ATWT Update Monday 11/22/04

As the World Turns Update Monday 11/22/04


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At Metro, Lucy wants Dusty to admit to still loving her. When Dusty skirts the issue, she points out how even her mother can see how he feels. Dusty declares their affair a fling and says that she saw something else that wasn't there.

Sierra counters that she can see his feelings and his reluctance to admit it. Dusty crushes Lucy with his words of moving on. Lucy refuses to believe they are over and recounts the way she felt when she knew he truly loved her. Dusty is obviously affected and even stands a bit too close to Lucy as he tells her to let go. She accuses him of being a coward and a liar, vowing that the man she fell in love with would fight for them. He tells her he isn't the hero she makes him out to be and to do herself a favor and walk. But Lucy isn't finished and she insists that love is all they need. Moved, Dusty still resists. Lily comes in and asks if anyone has seen Craig. She's worried something happened.

Jack carries Julia into their room at the Lakeview and they fall to the bed, kissing. As they enjoy each other, Jack recalls his vows to Carly at their wedding in Montana.

At Emma's barn, Carly recalls the same moment as she watches Rosanna walk down the aisle. As the minister begins the ceremony, Jordan witnesses a close moment between Mike and Jen. Tom and Margo get closer, too, as they watch the ceremony. Just then the lights go out and everyone (mostly Will) panics. Paul assures his little brother that Barbara can't be at fault. The lights return and Emma explains their tendency to go out when it's windy.

Happily no one objects, and the wedding continues with Rosanna saying her vows. She tells Paul that she fell in love with him over French toast and that he also loved her through the worst times of her life, and when she pushed him away he never went too far. He has become a part of her, her strength and her best friend. Paul's turn comes and he says how she changed his life with her friendship. When he was not such a stellar citizen, she still stuck by him. And when he made the toughest decision of his life (i.e.. saving Rosanna over Cabot) she still found it in her heart to understand. In addition to all of her great qualities, Paul thanks her for her grace; when all around them life was so difficult, she made it okay. He promises her a wonderful future and takes her as his wife. They exchange bands and the minister announces them husband and wife.

Paul pulls his new bride in for a kiss. Will makes a toast to the happy couple and thanks them for being his allies and friends. As the guests disperse, Emily and Carly discuss how she can get to Jack. An eager Emily calls Ro over and says that Carly should recreate their Montana wedding, since he had such a reaction to just seeing a barn done up for a wedding. Carly gets excited as Rosanna and Mike agree that kidnapping Jack and running to Montana is not wise. When Ro suggests using Jack's never-seen brother Brad, Jennifer wonders how they will get him to help. Hal interrupts, but Emily is able to get rid of him and agrees to return to Milltown to help her figure out a plan. Paul takes Rosanna away for their honeymoon.

At Hal's, Kim finds Barbara trying to pry her electronic bracelet off. The officer also finds them and pulls Barbara back into the house. She tries to explain herself; the officer sort of buys it and leaves as Kim comes in. Barbara tries to talk herself out of trouble, but Kim calls her on her plan to go and interrupt Paul's wedding. Barbara explodes at the thought of her son marrying without her. She expresses her distaste for Rosanna, and Kim blasts her for her insensitivity. Barbara refuses to take any blame for Cabot's death; she says that she only helped James to protect Will, and now Rosanna wanted to take her son away. Kim tries to make her see how devastated Rosanna is over the loss, and it doesn't help for Barbara to stir up trouble. Barbara gets angry and refuses to let Rosanna take away both her sons. Kim is saddened at Barbara's state and admits to watching James destroy her life and doing nothing to stop it, and because of it she was forced to make awful choices. Still, Kim thinks Barbara has gotten herself in this mess and won't condone her behavior. Barbara snipes about Emily's misdeeds and how she gets whatever she wants. Kim thinks she should be more grateful.

Jack and Julia enjoy themselves on their bed as J.J. and Lisa return. Lisa notices the ring and Julia gleefully boasts of their impending nuptials. J.J. is excited as Lisa offers them the hotel's best champagne and takes J.J. away for another hour or so. Despite her claims of being elated, Julia still looks worried.

Later, after making love, Julia declares that she wants to make amends with Carly and give Jack peace for a wedding present. Jack is touched but tells her she doesn't have to. Julia insists, as she doesn't want Parker or Sage to hate her when they visit them. She admits to feeling bad for Carly, but Jack only wants Julia and kisses her.

At Carly's, Emily and Carly go over ideas on getting Jack to Montana. Emily tells her they need a Montana phone number, and Carly thinks to call her midwife, Hannah. She will explain the situation and see if she can help. She calls Hannah, who promises to have a man call who can pretend to be Jack's brother Brad. When the call comes in, Carly thanks Eric for helping, then waits as he calls on the other line.

After the wedding, Mike and Jen sit under the stars and gaze into each other's eyes. Mike is eager to take it to the next step, but Jen is cautious after her crash-and-burn romance with Jordan. She wants to be sure she is in love before she makes love again. Mike agrees to take it slow, then insists on leaving to go take a cold shower.

At Metro, Dusty and Lucy don't believe anything serious has happened to Craig, nor does Sierra. Lily is still worried and leaves. Dusty goes to leave but Lucy stops him. When he still refuses to acknowledge their love, Lucy is the one who walks away.

Dominic comes in and Dusty orders him out. He also asks about Craig, but Dom tells him to worry about himself and leaves.

Lily returns home and, as she is about to go inside, notices something in a bush and pulls out Craig's watch.

Barbara pretends to relent to Kim's pleas to find the good person inside of her. Kim knows she is there but can't recognize who it is anymore. Barbara thanks Kim for listening and hugs her. When she leaves, Barbara vows to reclaim her old life, which happens to run right through Rosanna.

At Fairwinds, Paul and Rosanna enjoy themselves. Paul even has a surprise and has the maid bring out champagne and French toast. Rosanna is swept off her feet again and they begin to make love, but Ro stops, looking just past Paul's left shoulder.

Paul searches and comes up with a little red sneaker. It's Cabot's, a stunned Rosanna admits.

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