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At the Lakeview, Ben calls Curtis and leaves a message on his cell phone wondering why he is late for their meeting.

Jessica arrives and explains to Ben that Curtis told her he might need her legal help.

At the hospital, Allison reads the incident report on Aaron’s surgery and understands why Aaron had to have two operations. Allison thinks Bob suspended Ben and is investigating the case because he thinks Ben did something wrong during the operation. Chris cautions Allison that the incident reports are always filed on every operation, and they are just impressions of what happened during the operation from staff in the room. Allison promises Chris nobody will know she got the reports from him. Chris asks Allison to forgive him in exchange for helping her get the incident report. Allison forgives Chris, and he thanks her for it. Chris goes into Aaron’s room to check on him. Allison explains to Aaron that Chris saved his life. Aaron asks to speak to Chris alone.

At Fairwinds, Rosanna plays Cabotís music box and thinks of him. Will brings down the rest of Cabotís toys to give to the church toy drive. Rosanna thanks Will for helping her; she feels she must have all of Cabotís things out of the way so she wonít have painful memories of him.

Paul wonders why Rosanna is giving away Cabotís toys now. Rosanna tells Paul she just felt it was time to move on with her life. Paul wonders if moving into Fairwinds was such a good idea after all. Rosanna refuses to tell Paul the truth about the memories of Cabot she has been having, even though he suspects something more is upsetting her.

At Hal and Emily's house, Emily is very tired and wonders why this is so. Barbara offers to make Emily some tea while she goes upstairs to rest. Once Emily is gone, Barbara makes the tea and puts a drug in it.

At the Lakeview, Julia and Lisa frantically look for J.J. and get very worried when they can’t find him in the hotel.

Outside Jack and Carly’s place, Jack stops by to see the kids and starts to ring the doorbell before remembering it doesn’t work. Carly arrives, and Jack tells her he will be staying at the farm for a while because he thinks it's best for everyone. Jack says Carly’s name and she finishes the sentence for him, telling him she misses him, too. She calls him G-man. Jack and Carly hold each other, and Carly begs Jack to tell her he is ready to come home to her.

At Hal and Emily’s place, Hal arrives home because he is worried about Emily. Barbara tells Hal Emily is resting because she is tired. Emily comes downstairs when she hears Hal’s voice. Hal tells Emily that Margo left two messages for her letting her know she wouldn’t be able to pick Daniel up from school. Emily is confused because she never received the messages. Hal thinks Emily should go see a doctor, but Barbara thinks Emily has a cold. Emily repeats to Hal that she probably does have a cold. Hal tells Emily he will pick Daniel up from school so she can get some rest. Barbara offers Emily another cup of tea, and Emily goes back upstairs. Barbara makes another cup of tea and takes out some more of the drug to put in it.

At Fairwinds, Will is happy because Rosanna has agreed to give Will the truck as long as he agrees to keep his grades up and work for her once in a while. Will thinks Rosanna is awesome and grabs some more toy boxes to load onto the truck. Paul wonders if Rosanna is happy. Rosanna responds that she is more than happy, she is awesome. Paul and Rosanna kiss each other.

At the hospital, while Allison and Holden are waiting for Aaron to finish his talk with Chris; Allison shows Holden the incident report. She tells Holden about Ben’s suspension and the investigation the hospital is launching dealing with Aaron’s operation.

At the Lakeview, Jessica apologizes one more time for thinking Ben was on drugs and almost costing him his career.

Ben canít take the guilt anymore and admits to Jessica that he was addicted to pain medicine. Ben makes it clear to Jessica he didnít take the pills before he operated on Aaron, although he was experiencing withdrawal symptoms during the operation. Ben also tells Jessica he didnít make any mistakes during the operation. He then confesses that he used Curtis' urine sample to pass his hospital drug test.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Jack and Carly share a kiss and are about to make love when Jack gets a phone call. Carly jokes that since they are kissing, the call must be from Julia. Jack answers the phone and it is Julia, who tells Jack J.J. is missing. Jack rushes out the door and, although we can tell by the look on Carly’s face she doesn’t believe Julia’s story, Carly offers to go with Jack to look for J.J.

At the Lakeview, Jessica thinks Ben will be fine as long as the hospital doesn’t find out that he got Curtis to take the drug test for him, but if they find out he could lose his career forever. Jessica wonders if Ben could live with the lie. Ben tells Jessica he has changed, and he now realizes there are some secrets that are best kept for the good of everyone. Ben decides he will think and pray about how best to proceed with his case. Jessica offers her support as a friend and lawyer.

At the hospital, Chris admits to Aaron that he was always trying to change Allison and make her into someone else.

