ATWT Update Monday 11/15/04

As the World Turns Update Monday 11/15/04


By Dixie
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Emily returns home to Hal, who is very glad she has forgiven him. Barbara is not so pleased.

Craig and Lucinda meet in the park across from the police station, where she berates him for being so selfish and contributing to Aaron's condition. Craig tries to divert her concern onto Rafael's predicament, but Lucinda sees right through him. Sierra arrives.

At the hospital, Allison and Lucy try to get through to Aaron, but without success. Allison worries about him not waking. When a nurse comes in and mentions insurance, Allison then frets that Aaron won't be able to pay the sure-to-be massive bill. Lucy excuses herself as Alli tends to Aaron.

At the station, Dusty awaits arraignment as he recalls Lucy's last words to him. John comes in and Dusty is glad to see him. John seems reluctant, but Dusty asks for help, and John agrees and then leaves. Lucy shows up.

Sierra sends her mother away for her to confront her ex. Craig is surprised to see her, but Sierra plays it cool. She explains how Lucinda called to advise her of Lucy's latest drama and that it's all Craig's fault. Craig counters that this time it was all on Dusty.

Lucy explains how Aaron might be in the hospital for a while, and that it's not fair for him to have to pay his medical bills. As she is about to tell Dusty to pay them, John comes in and assures Donovan that all of Aaron's expenses would be taken care of, even though they wouldn't be cheap. A shocked Lucy listens as John explains the high cost, but Dusty doesn't care. John leaves and Lucy expresses her concern about him having to pay it all. Dusty admits he has no choice, since he was responsible for Aaron and he let him down. Tom comes in and makes Lucy leave, but she dawdles at the door. Tom explains how Dusty may go away for up to twenty years, but if he makes a deal he could walk.

Holden and Allison discuss Aaron's lack of progress and worry about what might happen. Holden tries to be strong for the girl. Aaron opens his eyes.

Emily and Hal take a moment to bask in her return until he leaves to go see Daniel and retrieve Emily's things. He worries about leaving Emily and Barbara alone, but leaves nonetheless.

Barbara immediately begins to undermine Emily, but Em isn't going to take it. She lets Barbara know that she is not a guest, but rather a prisoner.

Allison and Holden try to talk to Aaron, thinking he is awake. Lily goes for Ben, who determines that Aaron needs more testing. Outside, a nurse gives John a file on Aaron's surgery.

Sierra and Craig return to the carriage house, and Craig begins to spin his version of the events. Sierra blasts him for knowing about the gloves and still allowing his desire to be Lucy's everything prevent him from helping Aaron with his life. Craig insists he was trying to protect Lucy, but Sierra won't buy it. Craig brings up Alan and how none of it was his fault. Sierra informs Craig that he is the problem, and his obsession with Lucy would have to end. She tells him to stay away from their daughter.

Tom explains that if he rolls on Dom, Dusty would walk on all charges. Dusty doesn't know anything about Dom. Outside, Lucy waits for him and learns that he is about to be arraigned. She sees Rafael and goes to him. Upon learning of his own charges, she gives him a hug. Dusty tells Tom he can't roll on Dom, or he would be dead in a day.

Rafael learns Aaron is still in a coma and is upset. Lucy tries to comfort him and offers to get him a lawyer when he reveals he doesn't have one. She insists that he was not at fault because he was blackmailed for her. She makes him see he has to set the record straight. Dusty comes out and sees them hug for a second time.

Emily and Barbara go at it as each makes her own case. Emily is only tolerating Barbara for Hal's and Will's sake, and Barbara is not to cook or clean or do anything for Emily's family. Barbara is incensed at Emily's demands, but Em doesn't care and tosses the apple pie Barbara just finished making.

Ben sends Aaron for some tests and explains to Holden that his opening his eyes was probably a nervous reflex. John calls Ben over and asks about Aaron. Ben admits he is unresponsive. Holden wants to know what is going on. Ben wants to do the tests first and takes off. John assures Holden he will find out what is going on with his son.

Craig refuses to stay away from his daughter. Sierra points out all the poison that Craig has inflicted on her already. Craig wants to makes sure she has a future, but Sierra believes Craig is the one ruining it.

Lucy vows to help Raf with his legal woes. Raf is reluctant to have her involved. Lucy feels responsible for the whole thing. If she hadn't been so involved with the fight, she couldn't have been used as leverage. She says that he was the one protecting her as kids, and it was her turn now. They hug again as Dusty is escorted from the room. Outside, Dusty asks to speak to Tom again.

Barbara tries to explain her reasons for doing so much, but Emily is just annoyed. She spits that after all these years she is still the same old selfish woman, and Emily can see through it. She also warns Barbara she won't get away with her crimes.

Lily tries to comfort Holden, but he keeps pulling away. "It's too late," he says. She still cares for him and won't let him be alone. Holden refuses to rest until he knows how Aaron is doing. Ben receives the latest results. He is not happy.

Lucy insists on helping. She wants to call his family, but Raf won't allow it. Dusty tells Tom he wants to take the deal, but with a condition.

Barbara dreamily dictates how she was only trying to make up for all her wrongdoings in at least some small way. As she promises aloud to not get in Emily's way, in her head she hisses how Emily is the intruder, and soon Barbara's house and family will be free of her. Hal returns and is impressed that no one is dead. Barbara leaves but listens from the stairs as Hal and Emily kiss and hug.

John and Bob meet to discuss Aaron's condition. John is worried that there is going to be a problem for the hospital.

Lily brings coffee for Holden, but he still refuses to leave without word on Aaron. She suggests Aaron come to their house when he is released from the hospital, but Holden is reluctant. Ben arrives and advises Holden and Allison that Aaron has a blood clot and needs more surgery.

Craig and Sierra are unable to find common ground, and she declares she will never be on the same side as Craig again. Craig warns her he will be cold if she presses his separation from Lucy. Sierra advises him to bundle up, as she has a big surprise for him.

Tom comes over to Raf and Lucy and lets them know that his charges were dropped, thanks to Dusty. A grateful Raf goes to sign paperwork as Lucy and Dusty lock eyes.

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