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As the World Turns Update Friday 11/19/04


By Elizabeth
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Craig walks in on Raphael and Lucy in the gazebo. He asks his daughter where she has been, and she tells him that she wants to talk to him. Raphael is evasive when it comes to speaking with Craig. He simply ignores it. Lucy looks angry. Raphael tells Lucy he is going to take off and she stops him. She tells him that what she has to say to her father wonít take very long. Craig asks what is going on. Lucy tells him that he has won, and that she and Dusty are now broken up. He apologizes to his daughter, but she doesnít want to hear it. She tells him that his apology will be the last lie he ever tells her.

In Metro, Dusty is pouring a drink when Sierra walks in. He asks her when she got into Oakdale, and she tells him that she arrived last night. Dusty takes a swig of his drink and tells her that Lucy wonít be coming in.

In the barn, Mike is hanging up some last-minute decorations while Jennifer helps him from the ground. She laughs and tells him to get down and let the professional do the decorating. She climbs atop the ladder while Mike looks on. When she comes down the two hug. Jordan walks in and destroys the romantic moment between the two of them.

Outside of the barn, Paul stops Emma before she goes inside. She fawns over how handsome he looks. He thanks her for letting them use the barn, and she tells him how beautiful everything looks. He tells her how he wants everything to be perfect. She lets him know that as long as they love one another, everything is already perfect. Emma goes inside the barn. Paul stands outside and mutters to himself that everything is perfect with the exception of Will being missing.

At the Munson house, Barbara is questioning Will and Hal about the wedding. She seems like she canít even believe the news. She acts as though she doesnít know why she wouldnít be told. Hal brushes it off and tells her that she should know why she wasnít informed. He tells her to calm down. Will wants to handle the situation, and Hal doesnít seem to sure if he should let him. Will pulls his father aside and tells him that there are some things his mother should find out from him, assuring his father he can handle the situation. Hal reminds Will that there is a patrol car in the front. Hal leaves and tells his son not to make him regret trusting him. Barbara rushes over to Will as soon as Hal leaves. She tells him that she is sure that he is as upset about the wedding as she is. He pushes her away and tells her that he is excited for Paul and Rosanna to get married. She looks shocked. Barbara tells him that she understands that he is excited for his brotherís happiness. She goes on to tell him how she is now happy that Will can move into Halís. Will tells her that after the wedding, Paul and Rosanna are moving into Fairwinds with Will.

In her living room, Carly pores over the divorce papers in tears until the doorbell rings. Carly throws the papers on the desk and answers the door. Emily walks in, wondering why Carly isnít dressed. All of a sudden she notices that it looks as though Carly has been crying. Carly tells Emily that sheís not sure she can go to the wedding. She shows Emily the divorce papers and tells her about Jackís visit. The doorbell rings again, and this time it is Rosanna calling from outside. Carly hides the divorce papers and makes Emily promise not to tell Rosanna. Rosanna walks in and immediately asks what is wrong with Carly. She blames the tears on being excited for her and Paul.

At the diner, Julia joins Jack at a table. He tells her that he was shocked at Carlyís anger. Julia tells him that perhaps they should give Carly until Thanksgiving to sign the papers. Jack presses Julia for an answer about going to Emmaís for Thanksgiving. Julia tells him that she canít go because she wasnít invited. He gets up and tells her to come along. She acts shocked and asks where they are going. He tells her that they are going to the Snyder Farm to find out for sure. Julia tells him that putting his aunt on the spot might not be the best idea. He tells her that everyone needs to realize that he loves her. He tells her that he wants Holden, Emma and the rest of the family to get to know both Julia and J.J.

Rosanna presses Carly about what is wrong with her. Carly tells Rosanna that she didnít want to tell her until the wedding was over. She tells her sister about the divorce papers. Carly blames herself. Rosanna sits with her sister and tells her that she doesnít have to come to the ceremony. Carly tells Rosanna that nothing will stop her from being there tonight. Carly tells her sister that she will have to remind her of what happens when dreams come true.

In the barn, Emma sees Margo. The two hug and remark at how wonderful the barn looks. Tom arrives, and Emma walks off. He tells Margo how wonderful she looks.

