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At Lucinda's, Lucy can't get any information about her father from Hal over the phone. Rafael appears and, when he is unable to assuage Lucy's concerns over Craig's disappearance, promises that he will continue digging and knows exactly where to go.

At Metro, Tom finds Dusty, who is eager to have Dominic put away. Tom is unable to revoke bail and suggests Dusty wear a wire when he reveals Dom threatened Lucy. Dusty warns Tom of the danger looming while Dom is free. Tom agrees to talk to Lucinda and Sierra to see if they can keep Lucy from digging around Dom's business. After Tom leaves, Dusty calls Lucy and lures her to Metro with news about her father.

At The Lakeview, Dominic and Bud discuss his chances and how good they are with Craig out of the picture. He suggests that the best option would be for Lucy and Raf to be gone for good.

In his apartment, Aaron is sullen as Allison tries to keep his spirits up. He doesn't want her there, but Allison makes him agree that she can stay for three days to help him, and if after that time he is no better off she will gladly leave. They shake on it.

Katie watches Jennifer and Mike canoodle on a bench in the park. After kissing, Mike whisks Jennifer off to someplace warm and cozy. An upset Katie runs into Margo, who quickly calls her sister on what she saw. Katie questions what she saw as Margo urges her not to let it go until she tells Mike the truth.

Margo tries to downplay whatever Mike has with Jen, but Katie is unconvinced and thinks she may have been gone too long.

At Mike's, Jen is surprised when Mike reveals he recently made a trip to a wine store so he could choose a nice bottle for her. They toast the success of Street Jeans, and then Mike tells her he's quitting. He wants to return to his real life and focus on real things. Shocked, Jen assumes he no longer wants anything to do with her, but he assures her that they can now feel free to start something new. When Mike kisses her Jen pulls away, insisting on their promise. Mike says he waits for her, then carries her off to the bathroom. There he begins to undress her.

Allison busies herself with cleaning the apartment and cooking as she explains all the things Aaron should be doing to get better. When he asks her to be quiet for a while, she suggests they work on his free throws. She manages to get a smile from him. When a knock comes at the door, Allison lets in Trixie, whom Alli believes is there for a massage but who is really a call girl. When the girl reveals her skimpy outfit, Alli tosses her out. The two get a laugh as Aaron chides her for her comments about watching the girl for tips.

Allison notices Aaron's laughter and comments on how it suits him. The two grow closer as Aaron notices something burning. A freaked Allison runs to their dinner. Later, Allison assures Aaron that he will get better.

Over coffee's, Katie and Margo discuss Katie's feelings for Mike and her decision to come home. Katie recalls her dream of not lying to Mike and what their life would have been like. Maybe it would be best for Mike if she leaves him alone. Margo thinks that's a bad idea and urges her sister to talk to her former fiancÚ. She demands to know if Katie could live without Mike. When she admits she can't, Margo insists she tell Mike the truth. Margo is later shocked when Katie reveals she divorced Simon.

Rafael finds Dom and sits with him. He wants to return to boxing. Dom thinks he's crazy and even checks him for a wire. Raf apologizes for not trusting him and wants another shot. He offers to go to the DA and recant his testimony. Dom instructs him to return to the gym. Bud returns, and Dom fills him in on Raf's plot to take him down. Dom thinks he can use this to his advantage.

Lucy confronts Dusty at the club. Awkward at first, Dusty jumps right in and warns her against confronting Dominic. She takes his concern as a sign of him caring about her. She also defends her actions in finding her father, believing he is in danger. Dusty orders her to stay away from Dom, but she blasts him for not having the right to tell her anything. He tries to scare her, but she's not put off. He admits he does care for her. Lucy confronts Dusty about his feelings, but he covers and says he cares if she lives or dies. He wants her to have a good life, just not with him. He stops her from leaving and aks her again to stop messing with Dom. When he backs off, she notices he is still wearing the necklace she gave to him.

Margo is shocked that Katie didn't mention the divorce from the love of her life. Katie admits it was hard, but it was the right choice, and since Simon didn't contest it it's over. Margo then points out there's no reason to stay away from Mike. Katie thinks of Jen, but Margo assures her sister it's not serious. Katie agrees to sleep on her decision to confront Mike as Casey and Tom arrive and greet Katie.

When she leaves, the Hughes family discuss Christmas. Casey makes it clear he would like his family together. When he leaves, Tom suggests that could be a possibility to a very happy Margo.

At Mike's, Jen is treated to a very sensual and inviting bubble bath by Mike. He washes her hair in between kisses and longing gazes.

During a game, Aaron moves his leg. When he is able to do it again, Allison and Aaron rejoice in his quick recovery.

Lucy questions Dusty on wearing the necklace and he fumbles his response. She thinks he still loves her and can't let go of her, but he finally says he just forgot to take it off. Lucy sees right through him, though, and calls him on it.

Outside of Mike's house, a nervous Katie knocks. Mike and Jen don't hear her as they kiss and play around in the bathroom.

When Mike kicks Jen out so he can take a cold shower, she goes out and sees Katie, who is calling out to Mike.

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