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By Sarah
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******Please note, due to pre-emption of the channel for President Bush's visit to Halifax, N.S, this is not a full recap.*******

At Lucinda's, Sierra and her mother discuss Craig's situation with Lucy. Dusty interrupts, and Lucy mistakenly thinks he is there for her and rushes into his arms. He slowly pulls away and says he is just there to return the things she left at his place. Lucy becomes sullen. Sierra and Dusty resume discussion of Craig's disappearance.

At the monastery, Craig offers a deal to Brother Francis, but the monk remains cool and offers him a chance to repent. Craig tries to convince the brother to take him to the chapel so he will not be alone. Brother Francis doesn't buy it and instead offers him a chance to pray with a portrait. Craig is not amused.

At Fairwinds, Rosanna hears a baby cry and drops the crystal box that Paul just gave to her. Will and Paul arrive soon after, and a distraught Rosanna asks about the sound. Having not heard anything, Paul questions his bride about the sound she heard. Rosanna doesn't tell Paul it was a cry and pretends to be all right. Paul leaves her, but Will calls her on her false story.

In Montana, a stunned Julia doesn't understand what Jack tries to tell her. He explains that he can not leave Carly, as she is his life and always will be. Julia begins to sob as she asks him of the promise he made to her that nothing would change when he regained his memory. Jack admits it wasn't fair of him to say those things, not knowing who he was. When Julia demands the bottom line, Jack says that Carly was right all along, and they belong together.

Lucy is cold with Dusty and tells him to trash anything of hers he may have.

Hurt but covering it up, Dusty leaves as Rafael appears. Craig's disappearance comes up, and Sierra details what Lily thinks happened and how she found his watch. A worried Lucy thinks she should help, but Sierra warns her daughter not to get involved in another one of her father's scams. Sierra then invites Raf to join them for dinner, since he is a welcome reminder of home.

Later, Jack makes preparations for the return to Oakdale. He wants to see J.J. and explain the situation to him; then he will return to Milltown and to Carly. Julia is upset and wants to speak to Carly alone. When Jack is gone, Julia admonishes Carly for doing anything to get Jack back.

Carly admits to that, but she and Jack belong together, and the sooner Julia wises up the better. Julia isn't so eager to let go and warns Carly. Carly accuses her of using J.J. to keep Jack but adds that it won't matter, as Jack's heart belongs with her. But Julia has the last word when she says Jack felt free with her and would want that back soon.

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