could have been successful. Jessica quickly puts an end to the questioning.

Paul, talking with security, questions if anyone else had driven onto the property. He tells them to make sure someone is always in the gatehouse. Paul stops Will from leaving. "Please don't go, I need your help," he begs. Paul tells Will he knows he didn't do this and he wants him to help him figure out who did. The two of them go through who would want this to happen, and both decide it might be Barbara.

Henry tells Katie she can not let Mike think she and Simon are still happily married. Katie tells him that she tried to tell Mike, but before she could get it out Mike told her they weren't meant to be. She tells Henry that Mike has slept with Jennifer. Henry tells Katie that she's got to tell Mike how she feels, and if she doesn't she'll regret it for the rest of her life. Katie starts to cry. Mike and Jennifer show up and Mike notices that Katie is crying. Katie says that she's crying because she misses Simon so much.

At the Lakeview, John tells Ben and Jessica he's certain that the Snyders will sue. Ben says he's been over that surgery and he's sure it's nothing he did. Ben tells him to wait and then hands John his letter of resignation.

Will and Paul make a surprise visit to Hal's to see Barbara. Paul and Will tell Barbara that they know what she's done. Emily tells them that it wasn't Barbara and that she knows something about it. Barbara stops Emily from talking, and Emily tells them that she and Barbara are very good friends. Paul and Will come into the house, and Barbara grabs Emily's tea and gets her to go upstairs.

Allison and Aaron arrive at Holden's house. Holden's not there, he went to the store. Luke and Faith are happy to see Aaron. Faith tells him that they heard he couldn't walk. Luke scolds her for being rude. Aaron makes light of his physical condition and even gets the kids laughing about it, going so far as to hold Faith up with his good arm. An old friend of Allison's, Squatzie Tubbs, delivers the Christmas tree. Allison introduces Aaron, who is stuck holding up the tree!

While Barbara is tucking Emily in upstairs, Paul and Will talk about it making no sense that Barbara and Emily are friends. Will tells Barbara that he thinks she hung Cabot's stocking at Fairwinds. Kim comes to the house because, apparently, Barbara called her. Kim tells them that Barbara and she were together during the time Cabot's stocking was hung and that they are wrong.

Paul questions Kim and asks if Barbara maybe went upstairs for a long period of time, because he knows she can get out of her ankle bracelet. Kim tells him she's sorry, but this time he is wrong.

At Metro, Mike and Jennifer are now seated at their own table. Henry starts ribbing Katie about her excuse for crying. Katie says, "What was I supposed to do, sit here in front of Jennifer and say, 'Dump the redhead, I'm back?'" She asks Henry to just be a friend, she doesn't want to look desperate or pathetic. At the other table, Jennifer asks Mike what buttons Katie is pushing now. He states that he just hates to see a woman cry, it makes him feel inadequate. Jen tells him that if she ever cries he only needs to touch her hand, and that would be adequate. Jen and Mike decide to leave. On their way out they stop by Katie and Henry's table. Mike tells Katie that he hopes she gets to see Simon for Christmas. Katie tells Henry that seeing Mike leave with Jennifer "totally bites." Henry says, "She's back."

Aaron and Allison are looking through the Christmas ornaments at Holden's house. Allison is upset and Aaron wants to know why. She's crying, and he hates when she cries. She tells him it's him, every minute she's with him she loves him more, and she's so proud of him. "You're coming alive again, I can feel it," she says. He tells her it's because of her, and they kiss.

At the Lakeview, Jessica asks John for a few minutes alone with Ben. She tells Ben that resigning makes him looks guilty; he says it's the price he pays for faking a drug test. He tells her that Bob doesn't deserve to lose his job because of him, and he can not be responsible for that. He feels that by resigning it'll make him the target instead of Bob. Jessica tries to get him to wait and think about this first, but Ben insists that this time he's got Bob's back.

"Lets go," Paul calls to Will. He then threatens Barbara, telling her that if he finds out that she did this to Rosanna she'll beg to be locked up so he can't get her. After they leave, Kim reminds Barbara that she found her trying to get the ankle bracelet off, and that Barbara also told her that she hoped Will would come home from Fairwinds. Kim asks Barbara point-blank if she's torturing Rosanna.

At the Lakeview, Jessica tells John that Ben is the best doctor, and he knows it. John asks if she's fighting this so hard because she feels she has something to prove to Ben. She says she'll prove that Ben did nothing wrong.

At Holden's, Aaron tells Allison that today was the first time he felt normal, and that his bum arm is not going to keep him from living. He says he'll get back into physical therapy and go to the gym. Allison says she got what she wanted.

Katie feels that Henry set her up, because now she has to figure out a way to cover up for Simon not being around for the holidays. Katie watches Mike helping Jennifer with her coat and imagines that it's her and that he kisses her. She tells Henry that she's got to go. He offers her a ride, and they both leave.

Barbara says she feels bad for Rosanna, her sons have taken this on and it's their choice. Kim tells her that she'll never be a mother to them until she lets them go. She tells Barbara that it'll take time and she must give them space. Kim tells her that this is not going to be the Christmas she's wishing for. As she's leaving, Kim tells Barbara that she'll see her Christmas Day. Emily makes her way back downstairs, and Barbara tells her she'll have one more errand for her to do very soon.

Back at Fairwinds, Paul and Will ponder the situation. If it wasn't either of them, and it wasn't Barbara, who else could it be? Will asks if Paul thinks it's possible that Rosanna is doing this to herself.

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