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At the hospital, Aaron insists on leaving even though his doctor doesnít think he is ready to leave the hospital. The doctor also doesnít want Aaron to be home alone. Allison offers to help Aaron get settled into the apartment and help him with his rehabilitation. Aaron gets angry and once again tells Allison that he doesnít want her pity. Allison makes it clear that she doesnít feel pity for him, she loves him, just like she did before the fight. Aaron tells Allison that she will feel nothing but pity for him if his condition remains the same for much longer. Allison once again asks Aaron if there is anything at all she could do for him. Aaron tells her just to stay out of his way. Allison blasts Aaron for treating her so badly; even though she understands why he feels angry, she loves him and doesnít deserve his anger. Aaron tells Allison to take care of herself and step out of his way. Allison just keeps repeating, "I love you, Aaron," until Aaron leaves the room. Ben tells Bob he was extra careful to do everything by the book during Aaronís operation because Aaron is Curtis' best friend, and he has known the Snyder family for a long time. Bob tells Ben there is no need to explain because he knows Ben would never lie. Ben admits to Bob that he did lie to him, and he was self-medicating with pain medication. Ben also admits to Bob that he used Curtis' urine sample to pass the drug test.

Outside Metro, Jennifer runs into Mike and gives him a kiss. Jennifer explains she has a meeting at Worldwide with the stockholders to introduce them to Street Jeans. Jennifer wants Mike to come with her to the meeting because he was the inspiration for the jeans and her company. Mike and Jennifer leave to go to his place so he can change into the jeans.

Katie arrives just after Mike and Jennifer have left and walks around a bit.

At Worldwide, Lucinda is excited about the stockholders' meeting and about Street Jeans. Lucinda shows Jordan a large promotional photo of Mike and Jennifer. Lucinda also plans to include a smaller version of the photo in the information packets for the stockholders.

Lucinda congratulates Jordan on his business sense in making Street Jeans a part of Worldwide. Sierra arrives for the meeting and meets Jordan.

At the park, Jack explains to J.J. why his accident happened and that he has his memory back now. Jack admits that it is hard for him to decide between his old life and his new life because he loves him so much. He tells J.J. that whatever decision he makes he will always be his son, and their relationship will never change. J.J. asks Jack to come back to the hotel with them if he loves them.

As Julia and Carly watch, Jack explains that he will be staying at the farm until he makes his decision. J.J. is sad because it just wonít be the same as having him around all the time. Jack explains that J.J. will still see him just as much as before, and he can call him anytime.

At Worldwide, Jordan offers Sierra a drink, and Sierra toasts Jordan and congratulates him on Street Jeans. Mike and Jennifer arrive for the meeting and Sierra congratulates them on the new company. Jennifer likes the new promotional photo for the company.

Outside Metro, Katie runs into Margo, who gives her a big hug and scolds her teasingly for not telling anyone she was coming home. Katie tells Margo she came home because she was worried about Craig. Margo informs Katie there isnít any news about Craig. Margo notices the magazine with Mike's picture Katie is carrying with her and suspects Katie also came home because she missed Mike.

At the Park, Julia tells J.J. it's time to go to the hotel to take a bath and get his homework done. J.J. wants to stay with Jack and doesnít want to go home yet. This goes on with Julia and J.J. for a few minutes until Jack looks back at Carly for her approval and, without a word spoken between them, Jack knows it is okay. Jack offers to take J.J. home, tuck him in, and read him a bedtime story. A happy J.J. leaves with Julia and Jack.

At Worldwide, Lucinda is happy with Street Jeans and the fact that the stockholders seem to be excited about the company. Lucinda toasts everyone involved with the company and tells Jordan to keep her informed on its progress. Lucinda leaves to make some phone calls. Jennifer thanks Jordan for his help before she and Mike leave together. Sierra guesses that Jordan and Jennifer once had a relationship and that he still has feelings for her. Jordan tells Sierra about his relationship with Jennifer. Sierra is surprised that Jordan wonít use his position of power to drive a wedge between Jennifer and Mike. Jordan tells Sierra that isnít his style and he is glad that Jennifer is happy with someone, even if it isnít him. Sierra thinks Jordan is a rare man, because she has always been involved with men who like to scheme. Jordan and Sierra continue to drink champagne together as they talk.

At Metro, Katie admits to Margo that she came home because she missed Mike. Margo reminds her sister that when she left home she told Mike and everyone else a lie.

Margo wonders if Katie is ready to tell Mike the truth. Tom arrives, and Katie encourages Tom and Margo not to give up on their relationship because they may regret it later, and it may be too late to do anything about it then.

At the Lakeview, Julia thanks Jack for being so good with J.J. and helping him with his homework and reading him a story. Jack insists he would do anything for J.J. because he loves him. Julia asks Jack to stay because she doesnít worry and can sleep better when he is with her. Carly calls and asks Jack to stop by the house before he goes to the farm. Jack tells Carly it isnít a good time and he will call her later. Julia kisses Jack and they begin to make love, but Jack puts a stop to things when he tells Julia he canít because of his wife and children. Julia reminds Jack about J.J. and that he promised her forever. Jack reminds Julia that he promised her forever because it was inscribed on the back of his wedding ring. Julia tells Jack his wedding ring is at the bottom of a river, and she is here now. Jack leaves a disappointed Julia behind.

At Jack and Carlyís place, Carly leaves the kids with a babysitter and vows to put an end to this situation once and for all.

At the park, Jennifer is happy that things went well at the meeting and once again thanks Mike for being her inspiration. Jennifer kisses Mike and tells him she will be back with a surprise for him. Katie watches Mike and Jennifer kiss before Jennifer pops a roasted chestnut into Mikeís mouth for him to taste. Mike likes the chestnuts, which he had never tasted before. Jennifer and Mike share another kiss.

At the hospital, Bob blasts Ben for involving Curtis in the situation. Bob also tells Ben that, given all he knows, he canít give him the same support. Bob advises Ben to get a lawyer. Lucy explains to Allison how Aaron feels, since she was also in a wheelchair for a while. Lucy advises Allison not to let Aaron push her out of his life and to stick by him no matter what he says or how he acts, because he needs her more than ever now.

At Aaronís apartment, Aaron refuses any help from Curtis and asks Curtis to leave him alone. Aaron struggles to get a soft drink out of the refrigerator, and once he gets it out he canít open it, so he throws it against the wall.

At the Lakeview, Julia leaves J.J. with Lisa and goes to find Jack. Carly arrives, and Lisa tells her that Julia and Jack are on a date and shuts the door in Carlyís face.

At Aaronís place, Allison arrives and makes it clear to Aaron that she is moving in and wonít take no for an answer.

At Carly and Jackís place, Julia goes to talk to Jack and is told by the babysitter that Jack and Carly are not home. Carly arrives, and both women are surprised that Jack isnít with either one of them. Carly and Julia wonder where Jack could be.

Jack sits at a bar drinking and having memories of both his families. Jack wonders what he is going to do about his situation.

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