ATWT Update Wednesday 11/24/04

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 11/24/04


By Dixie
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Jennifer brings Mike to Fairwinds and surprises him with a copy of his first photo in a magazine. Mike finally admits Jen was right in her choices. They decide to celebrate with wine, but Mike balks when Jen lists its value in the thousands. They settle on beer, and Jen decides to cook for him.

In Montana, Carly decorates the barn the way it was at her wedding to Jack as best she can. Hannah comes in with her dress and they discuss her plans.

Hannah notices Carly's weight loss, and Carly admits she hasn't taken good care of herself since Jack's presumed death. Hannah questions Carly's plans to get to Jack and thinks Carly should look deeper. Maybe God has other plans for Jack that don't include Carly. Stunned, Carly can't believe her life with Jack could be over. Hannah leaves to sew the dress and to allow Carly to prepare.

At the hospital, Nancy and Allison set the room up before Aaron returns from his tests, and Nancy counsels Alli on what to expect from Aaron now that he is in bad shape. Aaron returns and is not pleased with his surroundings.

Everyone arrives before Holden can stop them, and Emma brings in a delicious turkey with all the trimmings. Outside, Holden fills Emma in on his suspicions that the hospital was negligent in Aaron's case. Then Emma reveals that Brad was in Hawaii and could not possibly have lied about their mother to Jack. Holden realizes what is up and takes off.

While hung up on the airplane, Jack calls Julia and expresses his desire to be with her. Julia assures him of the good times to come and they hang up. Jack tries Brad, but the number's not listed.

At the hotel, Julia tries to get J.J. to enjoy dinner with Lisa and is unable to until Holden arrives. She sends J.J. off as Holden explains that Brad doesn't live in Montana. Julia sees that it was Carly's doing and wants to go after Jack. Holden resists helping her until she pleads and shows him the ring that Jack has given to her. She also fills him in on Jack asking Carly for a divorce. Holden lets up and finally agress to help her.

Julia thinks that if she could get to Carly's she would get answers, so Holden takes her. Once in Milltown, Holden uses his key to get inside and finds Carly's whereabouts quickly. Julia thanks Holden with a kiss on the cheek and leaves. Holden, feeling torn, leaves Jack a message to call him right away.

Carly, sad and lost, looks to God for answers. She pleads for a sign or something to let her know she is doing the right thing. She sees that Julia is maybe a good person like Jack, and that she is pretty much the same caliber of person that he is, but she knows that Jack didn't want someone like Julia. He wanted someone with a spark, someone like her. She talks herself into going ahead with her plan as

Hannah returns with the dress and news that Jack's plane has landed. Nervous, Carly goes to dress.

Back at the hospital, Lily questions Holden on his whereabouts. Holden doesn't say and insists on going home. He gets angry when Lily mentions Craig, but she soothes things by dropping Craig from her list of things to do and going home with her family.

Over turkey meatloaf, Jen and Mike discuss their travels and learn a bit more about each other. When Jen mentions Australia, Mike thinks of Katie. He admits to not thinking of her as often as he used to, and Jen likes it. They cuddle together, and Jen falls asleep in Mike's arms.

Somewhere, Katie sees Mike in his ad and is more than a little surprised.

On a plane, Julia remembers words that Jack said to her and hopes she will make it in time.

Jack arrives, and Hannah directs him into the barn. He enters to see Carly in her wedding dress. He instantly goes on the attack and calls her on her tricks, but Carly stops him cold with her declarations. She recites the vows he spoke to her, words that he had said to Julia before.

She explains how he followed her to Montana when she was too tired to fight him and Mike over Sage, how he begged her to marry him. Jack still resists and attempts to leave, but Carly declares she is his compass, his true north; Jack whispers, "Home," and turns to her, a glimmer of recognition in his eyes.

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