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As the World Turns Update Thursday 11/18/04


By Jenny
Pictures by Boo

In the courtyard, Lucy and Dusty continue to argue about getting back together. Lucy tells Dusty she is sorry she got mad at him. She says she loves him, and she's realized that's the only thing that is important. Dusty says it doesn’t matter now, they're over. Lucy begs him to give her another chance and repeats that she is sorry she got so mad at him about Aaron. Dusty says that nothing is different now. Lucy says she realizes it didn’t matter, she loves him and she should have been there for him the way he was always there for her. Dusty reasserts that they are over now. Lucy gives him a big kiss. Dusty kisses her back, but afterwards he still refuses to get back together with her. He says he was never good for her. Lucy says she is sick of people who are good for her; they all die or get divorced or leave her, and now she just wants Dusty. She says she still loves him, and she knows he still loves her.

Dusty says it is over, she has to move on and find someone else. Besides, they were never about love, just attraction. Lucy says that isn’t true, she knows Dusty loves her, and she isn’t going to give up on them. She will do anything it takes. Dusty insists they are through; he is going to walk away, and so should she. As he turns to go, Lucy asks him if he ever loved her. He looks at her but says nothing, then walks away.

Meanwhile, Rafi is at the hospital looking for Aaron. Bob has just examined Aaron and says he needs to run more tests. Aaron had been very upset because he couldn’t move his body on his right side. Bob asked him some questions and determined that his memory was okay. Bob told him to relax while they ran some tests, saying this sort of paralysis was common after surgery. Allison and Holden, waiting outside, ask what caused Aaron’s right-sided paralysis. Bob says he can’t be sure until after more tests are run. He tells them it is important that Aaron stay calm because if his blood pressure rises it could cause more bleeding in the brain. After Bob leaves, Rafi shows up and asks to see Aaron. Alli yells at him that it is all his fault and tries to hit him. Holden holds her back but tells Rafi he wants him to leave. After Rafi leaves, Alli tells Holden she has an idea how to keep Aaron calm. They agree Aaron shouldn’t know about the fight or his surgery. Alli leaves to work on her plan.

Rafi reenters and goes into Aaron’s room. Aaron comes to and asks Rafi what happened. Rafi starts apologizing about the gloves being loaded, then adds he’d started saying rosaries when he heard about Aaron's surgery, brain surgery being so serious and all. Aaron is shocked to learn he’s had brain surgery and starts getting upset. Rafi didn’t realize he didn’t know. Alli walks in and sees how upset Aaron is. He asks her if it is true that he had brain surgery. Alli yells at Rafi for telling Aaron. Holden walks in and sees what is happening, then Bob enters and orders a sedative for Aaron.

Bob and Holden kick Rafi out. When Alli is left alone with Aaron she shows him the music and cookies she brought him. She wants him to just relax and stop worrying so he can get better.

Later, Bob tells Alli and Holden that Aaron’s test results aren’t encouraging.

Meanwhile, Rafi finds Lucy crying in the courtyard. He asks her what's wrong, and she tells him about the break-up with Dusty. Then he tells her about how he’d gone to the hospital to apologize to Aaron. He says he just wanted to help, but he only made things worse. Lucy says it wasn’t his fault, he was trying to do the right thing. They hug. Dusty is watching and sees them.

Rosanna walks into the barn and finds Paul decorating. She asks him why he chose the barn for their wedding. Paul start to explain about how she’d wanted a simple wedding, then he says he was all wrong and they could start over. Rosanna interrupts, saying she really likes the idea and she thinks it is very sweet of him. Will walks in with some cookies from Emma. They all sit down to eat and start talking about how Will is going to live with them. Will mentions the penthouse, but Rosanna says they are going to live at Fairwinds. Paul is surprised. He says he thought Rosanna wouldn’t want to live at Fairwinds after everything that happened there. Will realizes they needed to talk about this and excuses himself. Rosanna tells Paul that she wants to live in Fairwinds because it reminds her of Cabot. She says even though there are some bad memories, Fairwinds feels like home to her, just like the barn. She tells Paul that she has some “ghosts” and she hopes he doesn’t mind living there with her. Paul says he has “ghosts” of his own, and he would be happy to live at Fairwinds if it made her happy.

They kiss, and then Rosanna leaves to get dressed for the wedding.

Em and Barbara are still enjoying sharing the house – NOT! Em comes out of the laundry room muttering about all the stuff she needs to do before the wedding that Barbara couldn’t know about, because she couldn’t know about the wedding. Barbara comes down the stairs with her laundry basket. Em offers to do her laundry. Barbara says she wants to do it herself. They start fighting over the basket. Em finally relents and lets Barbara do the laundry herself. She goes upstairs to get something. Barbara goes into the laundry room and sees Will’s suit. She wonders where he's going. She leaves the laundry room and reenters the kitchen the same time as Em does. She tells Barbara that she and Hal are just going out for dinner tonight. She suggests that Barbara watch TV and read fashion magazines while they are gone. Hal comes home and Em gives him a big smooch.

Barbara says she baked a pie, but it's all gone. Em suggests Barbara go up to her room. Barbara takes the hint and leaves but then hides on the stairs, eavesdropping. Will comes home and starts talking to Em and Hal about Paul. He says he needs to tell Barbara about him living with Paul and Ro. Hal says Barbara can’t know anything until after Paul’s wedding. Will starts saying that he realizes that, but after the wedding he is going to tell Barbara something. At this point Barbara runs down the stairs screaming, “Paul’s getting married? My oldest son is getting married and no one told me?”

Carly is preparing for the wedding when Jack and Julia show up. Carly tells them she's busy, but Jack insists it will only take a minute. She lets them in and Jack gives her an envelope. Carly opens it and sees it contains divorce papers. She makes it clear that she isn’t happy about this. Jack tells her she had to know it was inevitable. He loves Julia and wants to marry her. Carly says he had promised to give her thirty days to help him remember their life together. Jack says it should be obvious he isn’t going to change his mind, so why can’t she just sign the papers? Carly says they haven’t had any time alone together, because every time Jack starts to remember their life Julia interrupts in some way. Jack says that whether he remembered or not he would still love Julia and want to marry her. He wants Carly to sign the papers so he can be with his new family. Carly snaps back that he already has a family. She says he is going to “move on” with Julia and J.J., and she'll be stuck with a mortgage and two kids to raise. Julia says Carly shouldn't try to make Jack feel guilty. Carly suggests Julia leave. Jack says he wants her there. Jack offers to let Carly have the house and car. Carly yells that she doesn’t want the house and car, she wants Jack. Jack says he is not going back to his old life, it ended when his car went off the bridge. He says he can’t help that he doesn’t remember. Carly says he could at least WANT to remember. She says she loves him and isn’t giving up on them. Jack says she can’t make him come back to her. Carly says she isn’t going to have to make him, he will come back on his own. Jack says no way and tells her to just look at the papers. He and Julia start to leave. Carly runs after them and throws the papers out the door at them, yelling that she loves Jack and he can’t just leave her without giving her a chance to help him remember their life together. She slams the door.

On the porch, Julia tells Jack they should just mail the papers to Carly. Jack says no, Carly has to face that he isn’t going back to her. Julia asks him if, after all this, he is still sure he wants to be with her and not Carly. Jack says absolutely and kisses her. He pushes the papers under the door, and they leave.

Carly sees the papers and retrieves them. She opens the door and yells Jack’s name, but he is already gone.

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