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Aaron’s apartment:

Aaron is shocked and Alli is thrilled when he kicks a ball out of his way while wheeling around the table. He thinks it is just reflex until Alli talks him into concentrating and trying again. Aaron is very happy, too, when he realizes that he can move his leg on his own if he really tries. Alli is very proud of him, she knew he would get better soon. Allison makes sure that Aaron calls his doctors and tells them of his accomplishment. Aaron doesn’t want to get too excited about this. Alli glowingly tells him how proud she is of him, she knows that he doesn’t deserve all of this unhappiness. Aaron tells her that maybe he does deserve it, he should have listened to Holden. Lily drops by and tells them that she heard that he checked out of the hospital. She makes sure that Aaron is doing okay and shares their joy when Alli tells her about Aaron moving his leg on his own. The real reason she has stopped by, though, is to see if Aaron might have any idea where Craig would have went. Aaron explains that Craig really wasn’t around Metro very much when Dusty and Molly were running it. Then, when Molly took off, he was at the gym most of the time. Lily explains that he has been missing for quite a while now and they are all worried about him. Aaron promises to call her if he thinks of anything before she leaves. Aaron exercises a bit and works up quite a sweat. Alli offers to give him a sponge bath.

Aaron objects, but Alli wins out and gives him the bath. After the bath, Aaron is surprised that Alli expects to sleep in his bed with him. Once that sinks in, Alli tells him that she is going to change into her pajamas and then suggests that they cuddle on the bed and watch T.V. together. A befuddled Aaron agrees.

Mike’s house:

Jennifer is surprised to find Katie standing in the front room. Katie is shocked to see Jennifer in Mike’s robe. Jennifer admits that it is a little awkward but offers to go get Mike for her. Katie tells her not to even tell Mike that she was there, she will catch up with him later. As she starts to leave, Mike comes out and calls her name. When she turns around, she is even more embarrassed to see Mike in nothing but a towel. Katie obviously thinks that she has found them after they have made love. Jennifer takes off to get dressed and let the two ex-lovers have a few minutes alone. Katie tells Mike that she just got to town and was driving around Oakdale.

She apologizes for just dropping in like this. As Mike gets some jeans to put on, he tells Katie that he doesn’t mind her coming to see him at all. Katie is happy to hear this. Mike tells her he is just curious as to why she has come to see him. She tells him that she just wanted to see how he is doing and to see him in the flesh. Mike asks what she means. Katie explains that she saw his layout in a magazine while she was in Paris. Mike explains that it started out as kind of a joke to help Jennifer get her new company off the ground. He explains it was meant to be a one-time thing, and it just took off. He still has his construction business. He asks why she and Simon were in Paris, he thought they were going to Australia. Katie tells him she was alone in Paris. As she starts to explain why she was alone, Jennifer comes into the room looking for another towel. Katie offers that they are in the basket under the sink. Jennifer goes off again in search of the towels. Mike tells Katie that he doesn’t keep the towels there anymore. Katie asks how he has been doing and if he is happy. Mike tells her that he can’t complain and asks how she and Simon are doing. Katie tells him that she and Simon are doing great. Mike asks what she was going to say about being in Paris alone. Katie tells him that Simon has a really good job now that keeps him very busy, and he couldn’t go with her. He couldn’t come to Oakdale with her, either, for the same reason. She tells him that she is in town because her brother is missing. Mike asks if they think Craig is okay. She tells him they don’t know, but Margo is taking care of it. She just wanted to be there with Margo. She tells Mike that she has to get going and she will see him around town. Outside, she stops to call Margo.

Back inside, Mike and Jennifer are dressed and snuggling on the couch. Mike is happy that Jennifer decided to stick around. Jennifer tells him she would understand if he wanted to be alone. Mike tells her that the two of them have plans. He asks if she is okay. She says that Katie was much more shocked than she was. Jennifer remembers how she felt when she walked in on Jordan and Rosanna. Mike reminds her that she was still with Jordan at the time; he and Katie are over. He asks her if she thinks that things happen for a reason. Jennifer wonders if he thinks Katie coming there was supposed to teach them something. Mike says that it did teach him something – it proved to him how much he has moved on.

Lakeview Lounge:

Margo calls Lily and asks her to meet her at the lounge. She has something important to tell her. When Lily shows up, Margo tells her that she has filed a missing person’s report on Craig. Lily asks if she thinks there is foul play. Margo says that since there is no activity on his credit cards and stuff like that, she has to come to that conclusion. When Margo’s phone rings, Lily takes the opportunity to rush out to look for Craig. It is Katie on the phone. She tells her sister to wait right where she is and she will be right there. Once Katie arrives, she tells Margo about finding Mike with Jennifer. She is pretty sure they just finished making love because Mike was in a towel and Jennifer was in his robe.

Margo knows that it must have made Katie feel embarrassed. Katie admits that it did and tells her sister that she chickened out of telling Mike that she divorced Simon. Katie tries to decide where she will go when she leaves Oakdale this time. Margo tells her not to be too quick to leave, because their brother may be in real trouble this time.

