ATWT Update Wednesday 11/17/04

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 11/17/04


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At Carly's, Rosanna listens as her sister explains Julia's tirade against her and her assurances that Jack will never forgive her. Rosanna suggests that Carly stop being so fair and try playing dirty to win Jack back.

At Java, Jordan meets with Paul and apologizes for blaming Paul for Barbara's release. Paul, in return, wants Jordan to attend his wedding. He tells his brother that he would like to move past the anger, and maybe even become friends.

At the police station, Hal and Jennifer enjoy stale coffee and donuts for breakfast as they discuss keeping Barbara occupied during Paul's wedding. Hal assures Jen he has it covered.

Mike comes in and sends Hal to check on the roof. Jen and Mike discuss going to Rosanna's wedding, and he suggests they go together.

At Memorial, Lucy and Holden discuss Aaron's progress. He tells her of the possibility of brain damage. Shocked, Lucy wants to know more, but it leads into blame for Aaron's condition. Lucy insists Raf not be blamed for protecting her while she was being held hostage. She makes Holden go for food as Dusty sneaks into Aaron's room. He tells the boy he wishes he could turn back time and knows it was his fault. Lucy finds Dusty in the room and won't let him leave. Dusty plays cool as Lucy tries to tell Dusty about her change of heart. She moves closer as she tells him how much Aaron admires him and that he wouldn't blame him. She also indicates that she was a fool to walk away from him like she did.

Jessica meets with John at the hospital, and John asks her about Ben's behaviour. When Jess is defensive, John advises her to talk to Ben and make him aware of what's going on. She defends him and accuses John of worrying more about the hospital. John agrees he is concerned about what this kind of lawsuit would do to Memorial. Holden interrupts and wants to know about Aaron's bill.

At Metro, Allison and Curtis gather Aaron's things as Nancy arrives with cookies. She explains her plan to surround Aaron with all the things he loves. Ben joins them and agrees that faith is good. When Alli and Nancy leave, Ben confronts Curtis about the sample he gave him. He tells Curtis to never mention it to anyone. Curtis questions Ben about the drug test and why anyone would think Ben was using. Ben explains Aaron's second surgery. Curtis explodes with anger at the idea that someone would think of Ben that way. Ben assures Curtis all will be fine as long as he keeps his mouth shut.

Mike and Jen discuss going to the wedding, and Jen points out their pact to never be alone again. Mike flirts openly as Jen accuses him of not controlling his urges.

A cop comes in to get a file and soon leaves, closing the door behind him. Mike and Jen fly into each other's arms and begin kissing. They start to go at it on the table just as Hal knocks on the door. He enters as Mike tries to button up his shirt. Embarrassed, Hal leaves them alone to collect themselves. They agree to keep their distance, but Mike gives her a quick kiss before parting.

Carly and Rosanna discuss Julia over coffee. Rosanna thinks Carly has been way too nice to her, but Carly thinks it's not enough for Jack and J.J.

Ro expresses her desire to see Julia taken down a notch for being so high and mighty with another woman's husband. She encourages Carly to become more creative and use her familiar wily ways to have Jack return to her. Carly is reluctant to revert to those ways that caused so much trouble, but Ro insists she not let her opportunity go.

Dusty explains Aaron's reluctance to throw the fight, and Dusty expresses his guilt for not listening to him. Lucy tries to make Dusty see he wasn't at fault. Dusty says he knows that Aaron will never forgive him and leaves his room. Lucy follows and attempts to console him as Holden arrives and attacks Dusty for trying to buy his way out of guilt. Lucy defends Dusty and tries to make Holden see that Dusty was not at fault. Dusty orders Lucy to give up and leaves. Holden and Allison also warn her to walk away from him.

Jessica finds Ben at Metro and wants to talk. Ben is reluctant, but Jess insists it is important.

At Java, Jen runs into Jordan, who wants to go over some proofs for Street Jeans. Jen can't because she is going to Paul's wedding. Jordan reveals Paul invited him and wonders if she would go with him. When she tells him she is going with Mike, Jordan barely hides his disappointment and jealousy. When he leaves, Jen makes a call to someone, insisting she needs him or her right now. .

Carly questions Rosanna's suggestion to be bad and worries about the ramifications. Ro assures her it's for a good cause and offers to help. She even enlists Emily to help come up with something so devious Jack will have no choice but to return to her. Carly thanks her for being the best sister a former scheming tramp could have. Paul arrives, wanting to whisk Ro away for their wedding. Rosanna goes to see Sage for a moment as Paul tells Carly his plan to come full-circle with Rosanna.

In Aaron's room, Allison sets out the things she collected and speaks to Aaron. She pleads with him to wake up, declaring her love and saying she hopes he wakes soon. When she turns her back, he says her name. She turns to see him awake and rushes to call Holden. Aaron jokes with Alli over her excitement as Holden comes. He calls for a doctor as he tells Aaron how glad he is to have him back. When Alli expresses her love, Aaron looks strange. Aaron then tells them that something is wrong.

Lucy follows Dusty to the park. He's cool with her, but she pushes on. He tells her she was out of line for defending him to Holden. She admits she rushed to judgement with half the facts. Dusty laments that that's how it always is with him and her. He questions her concern and tells her she chose to walk, so now she can deal with it.

Jess tries to warn Ben, but the doctor won't listen and orders Jess to stay out of his life, adding that he would never go to her for help. He leaves in a huff.

Rosanna sends Paul out as she offers Carly one last line of encouragement. She also makes Carly promise to attend the wedding. Outside, Paul calls Ro on her sneakiness. He knows she's up to something, but Ro says it's wedding day jitters.

Mike meets Jen at Java, and she tells him she needs to have him escort her to the wedding so Jordan won't think she's available. Mike doesn't want to get involved in any games.

Lucy tells Dusty that she has had time to think and she knows she overreacted. She was terrified and hurt, but it's not enough to make her forget her feelings. Truth is sometimes more powerful than reason, and to her, the truth is they should never be apart.

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