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Paul and Rosanna meet up in the lounge. Paul tells her that he wanted to talk to her away from Fairwinds. He tells her that he loves being married to her more and more every day, but he knows that something is bothering her lately and he wants to know what it is. Rosanna tells him all about what happened between her and Will. She regrets what she said to him and wishes that she could take it back. Paul understands that she is missing Cabot, and this is the first Christmas without him. He promises to take care of everything. Will comes in and Rosanna makes a quick exit. She tells them that she is late for a meeting with Carly and rushes off. After she leaves, Will asks Paul if Rosanna told him what happened between them. Paul tells him that Rosanna feels really badly about what happened and explains that she is really missing Cabot this season.

Will totally understands and suggests that maybe they could decorate Fairwinds to look really beautiful for her, and then maybe she could start to have some good memories there instead of the memories of Cabot. Paul thinks that is a great idea, and they head off to start decorating.

In the restaurant, Julia and J.J. are having breakfast. Julia tries to find out what J.J. wants for Christmas. J.J. is really down that Jack isnít there with them. Julia tells him that Jack loves him very much and will see him every day. Lisa joins them, and Julia asks if they can put a tree up in their room. Lisa thinks that is a great idea. J.J. worries that Santa wonít come because they donít have a fireplace in their room. Lisa assures him that they keep the big fireplace in the hotel unlit on Christmas Eve so that Santa can visit all the children staying there. Julia reminds him that he hasnít told Santa what he wants for Christmas yet. Lisa tells them that she heard that Santa is going to be at the Christmas fair today. J.J. cheers up a bit at the news. He agrees that he wants to go see Santa, but he wants to be sure they are back by dinner. Julia explains to Lisa that they are having dinner with Jack tonight. J.J. and Julia take off for the fair.


Dom isnít pleased to see Rafi there. He is supposed to be at the D.A.ís office. Rafi explains that his appointment is later in the day. Dom once again threatens Rafi not to double cross him, and Rafi again pledges his loyalty to Dom. Domís phone rings, and he tells Rafi that he has to take the call, telling him to get going. Dom makes sure that Rafi overhears the conversation between him and Bud. Bud tells Dom that things are getting hot. Dom tells Bud to keep their guest on ice. He is filing a flight plan and getting the pilot ready because he wants to be the last thing the ĎSOBí sees. When he hangs up, Rafi asks him if he is taking off. Dom admits that he is and tells Rafi to make sure he makes it to the D.A.ís office and retracts his statement. Rafi swears that he will.


Lucy calls the police station to see if she can find out anything about her father. She is told that there has been a missing personís report filed on him. When she hangs up, the phone rings again. It is Rafi calling from the gym. Lucy worries that he shouldnít be calling from there because Dom might overhear. Rafi assures her that he is okay and quickly hangs up. Sierra comes in and tells Lucy that Margo filed a missing person report on Craig. Lucy tells her mother that she just found out. Sierra is surprised that Lucy isnít more upset. Lucy lies to her mother and tells her that she thought about what she said the other day. She knows that she needs to take care of herself, and since the police are involved now, there isnít much else that Lucy can do. Sierra isnít falling for this at all. She asks Lucy why such a turn around. Lucy very convincingly tells her mother that she has been thinking about all that has happened, and it does all sound like something Craig would set up just to worry everyone. Lucy tells her mother that she is going to hang out with Rafi for now and have some fun. Sierra is still a bit worried; she knows that Lucy has never been able to ignore a distress call from her father before. Lucy tells her that she has gone through so much in the last year; she just wants to enjoy life a little bit now. Sierra is happy to hear this. Lucy assures her mother that she is willing to allow Craig to be someone elseís problem for a while. Rafi rushes in and tells Lucy that they need to get to the airport right away. Sierra asks what is going on, and the two young detectives make up a story that they are taking a trip to Aspen. Sierra is happy to hear about it and wishes them a safe trip as the two rush out. Outside, Rafael tells Lucy all that he heard Dom talking about at the gym. Lucy agrees that they need to rush to the airport and try to find the flight plan to turn over to Margo.


Brother Francis is a little later than usual coming to see Craig today. Craig tells him that if he is waiting for Craig to have a sudden change of heart, he is wasting his time.

Craig claims that he has a totally clear conscience. Francis asks him about Cabot as he hands him a picture of the boy. This catches Craigís attention. Craig asks why he is being shown a picture of Cabot. Francis tells him that he wants to know how Craig feels about Cabot. He also wants to know how he feels about Rosanna and Lucy, handing Craig pictures of both of them. When Craig sees Lucyís picture, he softens a lot. Craig admits that he loves Lucy more than his own life. Francis tells him that Lucy has learned from him everything bad in her life. Craig doesnít agree with that. Francis tells him that Lucy learned that promises are made to be broken, that dreams don't come true, that love leads to disappointment. Craig argues that Lucy loves him. Francis reminds him of Bryant and tells him that he used to have three children and a wonderful wife that loved him; now he has nothing. Francis continues to remind Craig of all that he has had in the past and all the ways he has let down everyone that ever loved him.