Outside shopping:

Jordan runs into Sierra and asks advice on what to get Lucinda for a Christmas present. Sierra tells him a good silk scarf and a nice, elegant little pin. Jordan is thankful for the advice.

Sierra tells him not to be insulted when Lucinda exchanges the pin. Jordan decides that a good silk scarf, an elegant pin and a gift receipt is the perfect present for Lucinda. They each go their separate ways to continue shopping. Jordan finds Sierra a bit later trying to get a huge tree to her car. He offers to help her get the tree to the car and tie it to the roof. When she admits that she doesn’t have a rope, he tells her to wait with the tree while he runs off to buy one.

Lucinda’s house:

Jordan and Sierra have the tree in the house, and Jordan tells her that they need a tree stand now. From Sierra’s reaction, he concludes that she has never decorated a tree before. She admits to him that there have always been others to do the decorating for her. He asks about her life as Head of State, and she tells him a bit about her rebel days. She doesn’t dwell on the past for long, though, and offers to take him back to his car. Jordan explains that putting a tree in a tree stand is really a two-person job. He tells her that he would enjoy seeing this thing through to the end. Sierra is please to hear this and runs off in search of the tree stand. With the tree stand found, Sierra sits to go through decorations while Jordan tries untangling the lights.

Lily comes in to tell Sierra about her chat with Margo. Sierra still isn’t worried about Craig, which pisses Lily off just a bit. Jordan announces that he is going to look for some more lights and leaves the two alone. Sierra explains that there has been no ransom demand or anything. Craig has cried wolf so many times that she just can’t be worried about it anymore. Lily is upset that Sierra won’t listen to her and leaves. Jordan comes back with the lights and they decide to get the tree going before Lucinda comes home. Once the tree is decorated, Jordan announces that he needs to get home and finish wrapping Lucinda’s gift. He shows Sierra what he bought for Lucinda. Sierra thinks it is perfect. She offers to drive him back to his car, but he tells her that he called a taxi while she was getting the angel topper for the tree. They agree to ‘bump in to each other’ again soon. There is an obvious attraction between the two.

At the gym:

Bud sees Rafael pull into the parking lot and tells Dominic that he is there. Dominic tells him that he is going to give Rafi just enough rope to hang himself. They both know that Rafi is a rat. Dom tells Bud to follow his lead, they have to make this look good. Rafi remembers the conversation with Dom and Lucy before going inside. When he goes in, Dom tells Bud that Rafi wants to get back in the ring. Bud is suspicious of the one-eighty turn around. Rafi gets a bit defensive and tells them that he can train somewhere else.

Dom tells him to calm down, he just needs to prove his loyalty. He then tells his goons to pat Rafi down and check him for a wire. Rafi again tells Dom that he really needs to get back in the ring. He will go to the D.A. if Dom will help him. Dom tells him to go punch on the bag for a bit. Bud approaches Dom (within earshot of Rafi) and tells him that the cops have been called in now, and asks how long Dom is going to ‘keep the guy on ice.’ Dom angrily tells him to shut up and punches him hard in the face. He pushes Bud back to the locker room and tells him that he had to make it look good. When they see that Rafi has followed them, Dom asks him what he is looking at. Rafi tells him he just wondered when he could start training again. Dom tells him that if he will go to the D.A. first thing in the morning, he will start the training in the afternoon. Rafi agrees to the deal and takes off after Dom tells him not to cross him again.


Lucy demands to know why Dusty is still wearing the necklace if he really doesn’t care about her. Dusty tries to play it off, but Lucy calls him on it. She tells him that if it really doesn’t mean anything to him, he will take it off now. He does take off the necklace and gives it back to her. This angers Lucy, and she tells him that she doesn't want it back. She gave it to him because it meant something to her. She starts to storm out, but Dusty stops her and again tries to warn her not to mess with Dominic. Lucy tells him that he doesn’t have a right to tell her what to do anymore. Dusty tries to get her to understand how dangerous Dominic really is, but Lucy is determined to find her father. She is convinced that Dominic has him. She doesn’t understand why Dusty even worries, she knows that he hates her father. Dusty again tries to get her to listen, but she stands strong in her determination and storms out.

Dusty picks up the necklace and remembers a few better times with Lucy. Lily comes in looking for Lucy, but Dusty tells her that she isn’t there. Lily starts to leave, but Dusty stops her and asks about Craig. Lily tells him all about her conversation with Margo and why they now think there is foul play. Dusty worries that when Lucy finds out it will make her go after Dominic even harder. He tells her that the only way to keep Lucy safe is to find Craig as soon as possible. Lily is relieved to have someone help her.

In the park:

Rafi finds Lucy crying on a park bench and gives her a cup of hot chocolate. They briefly talk about how she is better off without Dusty. Rafi then tells her what he overheard at the gym and about Dom hitting Bud. The two of them are convinced now that Dom has Craig. Lucy thinks that maybe they should go to the police. Rafi convinces her that they don’t have enough evidence yet and that he should still keep working on the ‘inside.' Lucy doesn’t understand why Rafi wants to help her, since Craig was in on the whole thing to begin with. He tells her that he isn’t doing it for Craig, he is doing it for her. She is happy that she finally has someone in her life that she can count on.

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