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Katie finishes wrapping a huge package for Lucy at the Walsh Mansion as Mike walks in, startling her. Katie tells him that Lucinda is on a conference call in the den. The two discuss Craig and how no one has heard from him. Katie tells Mike that she feels bad for Lucy because of all she's gone through. Katie says, "Christmas is all about being with the people you love most."

At Al's diner, Holden is on his cell phone trying to reach Allison when she and Aaron arrive. Holden is thrilled to see Aaron there.

At Hal's house, he's asking Emily about her doctor's appointment and offers to swing back after his breakfast with Will to take her. Barbara begins to drill Hal, asking him if there's a problem with Will. Hal asks Emily to call him after her appointment and leaves.

Barbara persuades Emily not to go to the doctor. She tells her that she's got a much more important task for the day, and she shouldn't tell anyone that she had anything to do with it.

Will, sound asleep on the sofa at Fairwinds, is having a nightmare. In his dream, Rosanna threatens that he'll be sent back to the state hospital; he yells out, "No!" Paul wakes him, telling him he'll be okay and it was just a dream.

Julia sits alone, thinking about the things Jack said to her and crying. There's a knock at the door. She opens it and finds a note from J.J. "Oh God J.J.," she says, "what did you do?"

Carly and Jack are cuddling under a blanket on their sofa when there is a knock on the door. After scrambling to get clothes on, Carly answers the door and finds J.J., who asks to talk to his dad.

At the Walsh Mansion, Katie is struggling with the toys for the toy drive at the hospital when Mike comes back into the room and offers to help. He notices she's not wearing her wedding ring. Just as she's ready to tell him about her and Simon, Jennifer walks in looking for Lucinda. Jennifer tells Mike that she knows he doesn't want to do more modeling, but the photographer's agent wants to do a follow-up piece.

At Fairwinds, Paul brings Will a drink and asks him about the dream. Will claims to hardly remember it and asks Paul to forget about it.

Rosanna walks in and asks, "Forget what?" Will leaves to have breakfast with Hal. Rosanna tells Paul how bad she feels because Will doesn't feel happy or safe there with her.

Holden and Allison are talking about the tremendous progress Aaron has been making when the manager calls for Allison. Aaron tells Holden that Allison acts like he's doing much better than he is. Holden can't believe he feels this way, but he thinks Allison is the best thing that ever happened to Aaron.

Carly yells for Jack to come downstairs. When he does, he sees that J.J. has come to their house. Carly offers to call Julia, and J.J. gets upset and says he doesn't want Carly talking to his mom.

J.J. tells Jack that he heard his mom crying and he was afraid to go into their suite. He asks Jack to please come home.

Before leaving Aaron at Al's Diner, Holden tells him how lucky he is to have Allison, and perhaps he should let some of her enthusiasm rub off on him. Holden stops to say good-bye to Allison and invites her to bring Aaron to his house later because they're getting their Christmas tree.

Barbara is busy getting Emily out of the house when Kim shows up. Kim offers to take Emily to her doctor's appointment. Barbara declines for Emily, and Emily leaves. Kim finds it surprising that Barbara feels sorry for Emily. Barbara tells her it's because she's taken Kim's advice, and it's turned her around.

At Fairwinds, Paul questions Rosanna and asks if she's been afraid of Will. Paul wonders if he wasn't fair to Will or if his expectations were too high.

Jack is upset that J.J. took a taxicab to his and Carly's house without telling Julia. Carly and Jack realize that Julia hasn't told J.J. about their reconciliation. Julia shows up looking for J.J. and tells him that he is never to leave or go anywhere again without checking with her first.

Mike comes back and sees Katie still wrapping gifts for the toy drive. He asks her again about her missing wedding ring.

She tells him that she accidentally dropped it down a garbage disposal and it has yet to be replaced. Katie ribs him about his modeling job, telling him it's not the Mike Kasnoff she knew. He tells her that she might not know him as well as she used to. Jennifer comes back, saying that Lucinda approved her requested budget increase. Katie leaves to take the gifts to the hospital. Mike tells Jennifer that he's changed his mind about something.

At Hal's house, Barbara tells Kim about the problems Will has been having with Rosanna. She tells her that Rosanna has been imagining things and is blaming Will for her thoughts about Cabot.

Paul gets Rosanna to admit that she had been afraid of Will, but she swears she's gotten over it. He holds her in his arms and tells her everything will be all right.

Will agrees to hang in with Paul and Rosanna. Hal finishes up his breakfast and leaves the diner. Allison asks Will if he'd like anything else, but he just leaves money on the table for Allison to take care of the bill.

Julia calls Lisa to tell her she's at Jack's with J.J. and that he's fine. Julia stops Jack from taking J.J. for a walk, saying she wants him there with her, but not in front of Carly. Carly offers to go to Emma's and see how Sage and Parker are doing. Jack starts to talk to J.J. He tries to explain how complicated everything is. J.J. is angry because Jack lied to him and his mother. Carly slips out the door while they're talking.

Carly stops at Holden's house and tells him that Jack is home with her for good. They hug, and Holden tells her he's happy for them both. They decide to have a get-together with family and friends to celebrate Jack's recovery. Holden offers to have it at his place.

Jack tries to tell J.J. that he'll still be his dad and that one day he and Parker will be best friends. J.J. states, "I hate Parker." Julia sends J.J. to the kitchen for something to drink because she wants to talk with Jack. Alone, Julia tells Jack she doesn't want him filling J.J.'s head with blended family fantasies. She wonders why Jack would think either of them would believe him now, since he's lied to both of them.

At the diner, Aaron tells Allison that he needs to get a job. He's annoyed with her and tells her this is a thing he needs to do on his own. The manager tells Allison about losing the employee who usually works at the cash register and she arranges for him to offer the job to Aaron. She tells him not to let Aaron know she had anything to do with it.

Rosanna and Paul come back into the living room at Fairwinds. While talking, she looks over and sees Cabot's Christmas stocking hanging on the fireplace. She tells Paul that he knows she didn't hang it there, because they've been together all morning!

At the Walsh Mansion, Mike tells Jennifer that he's changed his mind about modeling. She asks him if his change of heart had anything to do with Katie.

Outside, on her cell phone, Katie calls Henry and makes plans to meet up with him.

At the diner, Allison and the manager put their plan into action. He starts barking at Allison that he needs her to check out a customer because they're short with Nina quitting. Allison says, "So what about Aaron?"

Will walks in on Rosanna and Paul. Rosanna turns to Paul and asks him to handle the situation because she can't, and she leaves. Paul asks Will point-blank if he knew where Cabot's stocking came from.

Emily returns home and Barbara asks her, "So you found it?" Emily tells her she hung Cabot's Christmas stocking on the mantelpiece!

Carly tells Holden that Jack will work out a way to be in J.J.'s life because he's committed to him, and then she leaves.

Julia tells Jack that maybe she'll stay put in Oakdale because J.J. needs stability.

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