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As the World Turns Update Tuesday 11/23/04


By Elizabeth
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Barbara calls her doctor and tells him she needs to see him in person right away. As she hangs up the phone, Hal comes in. He tells her that she needs to stay in the house and away from Will. She tells him that she wasn't calling Will, but she is working on her therapy. He is skeptical. She tells him she forgives him.

Lily is looking at a watch, and Holden asks her if she's okay. She tells him that Craig came by earlier and she told him she didn't have time to talk to him, but then she found his cell phone on the porch. She sees that Holden isn't thrilled to hear more about Craig, so she drops it and offers to make him something to eat. He declines her offer. She asks about Aaron. He fills her in on all that has happened at the hospital, including Aaron finding out from Rafael what happened to him. Holden also tells her that Aaron is paralyzed on one side. She can tell there's more. He tells her that he suspects something happened to Aaron during the surgery.

Ben shows up at the hospital to talk to Bob. Bob lets him know that he is suspended, effective immediately, until the investigation into Aaron's surgery is finished.

Carly and Emily are listening in on the conversation between Jack and his brother Brad, who is really Carly's midwife's cousin pretending to be Brad in hopes of luring Jack to Montana so that he will remember Carly. "Brad" convinces Jack to come to Montana because their mother is sick. Jack tells him it will be the perfect time for them to meet Julia and J.J. Carly and Emily aren't too happy about Jack's plans to bring his new family.

Paul and Rosanna find a shoe of Cabot's on the couch as they are starting to make out. Rosanna is visibly shaken, and Paul immediately wants to sell Fairwinds and move to the penthouse. Rosanna convinces him that she doesn't want to run and that memories of Cabot are okay because they just remind her of a very important part of her past. Paul gives in and agrees they should live there.

Barbara explains to Hal that she forgives him for not telling her about Paul's wedding. He reminds her that she was being guarded at his last wedding and that didn't go too well. He adds that he wouldn't put trying to stop this one past her, either. She flashes back to climbing out the window as she tells Hal that she would never do that. She goes on and on about how she wants to change (she's playing him like a fiddle). The guard shows up to take her to her appointment.

Back to the phone call between "Brad" and Jack; Brad convinces Jack that their mother is too sick to have any extra visitors and that Jack must come alone. Jack finally agrees. Carly and Emily are still listening in on the conversation, and after Jack hangs up Carly thanks fake Brad again for doing this.

Jack promises Julia there will be no more separations after this trip. She asks how long he'll be gone, and he tells her it depends on how sick his mother is. He is suspicious because he hasn't heard anything about this part of his family before. He goes to see someone who will tell him the truth.

Ben thinks the suspension is because of John. Bob tells him that it's just to protect the hospital from malpractice suits. Ben is furious and tells Bob to run a drug test right now on him.

Holden explains to Lily everything that has happened to make him suspicious of Ben and the hospital. Lily convinces him that the best thing they can do is help Aaron get better and worry about the rest later.

She asks him if he wants to have Thanksgiving at the hospital with Aaron, and he thinks it's a good idea. Jack shows up to talk to Holden, and Lily leaves them alone. Holden confirms that Jack does have a brother named Brad, but when Jack mentions Montana Holden gets a confused look on his face.

As Carly is on her way out the door, Julia stops her.

Rosanna and Paul share a dance, and Paul tells her that she was definitely worth the wait.

Barbara fools her doctor into thinking that she is changing. (She's playing him as well as she did Hal!!) When the doctor leaves the room, she heads straight for the drug cabinet and starts loading up.

Hal keeps at Emily until she tells him what she and Carly did to get Jack to go to Montana. He doesn't think it's a good idea.

Holden tells Jack that his brother and mother are free spirits, and they could be in Montana. Jack asks if the story is believable, and Holden thinks that if Jack's mother was sick she would want to see him. Jack asks Holden to check in on Julia while he's gone.

Julia confronts Carly, but Carly talks her way out of it. By the end of the conversation Julia is apologizing for the way she started things off. Without meaning to, she makes Carly feel guilty for tricking Jack.

Barbara steals a vial of medicine before the doctor comes back in.

When the doctor tries to continue the session, she tells him she's drained. He agrees to pick this up at the next session.

Lily tells Holden that the Thanksgiving dinner at the hospital is all arranged. He thanks her. He warns her that anyone who helps Craig will end up getting burned.

Emily convinces Hal that they had to do something to get Jack to remember his life. As they are getting ready to head upstairs, Hal's phone rings. It's Lily. She tells him something is wrong and she needs him to come over immediately.

Barbara arrives back at Hal and Emily's and doesn't find anyone home. She pulls out the bottle of medication she stole and says it will do just fine.

Hal tells Lily that if Craig hasn't shown up in twenty-four hours she can come down to the station and file a missing person report. She thinks he should investigate now because it seems like there was a struggle. He tells her that, knowing Craig, he staged it all for attention.

Emily comes over to Carly's. Carly tells her about Julia's visit and how she almost understands her now. Emily reminds Carly that she's only doing what she has to do, and Carly decides that she's going to do whatever it takes to get Jack back.

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