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In Paris, Katie is trying to adjust to the picture of Mike in a magazine when Margo calls. Katie eyes Mike's pictures as she asks her sister about Oakdale.

Margo fills Katie in on Lily's worries about Craig being missing. Margo explains Craig's latest scheme involving Lucy and assumes Craig is just off biding his time.

At Fairwinds, Paul and Rosanna return from their mini honeymoon and find Mike and Jennifer asleep on the sofa. Once awake, Jen tries to explain away their moment of closeness, but the newlyweds continue to needle them. Paul and Jen take off to discuss the new ad while Ro questions Mike about his feelings for Jennifer. Mike downplays anything serious and says he is just taking things slow. Rosanna admits she cares about his happiness and can see that Jen makes him happy. She brings up his last year of sadness with Katie and says seeing him smile in his sleep was very promising. Also, she points out that it was Jen who put the smile back on his face. Mike admits to liking her a lot but swears he's not looking for anything now.

At the police station, Lily and Sierra discuss Craig and his latest peril. While Lily is worried, Sierra is blasˇ about her ex's so-called jeopardy and thinks her sister is overreacting to another one of Craig's schemes to redeem himself. Meanwhile, a groggy Craig awakens in a monastery to a monk sitting at his feet. When Craig demands answers, Brother Francis reveals his stature and says that Craig was there to find himself, that he was lost but now is found. A confused Craig recalls his attack and wants to know why he's dressed in rags.

In Montana, Jack recalls every moment he spent knowing and loving Carly, including their weddings and the birth of Sage. Carly reaches out to him and Jack runs into her arms, hugging her tight. An excited Jack tells his wife how he remembers every moment with her and their kids and is amazed at how she fought for him when he couldn't remember her, using all her old tricks to get to him. She apologizes for lying, but Jack insists she did the right thing. Carly is elated that Jack isn't mad. He declares his love for her and kisses her passionately.

Rosanna makes a final plea on Jen's behalf to make Mike see how great she would be for him. Paul and Jen return, and Paul praises the ad to a modest Mike.

After some more jokes over Jen and Mike's slumber party, the two take off, leaving Paul and Rosanna to enjoy some moments before Will arrives. They get intimate and enjoy a romp in the living room. After, despite their happiness, Paul senses her thoughts are on Cabot, and she admits she will always think of him but says that is okay now. Paul makes her promise to talk to him whenever she feels sad about Cabot. He then surprises her with a crystal box with a photo of their wedding inside. Touched, Rosanna declares her love for Paul and her gratitude at how they were able to make it to this phase of their life.

Katie won't let Margo off the phone and peppers her with more expressions of concern for Craig. Despite Katie's avoidance, Margo brings up Mike. Katie tries to side-step but finds herself intrigued as she stares at his photo for Street Jeans. They rehash her choice to let Mike believe she was off with Simon. Katie asks about his love life, and Margo admits he had a date for Rosanna's wedding, but Lily interrupts, wanting to know about Craig. Sierra takes her sister out and again tries to convince her to leave Craig alone, saying that he is capable of taking care of himself.

Katie can't stop thinking about Mike but makes her concern for Craig her reason for coming home. Margo warns her to not hurt Mike if she is still unsure of what she wants. Katie agrees to wait for Margo to find Craig and says bye. After a final glance at Mike's ad, she drops the magazine and heads off.

Carly and Jack revel in the their rediscovered love. Jack assures her he is not going anywhere. Carly reminds him he said that often before he went off the bridge. She recounts her despair when she thought he was dead and how Parker was the only one who knew differently. His belief kept her together, but when she finally found Jack his lack of memory led to the loneliest time of her life. Jack hugs her and wishes she never went through such pain. How could he not recall his life or the woman he would love forever? Carly knows his sorrow and assures him they are safe now, for the first time in months. She knows she has her Jack back and that he is all hers. Jack pulls away as he mentions Julia. Carly quickly dismisses Julia's connection.

Julia enters and declares Jack hers.

Lily tries in vain to convince Sierra that something is wrong with Craig. Margo comes out and announces she has an APB out for Craig. Relieved, Lily questions Sierra's lack of concern. Sierra points out that her husband died under unusual circumstances. Lily is shocked that Sierra would still think Craig was involved.

Sierra refers to Craig as the boy who cried wolf, while Lily counters that, in the end, the boy was eaten. Sierra still has no concern after what Craig did to Lucy and Aaron; he doesn't deserve her concern. Sierra feels Craig will help himself when he wants to and leaves. At the monastery, Craig demands answers from a tight-lipped Brother Francis. The monk just rambles on about Craig's chance to redeem himself and find God. Craig wastes no time being Craig when he complains of his surroundings.

Francis admonishes Craig for being so shallow and says that this was a gift from God, adding that only Craig can determine his length of stay. Craig freaks at the prospect of an eternity in his version of hell.

Julia quickly fills Jack in on Carly's lies to get him to Montana. Before Jack can reveal his memory, Julia and Carly snipe about each other's rights to Jack. A victorious Carly doesn't flinch as Julia declares Jack her man and stands by him defensively. Carly tells Julia that she was partly to blame for the pain that was caused by allowing Jack to build a false life. Jack admits to a stunned Julia that he remembers his whole life. Without flinching, Julia hugs him and expresses her happiness.

Mike takes Jen back to her suite, but the two are unable to part. Mike goes in for a kiss, but Jen is reluctant to mess what they have by blurring the lines, fearing she wouldn't be able to stop at a kiss. She reminds him of their vow, so Mike gives her a kiss on the cheek, followed by a more passionate one on the mouth. He allows himself just one, though, and then Mike sends her off.

On a plane, a flustered Katie struggles to get to her seat as a nice woman notices Katie's magazine. Katie rambles on about almost letting go of what she deserved but says she won't make that mistake again.

Julia comforts Jack, believing that they are now free to be together since he could let go of his past. Carly can't help but notice Julia's reluctance to see what is going on. Julia assures Carly that Jack chose her to be with, despite anything he remembered.

Carly states that Jack recalled all the love they shared and their dreams to have another child. Unfazed, Julia shows her new ring and declares Jack's heart belongs to her and J.J. Julia points out that even though he remembered her at the boat house, he still proposed to Julia. Jack admits to Julia that everything has now changed and that he loves his wife, Carly.

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