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On an airplane, Dominic forces Lucy to sit down in her seat and orders her and Rafael to buckle their seat belts because it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Lucy wonders if Dominic is taking them to see Craig. Rafael thinks Dominic is crazy for what he is doing. Dominic is happy that Lucy and Rafael fell into his trap.

At the Walsh Mansion, Sierra and Lucinda watch the surveillance camera of Craig at the monastery. Sierra is having a hard time watching the tape because she can’t decide if Craig truly feels remorse for the things he has done. Lucinda is just happy Craig is suffering for all his crimes.

At the monastery, Craig cries as he sees hallucinations of Rosanna, Cabot, Lucy, Sierra, and a young Bryant. Craig begs them all to forgive him for what he has done to them.

At Metro, Lily arrives with a cup of coffee for Dusty and they begin to go over the clues Lily has gathered about Craig’s disappearance. Dusty notices Lily is distracted and asks what is wrong. Lily doesn’t want to talk about it at first, but then she opens up to Dusty about the troubles in her marriage. Lily admits to Dusty that her marriage is dying, and Holden doesn’t care about it at all. Dusty advises Lily to go home and fix the problems in her marriage. Dusty tells Lily he will find out Craig’s whereabouts. Lily explains she owes Craig for saving her life and she must find him. Lily tells Dusty her relationship with Holden has been in trouble since Rose died, because both she and Holden changed and lost their connection to each other. Lily and Dusty begin to go over the clues so they can find Craig.

At Jack and Carly’s house, Carly calls a messenger service to pick up her divorce papers and give them to Jack. Rosanna advises her sister not to make a hasty decision and to give Jack more time to adjust to getting his memory back.

Carly is tired of watching Jack suffer over the guilt he feels making him lose his love for people. The messenger arrives to pick up the papers, and Carly tells Rosanna to leave her alone.

At Metro, Dusty admits to Lily that the only reason he is interested in finding Craig is so he can keep Lucy away from Dominic.

At the Lakeview, Jack is tired of keeping both his families in limbo and tells Julia he is ready to make his decision now. Julia feels badly for putting pressure on Jack and tells him to take more time. Julia wants Jack to be sure about his decision, and she feels if he rushed the decision today he would always wonder if he made the right choice.

At Fairwinds, Paul and Will work on a surprise for Rosanna as they decorate the house for Christmas. Will notices a nativity scene with a figure of the baby Jesus, and Paul and Will both decide it's better to bring the nativity scene back up to the attic so it won’t remind Rosanna of Cabot.

At the Walsh Mansion, Lucinda wonders what will happen if Craig never changes his ways. Sierra tells her mother that, in that case, he will stay in the monastery the rest of his life. Jordan arrives and brings some papers over from Worldwide. Jordan admits to Sierra that he used the papers as an excuse to go visit her. He asks Sierra out on a date, and she accepts his invitation but tells him it must be later, because she is working on an important life-changing project.

On the airplane, Dominic admits that he didn’t kidnap Craig, but he is happy the lowlife is missing. Dominic tells Lucy and Rafael that he intends to leave them strapped in and handcuffed to their seats without a pilot; the plane will crash, and they will die and be unable to testify against him. Dominic also tells Lucy and Rafael he is on his way to Oakdale to kill Dusty. Dominic and the pilot strap on parachutes and leave while Rafael and Lucy struggle to free themselves from their seats.

At Jack and Carly’s, Carly remembers better times with Jack and cries as she says good-bye to her beloved G-man. She tells herself she doesn’t regret a minute of their relationship.

At the Lakeview, Julia tells Jack she must go check on J.J. Lisa tells Jack he is lucky to have found an angel like Julia when he lost his memory and that J.J. is a wonderful little boy. Jack makes it clear to Lisa that Carly is also a wonderful woman, and she shouldn’t misinterpret the hug she saw him give to Julia, because he hasn’t made a decision yet. The messenger arrives with the divorce papers and Jack rushes out to see Carly. Julia arrives after a few minutes and wonders where Jack is. Lisa tells her he rushed out of the hotel after receiving some papers. Julia notices the divorce papers and that Carly has signed them. Julia smiles and happily tells Lisa it looks like she has finally won.

At Metro, Lily and Dusty find rosary beads among the clues, and Lily tells Dusty one of the neighbors saw a monk passing by the day Craig was taken. The monk told the neighbor that he was from the Order of the Sacred Way. Dusty does some research on the Internet and discovers Sierra is one of the Order's major contributors.

At Fairwinds, Will startles Rosanna when he comes up behind her. Rosanna finds the baby from the nativity scene and accuses Will of deliberately placing reminders of Cabot around the house. Rosanna screams for Will to pack his things and leave the house.

Paul arrives and explains to Rosanna that Will wanted to decorate the house for her. Paul also explains that the baby was from a nativity scene that they were going to take back up to the attic. Rosanna turns to apologize to Will, but he is already gone.

At Jack and Carly’s house, Jack angrily confronts Carly about the divorce papers. Carly tells Jack she knew he would react this way, but she can’t do this to him anymore; she must set him free from his obligation. Jack makes it clear to Carly that she isn’t an obligation, she is his wife, and he doesn’t want to be free of her.

On the plane, Rafael and Lucy continue to struggle to free themselves and finally manage to do so just as the plane begins to go down.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Carly tells Jack to leave her alone because she can’t do this with him right now. Jack explains to Carly that he has made his decision and he knows it’s the right one. Carly doesn’t think she can stand to hear his decision. Jack tells Carly that his decision became clear as soon as he saw her signature on the divorce papers.

Jack tells Carly he will probably always care about Julia, but it is Carly he has always loved. Jack tells Carly he doesn’t want to ever divorce her because he loves her more than anything else, and he prays to God she feels the same way about him.

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