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Paul and Rosanna realize that Will's car is not at Fairwinds, he's not upstairs, and he didn't take any of his things. Rosanna feels so bad to have made Will leave and for all the terrible things she said to him. Paul assures her that he will understand.

Hal is surprised when Will shows up outside his house. Will tells Hal he can't go back to Fairwinds and that Rosanna wants him to leave.

Inside Hal's house, Barbara tries to feed Emily more drug-filled tea.

Realizing he's being watched, Craig starts banging on his locked door at the monastery, calling for Brother Francis and yelling, "I need you!".

Sierra and Lucinda watch Craig via closed-circuit T.V. from the Walsh Mansion. Sierra thinks he might be making progress, but Lucinda doesn't agree and thinks he needs more time. They quickly close the picture to cover the camera when Lily shows up with Dusty.

Lily says that she and Dusty believe Sierra knows something about Craig's disappearance because of something that they found.

Rafael and Lucy lie lifeless in the crashed plane.

At Julia's suite, Lisa tells Julia not to question why Carly finally signed the divorce papers. Julia is thrilled for J.J., who will be ecstatic when he hears Jack is coming home.

At their home, Jack and Carly hold each other tightly. Jack promises Carly that she'll never be without him, for the rest of her life. With tears in his eyes he tells her that when he saw those divorce papers he thought she was giving up on them. She tells him his torment was killing him, and she couldn't watch that happen to him any longer. Both of them, in each others arms, are pondering whether they should move upstairs when Jack decides he must go and tell Julia, he owes her at least that much. Carly makes him promise that, no matter what Julia says to him, he'll come back to her. Jack tells her, "I will, always."

Lisa brings Julia some black sexy lingerie to wear when Jack returns to her suite. She thanks Lisa for allowing J.J. to spend the night with her, and Lisa leaves because Jack could be back any time. Julia askes, "Is it possible to be too happy?"

At the monastery, Brother Francis answers Craig's call. Craig tells him that he's had a revelation. He tells the Brother that he senses he's being watched. Craig asks, if he opens his soul, would he one day be able to return to his family? Brother Francis assures him that in time he would, but there's work to be done.

At the Walsh Mansion, Dusty shows Sierra the rosary beads found on Lily's property. Lily then says she knows of the large donation Sierra made to the Sacred Way Order that those rosary beads came from. Sierra and Lucinda both make a joke out of the accusation.

Looking at the beautiful decorations at Fairwinds, Paul tells Rosanna that at one time he thought he was going crazy, because he was convinced that James was in the room with him. He tells Rosanna to let herself be sad, and she agrees that she's in mourning over her loss of Cabot. Rosanna is worried that Will won't be able to trust her again and might not want to come back.

Outside of Hal's house, Will explains that he didn't do anything wrong. Will says he can't go back to Fairwinds and doesn't want to be sent back to the state hospital.

Inside, Barbara convinces Emily to drink the tea. Telling Emily she'll feel better soon, Barbara goes to call Hal for dinner. Eavesdropping on Will and Hal at the door, she hears Will tell Hal that he doesn't ever want to go back to Fairwinds.

At the Walsh Mansion, Sierra tells Lily and Dusty she donated the money to the Sacred Way as a way to honor Alan. Dusty asks to speak with Sierra alone. Dusty tells her that he's not concerned about Craig at all, it is Lucy he's worried about. Sierra tells him that she convinced Lucy that Dominic Ramsey had nothing to do with Craig's disappearance. She tells Dusty that Lucy and Rafael left for a ski trip.

Rafael is able to rouse Lucy. Her head hurts, but she seems all right otherwise. Rafael is going to try to get to the cockpit radio to call for help.

At Carly and Jack's house, Carly lights a candle and begins to pray. She prays that nothing will happen to change Jack's mind.

Jack goes to Julia's suite. The room is candlelit, and he is greeted by Julia in her lingerie. "Welcome home, my love," she murmurs.

Sierra and Dusty are still speaking alone at the Walsh Mansion. Sierra makes it clear that Craig can get himself out of anything. She tells Dusty not to use Craig as a way to stay in Lucy's life.

Brother Francis tells Craig that he's still not allowed any communication outside the monastery. Craig tells him that now that he knows he's not alone, he wants to list his life's ill wills as an examination of conscience.

Barbara, still listening in on the conversation between Hal and Will outside Hal's house, hears Hal saying that nobody will send him back to the hospital. Hal explains to Will that Rosanna is haunted by Cabot's death, and that is not his fault. Paul calls Hal and asks to speak with Will, then puts Rosanna on the phone. Rosanna talks with Will and asks for forgiveness and for him to please come home. Barbara stops listening long enough to send a very sleepy Emily upstairs to rest. Hal comes into the house and soon realizes that Barbara has heard his conversation with Will. He promises to keep her informed if she'll just drop it for now.

At her suite, Julia tells Jack that she knows Carly signed the divorce papers. Jack stops her from getting the paper she had and tells Julia that he tore up the divorce papers. "I'm going back to Carly. My life and future is with her," he tells a crying Julia.

Carly is packing the kids' things to spend the night with Emma. Carly tells Parker that Jack is coming home for good!

Julia is so upset, and she begs Jack not to say it's over. Jack insists it has to be this way and that he can't keep hurting Julia and J.J. Julia asks, "Why did you pick Carly?" Jack tells her that his heart lead him to the right decision. Julia doesn't know how she's going to explain this to J.J., and Jack assures her that he'll talk with him and he'll find a way to be a father to him. As he leaves, Julia throws her engagement ring against the wall, shouting, "I hate you!"

As a very happy Paul looks on, Will returns to Fairwinds. Rosanna tells him again how terribly sorry she is, and that everything reminds her of Cabot. She asks him to forgive her and to please stay. Will agrees, and they hug.

Hal gets a call from the station and has to leave home before dinner. Barbara agrees to check on Emily and also to put a plate on the stove for him to eat later when he gets home. After he leaves, Barbara mumbles that Emily will need to hear all about Rosanna's troubles.

Rafael realizes that the downed plane's radio is dead. Lucy begins to smell fuel. Rafael tells her to quickly gather everything she can and get out because the plane is about to blow up. They leave the plane and head into a blizzard.

At the Walsh Mansion, Lily and Lucinda make their way back to Sierra and Dusty. Dusty, having been convinced that Lucy is okay, wants to give up on locating Craig. He asks Sierra to let him know if she hears from Lucy, then leaves. Lily tells Sierra that she doesn't buy the reason she gave for donating money to the monastery, and she believes Craig's life is in danger. Sierra tells her she's grabbing at straws. After Lily leaves, Brother Francis calls and wants Sierra to watch Craig on the closed-circuit T.V. He tells her there's been a breakthrough. While they watch in amazement, Craig, on his knees, appears to be praying.

Craig, while acting like he's praying, is mumbling that once he's free he's coming after whoever did this to him.

Jack comes home. He tells Carly that Julia thought he was coming back to her after seeing the divorce papers. Carly tells Jack that, whatever he needs to do for Julia and J.J., she will support him. Looking into each other's eyes, Carly says, "You're my true north. Welcome home, G-man."

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