He tells Craig that he even went as far as destroying Sierraís new-found love and happiness. Craig starts to get mad now and yells at him that he had nothing to do with Alanís death. Francis leaves the room with Craig yelling after him. After Craig calms down, he starts looking at all the pictures that Francis gave him and remembering much happier times. He starts crying, and we see that someone is watching him on a surveillance screen.

Christmas fair:

Parker and Carly arrive at a park bench. Parker is anxious to find Jack, as he is supposed to meet them there. Nancy finds them and offers to take Parker around the fair to see if they can find Jack. Shortly after they take off, Jack shows up. Carly explains that Parker took off in search of him and should be back soon. Jack is anxious to find him before he has to leave. He tells Carly that he is having dinner with Julia and J.J. later. Carly is a bit disappointed, because she thought if he didnít have plans they could all go pick out a tree later on. Parker comes running up, happy to have found Jack. He asks Jack about going to get the tree later. He wants to help Jack cut it down.

Carly and Jack both explain that Jack already has other plans. Parker guesses that his plans involve Ďthat other kidí. Carly tries to tell him that Ďthat other kid'sí name is J.J., and she is sure Parker will like him when he gets to know him. Parker doesnít want to get to know him. He suddenly decides that he wants to go and see Santa now. Carly leaves with Parker, telling Jack that she will see him later. Nancy finds Jack and tells him that they have run into a problem with Santa and his elves. Jack tells Nancy that he canít be Santa, he has other obligations. Parker and Carly return. Carly tells them that Parker was the last one to get to sit on Santaís lap because Santa had an emergency. Nancy comments on how disappointed the other children will be. Jack suddenly decides that he has something he needs to take care of. Carly and Nancy know that he is going to be Santa for a bit. Carly offers to take Parker to see some real reindeer to distract him. As they start to take off, they run into Julia and J.J. After an awkward moment of silence, Rosanna shows up. Carly introduces Rosanna to Julia and J.J. After a few niceties, Julia and J.J. take off to see Santa. Carly and Rosanna comment on how nice Julia and J.J. are. Parker tells them that he hates them both. Carly tells him that he should never say that he hates someone. It is okay to be upset with people or not like them, but he should never hate anyone. Rosanna whispers that she hates them, too. Nancy interrupts them to ask for Carlyís help. Rosanna agrees to watch Parker for a little bit. Nancy asks Carly to play Santaís elf in Santaís workshop. Carly is up for the challenge.

In Santaís workshop, Jack is playing Santa and talking to all the children one at a time to get their wish list. Carly is handing out toys to the children when they get done talking. J.J. shows up and sits on Santaís lap. He tells Santa that all he wants for Christmas is Jack. He wants his dad to come home and live with him and his mother. He tells Santa that when Jack was with them, every day was like Christmas.

J.J. knows that Santa can make everything all right again. He jumps down and runs back to Julia. Jack is very upset by this and gets up to go to the back room. Carly asks Nancy to tell everyone that Santa had to take a break and follows Jack. Jack is very upset. He doesnít know how to make things right for everyone. He loves Carly and Parker, but he loves Julia and J.J., too. Carly sees that this whole situation is tearing Jack apart. She knows that when Jack makes a promise, he has to keep it. Jack has made so many promises he doesnít know how to keep them all this time. Julia comes in, also worried about Jack. She didnít realize that he was Santa until after J.J. was already on his lap. She apologizes and hopes that he doesnít think she put J.J. up to it. Jack tells her they will talk about it later. Julia apologizes again. Carly tells them both that he is just a little boy speaking from his heart.

Back at the park bench, J.J. shows up and Jack tells them all that he is ready for dinner. J.J. and Julia go to wait by the car for Jack. Jack tells Carly that things will get better. Carly is really worried about Jack. She wants him to take care of himself and make sure that he eats and sleeps well. Parker and Rosanna return. Jack tells Parker that he had an emergency come up and makes sure that Parker knows they will be getting the tree tomorrow. Jack takes off. Rosanna asks what happened while they were gone. Nancy shows up again and asks Carly if it is okay for Parker to stay with her for a while and make gingerbread houses with the other children. Carly okays it and tells Parker to call her when he is ready to come home. After Nancy and Parker take off, Carly realizes that Parker has forgotten his gloves and asks Rosanna to wait for her to get back. Carly runs off to catch up with Parker and Nancy. Ro sits on the bench to wait and remembers hearing the baby sobbing and the ball rolling again. When Carly returns, she realizes that Ro is a bit distracted. Ro explains that she is just a bit overwhelmed by the holidays and suggests that they take a break. Carly agrees, and Ro realizes that she is upset about something, too. Carly explains that she canít just keep sitting by and watching Jack tear himself up over this. She has to do something.

Juliaís motel room:

Jack tells Julia what J.J. asked for. Julia gets upset that her little boy is hurting so much over this situation. She tells Jack that he needs to make his decision now! She canít stand to put J.J. to bed with tears in his eyes one more night.

Jack & Carlyís place:

Carly tells Rosanna that she just canít stand seeing Jack like he was today. She can tell that he hasnít been sleeping and that this is tearing him apart. Ro is appalled when she realizes that Carlyís solution to the problem is to sign the divorce papers. Carly claims that she has to give Jack his life back.

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