Jordan congratulates Mike and Jennifer on making the barn look so lovely. Mike uses the excuse that heís going to see if there is anything else that needs to be done and leaves Jordan and Jennifer alone. She tells Jordan that Mike thinks that they need to talk. She tells him that she thinks itís time for a new beginning for everyone. She reminds him that they are working together and she would like them to be friends. She tells him that it will be easy for her to forget the past, now that her heart no longer belongs to him. Jordan asks her if her heart belongs to Mike, but she doesnít have time to answer the question.

Hal walks into the barn and hugs Paul. Paul asks where Will is. Hal tells him that he left Will at home with Barbara. Paul looks as though he canít believe what he has just heard.

Back at the Munson house, Barbara canít believe what Will has just told her. She tells Will that it was a nice gesture from Paul and Rosanna, but that he doesnít need to impose on the newlyweds. He tells her that he wonít be imposing, and that both Paul and Rosanna want him to live with them. She promises him that the two of them will be together once she deals with some legalities. He tells her that he wonít ever be with her, and she repeatedly tries to tell him that they will be together eventually. He tells her that he has recently realized that being around her is bad for him. She tells him that she is his family. He tells her that Paul and Rosanna are his new family.

Sierra tells Dusty that she is in town for good. He tells her that she has perfect timing. She asks him to explain, and he tells her that he and Lucy are over with. She asks him how her daughter took the news, and he explains to her that she will eventually get over him. He tells her that Lucy having her mother in town will help. She asks when he will move on, and he tells her that he already has. She calls him a liar.

Craig tells his daughter that he truly does feel bad for her. He tells his daughter that he never wanted to see her hurting. He explains to her that perhaps it is for the best and attempts to bring Raphael into the conversation. Raphael tells Craig that none of this is his business. Craig reminds him that since Dusty had the fight rigged, it is his business. Lucy tries telling her father that Dusty wasnít the one who rigged the fight. Lucy blames her father for rigging the fight and getting her involved. She tells him that he simply should have gone to the police as soon as he found out about the gloves. Raphael looks shocked that Craig knew beforehand about the loaded gloves. Lucy explains to him that her father found out about the gloves being weighted the night before the fight. She tells him that he went to her instead of the police. Craig tells them that he wanted to tell the police, but that he was held hostage before he could get to them. Lucy claims that the reason Craig waited was because Craig was the one who wanted to humiliate Dusty. She blames Craig for Aaron being in the hospital, Raphaelís career being over and her break up with Dusty. She tells her father that she will never forgive him. He tells his daughter that they are family and need one another. Lucy tells him that her mother is back and is the only family she needs. She tells him to stay out of her life. Raphael asks Craig to leave. He tells Raphael that Lucy hasnít been herself lately, and Lucy erupts. She yells at Craig, telling him that he is the one who did this to her. Craig walks off, and Raphael hugs Lucy.

Jordan presses Jennifer. He asks if she and Mike are serious. She tells him that they work together. He tells her that he noticed how Jennifer looked at Mike. She tells him that she and Mike are taking things slow. Jordan tells her that it hurt to see her look at him the way she used to look at him, but that, ultimately, heís happy for her. Mike returns.

Paul pulls Hal aside. He canít believe that Hal left Will alone with Barbara. Hal explains that Barbara overheard about the wedding. He then tells him that he was impressed with Will stepping up to deal with his mother. Paul tells Hal that he hopes heís right.

Barbara blames Rosanna, telling Will that she should have realized she was trying to stake her claim. She tells Will that Rosanna is trying to keep him away from her. Will explains to his mother that he isnít even supposed to see her. He turns his back on her and grabs his suit. He tells her that he doesnít want to see her. She tells him to tell it to her face. Barbara blames Rosanna and tells Will that he is her son. She tells him that Rosanna canít replace her dead baby with him. She warns Will that Rosanna has another thing coming.

Emily and Carly arrive at the barn. Carly looks stunned at how beautiful the barn looks and tells Emily it reminds her of the Montana wedding. Carly goes outside to get some air. She exits just as Jack and Julia are arriving. She asks what they are doing there. He walks in the barn and everyone turns to see who has just arrived. Jack gets a memory of marrying Carly and runs out. Carly is still standing outside, and she asks Jack if he remembered. She tells him that she can tell he remembered. He tells her that nothing happened and tries to take off. Emma comes outside. She is excited to see Jack, and he introduces Julia to his aunt. He tells her that he wants to make her his wife. Carly and Emily look on. Emma agrees to walk the two of them to their car. Rosanna comes over and asks what is going on. Carly tells them that she knows he remembered their wedding in Montana.

