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As the World Turns Update Tuesday 11/16/04


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Paul and Rosanna arrive on Carly's doorstep full of glee over their impending nuptials. They agree to keep their affection in check for Carly's benefit but end up kissing anyway, and Carly opens the door to see them at it. Once inside, they tell Carly about their engagement. Carly hugs Rosanna and tells them she is happy, but her heart is not in it.

Craig refuses to balk at Sierra's pressuring. She questions Lucy's love once she has had time to think about what Craig did. In his roundabout way, he accuses Sierra of being an absentee mother. Sierra blasts him for all the damage he has caused to Lucy. Craig heads for the door as Sierra drops her bomb: she's in Oakdale for good.

Lucy follows Dusty back into the interrogation room and asks him about Rafael's release. Dusty plays coy and keeps mum. She asks him if he made a deal to rat on Dominic.

Jessica finds Margo at her desk and shows her the signed divorce papers. Margo wants Jess to consider things first. Jessica explains her role in Ben's drug investigation.

Bob listens to John's protests about Ben but tells him to stop looking for reasons to hurt Ben.

At the hospital, Holden grills Ben about the surgery for Aaron, but Ben reveals little and insists he has to go.

John and Bob arrive at the hospital as John makes one last effort to force Bob to see the facts. Bob warns John about poking into personal matters as Holden comes out and demands answers from Bob. Ben explains the surgery and leaves as Holden waits. Inside the room, Allison tells a comatose Aaron that she will wait for him until he wakes up.

Lisa caters to Julia as she rests in bed. They discuss the horrors that occurred, and Julia insists she will be fine; once Jack returns they will not have to worry about Carly anymore.

Rosanna comforts her sister as she listens to the events involving Julia and her ex. Ro insists that Carly is not to blame.

Carly reveals Jack's memory return and how all is lost now. Paul interjects and advises her not to take the blame or act like she did something wrong. Carly agrees and leaves to go see Jack.

Craig can barely hide his shock at Sierra's revelation. She gave up her country to be with her daughter. Craig tries to deter her, but Sierra refuses to leave. She blames him for all the bad things her daughter has suffered and vows to keep Craig from doing any more damage. Craig responds with bitterness and declares his only concern to be Lucy, and then he leaves.

Lucy is grateful for Rafael but also worried about Dusty. He shrugs her off, and when Tom comes in and reveals the deal he orders Lucy out, despite her concern for him.

He tells her that he is none of her business and this is how she wanted it, so tough luck. Tom calls him on his harshness, but Dusty plays it cool as he watches Lucy through the window.

Jess and Margo discuss Jess' choice to sign the papers, and Margo believes if she ignores it, like she did with Tom, it would give them some time. Jessica decides it's what Ben wants from her, and she should at least give him that.

Holden won't let Bob off the hook, but Bob remains cool and won't guess anything about the outcome. Lily makes Holden go for coffee as John again asks Bob if he is going to do anything about Ben.

At the police station, Craig arrives and wants to pay Rafael's bail. Tom informs him it is not necessary, as Dusty took care of it. When he learns Dusty is also to be released, he makes a point of speaking about the deal as Dominic is being led from the station.

Lucy goes to Sierra, and the mother and daughter share a long hug. Lucy explains how Rafael was released, as was Dusty, and he is now in danger because of her. Sierra listens as Lucy blames herself for getting involved. Now Dusty is taking all the heat to protect her, Aaron and Raf, and she wouldn't even give him a chance.

Sierra believes that Dusty loves her and would forgive her. Lucy is unsure after Dusty's words at the station. She also tells Lucy that Dusty is in a bad situation, and these are the times when you will learn the real strength of your relationship. Can she understand and forgive him for making a mistake? Sierra goes to make a bed up for her daughter as Lucy recalls her first time with Dusty and the sweet words he said to her.

Carly goes to Julia's room and she answers. Once inside, Carly asks about J.J. Julia details his horrific night and the nightmares he used to have that had vanished until now. Carly apologizes, swearing she would never hurt anyone like that. She had no idea. Julia counters that Carly didn't bother to know anything but what she wanted to know. Julia advises her she crossed the line and that she could no longer interfere in their lives. Carly doesn't agree.

Will arrives at Carly's and Paul and Rosanna share their happy news with him. Paul asks him to be his best man, but Will hesitates until Rosanna assures him it's what they both want. Then they also ask him to live with them. Rosanna explains she wants a family that will fill her home with laughter and noise. Thrilled, Will agrees quickly, and they embrace before making plans for the wedding. When Ro leaves for a moment, Will asks about his mom, but Paul diverts it with more plans for a lavish wedding to surprise Rosanna.

Ben finds Allison in Aaron's room and comforts the girl. Allison begs him to fix the problem with Aaron, and Ben promises he will. Outside, Jessica stops him as he heads for surgery.

Then John appears and informs Ben that he is not doing Aaron's surgery. Appalled, Ben takes off looking for Bob, who runs into Jessica. He refuses to discuss "the case" with her and leaves.

Craig gloats to Dusty about his busted romance with Lucy, but Dusty warns him about his own dirty deeds. Craig warns Dusty that he will protect Lucy from him, but Dusty knows that Craig's living in fantasy if he thinks Lucy will forgive him easily. He signs his papers as Margo kicks her brother out again. She wonders if Dusty is worried about Dom. Dusty isn't but thinks she should watch Craig.

Julia shows Carly J.J.'s corner and Carly points out that J.J.'s life is always like that. Julia tells her they aren't moving again and Carly should just give up. Carly turns the tables and wonders whose son went through more, but Julia won't play, and Carly warns her that once Jack remembers who he really is he will come home to her. Each vows that she is not going anywhere without Jack.

Jessica confronts Ben with the signed papers. She wants to still be friends, but Ben shuts her down and takes off. At the hospital, Bob explains that, while Aaron came out of the surgery, he may suffer some brain damage.

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