Chris realizes that Allison is pretty special just as she is, and that she has always loved Aaron because he always accepted her for the person she is. Chris tells Aaron to take good care of Allison. Chris also thinks Allison deserves someone better than him, but he is happy that she is at least speaking to him again.

At the Lakeview, Jack calms Julia down and tells her to get recent pictures of J.J. to put on the news. Jack tells one of the policemen that if they don’t find J.J. in half an hour they should issue an amber alert. The policeman thinks they should ask Hal about all this before they do it. Jack gets angry with the policeman and tells him Hal will understand because J.J. is his son.

At Fairwinds, Paul and Rosanna sit on the couch and kiss for a few minutes, then Paul leaves to make some phone calls. Once Paul is gone Rosanna hears a baby laugh and watches Cabotís ball roll across the floor. Will comes in because he forgot the keys to the truck. A nervous Rosanna is startled and asks Will if he didnít take the ball with the rest of the toys.

Will says he is sorry, he must have forgotten the ball. Rosanna asks if he heard a baby laugh. Will tells Rosanna he didnít hear anything because he was loading toys onto the truck. Rosanna asks Will if he is comfortable living with them. Will resents the interrogation and accuses Rosanna of thinking he is doing these things to her. When Paul arrives and wonders why Rosanna is shaking, she just says that Will startled her because she thought he had gone to the church.

At the hospital, Allison encourages Aaron to keep his spirits up about his condition. Allison thinks doctors aren’t always right, and if Aaron works hard he will be walking soon. Aaron asks Allison to sneak him out of the hospital today. He insists he can live at his apartment alone and doesn’t need anyone to help him. Allison thinks Aaron should move in with Holden, or they both could live at Susan’s until he has recovered. Holden tells Bob that he has read the incident report and knows about the investigation into Aaron’s operation. Holden accuses Bob and the hospital of covering up for Ben’s mistake.

At the Lakeview, Jack gets a clue; a hotel security tape shows that J.J. left the hotel an hour ago, and from the direction he was heading in Jack thinks J.J. is going to the park across from school. Jack and Julia leave to go look for J.J. Julia asks Lisa to keep Carly busy. Lisa thinks Jack will blame Carly for J.J. running away because she didn’t think of anyone else, she just wanted him to get his memory back. Lisa also thinks if anything happens to J.J. Jack will hate Carly forever and stay with Julia. Carly blasts back that Jack is her husband, and he doesn’t love Julia, he loves her. Carly knows he loved Julia briefly, but it was only because he had lost his memory. Carly wishes J.J. no harm and advises Lisa that if she really is Julia’s friend she will advise her to face the truth and leave Oakdale.

At Hal and Emily’s place, Emily continues to repeat every word that Barbara tells her. Barbara persuades Emily to let her cook dinner for Hal and asks Emily to tell Hal what a wonderful friend Barbara has been to her. Barbara also tells Emily that she should sleep with Hal, since Emily is too sick to sleep with him. Emily just nods her head, smiles and repeats every word. Barbara sends Emily upstairs and is very pleased the drug is working so well.

At the hospital, Allison and Aaron almost kiss while she is trying to zip up his jacket. Aaron explains he doesn’t want her help or her pity. Allison tells him she doesn’t pity him, she loves him. Aaron thinks her feelings for him will change if he stays in this condition much longer. Aaron tells Allison he doesn’t want her living with him anymore.

At the park, Carly, Julia and Jack look for J.J. Jack finds J.J. and grabs him. J.J. shouts, "You don’t love me!" and screams for Jack to let him go. J.J. wiggles away from Jack’s grasp when Carly tells Jack and Julia she found his backpack. J.J. runs across the street and almost gets hit by a car. Julia scolds her son for running out into the street. J.J. apologizes to his mother. Jack tells J.J. he doesn’t know what he would do if anything ever happened to him, because he loves him. Carly watches as Julia, J.J. and Jack hold each other.

At Hal and Emily’s place, Hal is surprised to see Barbara cooking dinner. Barbara makes Hal think Emily has a cold and is resting after overdoing it a bit when she went grocery shopping. Hal is happy Barbara and Emily are trying to work things out.

At the hospital, Bob tells Ben he will tell the hospital investigation committee that he thinks Ben did nothing wrong during the operation. Bob thinks Ben was just nervous because it was his first operation after recovering from his injury.

At the park, J.J. explains to Jack and Julia that he overheard Jack tell Lisa he was having a hard time deciding between Julia and Carly, and if he wasn’t in the picture his decision wouldn’t be so hard. He thought if he left, Jack would come back and be with his mom and stay forever.

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