Will gets ready to leave while Barbara pleads with him. She asks him to tell her what to do. He tells her not to say such twisted things about Rosanna and Cabot, he doesnít understand why she is implying such things. Willís phone rings and he answers it. Paul is on the other end, wondering where his best man is. He tells Paul that he is on his way to the wedding. Will tells his mother that he has to get going and leaves. Barbara asks Will to give Paul and Rosanna her best wishes. She tells him that she loves all her children. Barbara slams the door and mutters that she will take care of all of them, too.

Craig rushes into Lilyís house and tells her that he has to talk to her. She tells him that she is on her way out, but he keeps talking. He tells her that he tried to save everyone but he just keeps getting kicked in the teeth.

Dusty tries to tell Sierra that it is because he and Lucy are so very different that they canít be together. He tells her that she has no business being around him. Sierra claims that the differences donít matter because they love one another. She claims that the reason Dusty broke Lucyís heart was because he thought he was doing what was best for her. He tells her that it is too late to change anything now and urges her to go console Lucy.

Raphael tells Lucy that he thinks he can finally understand why she doesnít get along with her father. Raphael tells her that he used to look up to Craig. She tells him that she used to, as well. Raphael shakes his head and tells her that he canít get over the fact that Craig knew about the gloves. He tells her that she canít give up on Dusty, because that is giving Craig exactly what he wants.

Carly doesnít understand how Jack could remember their wedding and then turn right around. Both Rosanna and Emily blame Julia. They assure her that the Jack/Julia relationship canít last. Carly tells them that he canít run away from the truth. Rosanna tells her sister that sheís sure Julia can.

Back in the diner, Julia orders coffee while Jack sits staring off into space. Julia can tell that something is bothering him and offers to talk with him about it. He tells her that he remembers feelings of being with Carly. He confesses that Carly was right, that he did remember part of their wedding when he walked into the barn. Julia looks hurt and tells him that itís amazing. She asks what it means for them. He tells her that his heart belongs with her. He gets down on one knee and proposes. He shows her a ring, and she is in tears.

Will arrives and apologizes for being late. Hal asks how the conversation with Barbara went, and Will tells his father he will fill him in later. Kim congratulates Will on being the best man and asks how his mother is. He tells her that he told her heís moving in with Paul and Rosanna, and that he hopes she will come around. Kim looks worried that Will told his mother on the night of the wedding. Will leaves to change, and Kim looks anxious.

Barbara offers the policeman standing outside the front door some cookies and coffee. He refuses, telling her that he knows she has drugged other officers in the past. Barbara turns on the charm, and he tells her that he is following orders. She tells him that she will take a sip of his cup of coffee to prove that she isnít going to drug him. He comes in, and she pours him a cup of coffee. She takes a sip and then hands the cup to him. She hands him a cookie and takes a bite off to eat herself before giving it to him. Barbara tells him that sheís going to take a nap before everyone gets home and heads upstairs. On her way up the stairs she mutters that she will teach Rosanna to come between a mother and her child.

Craig tells Lily that heís losing things and it is making him irrational. She tells him that she is grateful for all he has done. Her phone rings and she goes to answer it. Craig heads off and sees two men in hoods as he is leaving. Lily rushes around inside and then gets ready to head to the hospital. As she leaves, she notices Craigís cell phone on the ground. Lily looks worried.

Sierra tells Dusty that people need to begin doing what makes them happy and let Lucy make her own decisions. Dusty tells her that Lucy should be in college, and that it is his fault that she isnít. She tells him that she knows her daughter loves him. She questions whether or not he really loves Lucy. Lucy walks in and demands that Dusty answer her motherís question.

Carly assures Rosanna that they will talk about Jack later. She tells Rosanna that it is time to get married. Emily walks into the barn while Paul awaits his bride. Carly, the matron of honor, walks in and remembers her wedding to Jack once again.

Julia tells Jack that she will definitely marry him. He slides the ring onto her finger. The two kiss. Everyone in the diner cheers.

Paul tells Carly how beautiful she looks. Mike and Jennifer share a glance, as do Tom and Margo. Rosanna walks in.

Barbara climbs down the trellis and sneaks past the front door. She sits down on the patio furniture and tries to slide off her anklet homing device with lotion

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