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At the Lakeview, Allison arrives and tells Holden and Emily that Aaronís condition hasnít changed. The doctors keep telling her not to give up hope, but Allison worries that Aaron has been unconscious too long. Holden heads for the hospital to see Aaron and encourages Allison to stay and eat something. Allison notices the suitcases on the floor next to Emily and asks her why they are there.

Emily explains that she has moved out of the house because Barbara is staying there temporarily, and she canít live in the same house with her.

At Hal and Emily’s house, Rosanna explains to Barbara that she is dropping off the art supplies as a favor to Will because he doesn’t want to see her. Rosanna also warns Barbara to stop using Will to do everything for her, or she will make sure she stays in jail for the rest of her life.

At Paul’s place, Will explains to Jennifer that Paul turned down Rosanna’s marriage proposal. Will and Jennifer both think that Paul turned down Rosanna because of them. Paul tells them he wants to protect Rosanna from James and Barbara.

At the park, Les tells Julia that Carly helped him with his plan and that Jack and Carly are spending some time alone together.

At the boathouse, Jack continues to have memories of making love to Carly on the day she almost left him. He gets scared when he remembers the intensity of his feelings for Carly. Jack feels like he must leave now and tells Carly that the feelings they had for each other feel wrong now, because the only woman he loves is Julia.

At the Lakeview, Allison thinks Emily is nuts for leaving Barbara alone with Hal in their house. Allison thinks it won’t be long before Barbara starts giving Hal back rubs and making herself indispensable as the woman of the house, or before she ends up back in Hal’s bed. Emily doesn’t believe her sister at first, but then she realizes it’s exactly what Barbara would do. Allison encourages her sister to fight for her husband. Emily comforts Allison, who is worried she will lose Aaron just when she's realized she loves him. Emily also starts devising a plan to fight Barbara. Emily thinks that after she gets done with Barbara, she will be begging Hal to go back to jail.

At Hal and Emily’s house, Rosanna threatens to call Hal and tell him Barbara broke the "no contact with Will" rule. Barbara isn’t afraid of Rosanna and dares her to call Hal. She wonders why Rosanna doesn’t want to call Paul instead of Hal. Barbara guesses that Rosanna is having trouble with her relationship with Paul, although Rosanna denies the allegation. Barbara also thinks Rosanna is trying to take Will away from her as payback for her part in Cabot’s death. Rosanna thinks Barbara should consider herself blessed to have sons like Paul and Will and a daughter like Jennifer, but instead of enjoying her family she is pushing them away by trying to control them. Barbara assures Rosanna she knows both her sons very well, and they will return to her because they love her. Barbara tells Rosanna she won’t take her sons away from her. She hits Rosanna where it hurts most when she tells her Paul won’t ever marry a woman who can't give him children of his own.

At Paulís place, Jennifer and Will both think Paul is an idiot for not marrying Rosanna because, whether he marries her or not, Barbara will still make Rosannaís life a living nightmare. In the end, Paul wouldnít be protecting her from anything.

Jennifer advises her brother to call Rosanna and beg her to marry him.

At Hal and Emily’s place, Rosanna gets a call from Paul asking her to come see him at his place. She tells Paul she will be right over. Rosanna gets the last word when she tells Barbara that as rotten a mother as she is, she deserves to have Will taken away from her. Rosanna also tells Barbara she hopes it will be a very creative afternoon, and the next time she needs art supplies she should call the phone number on the receipt, because the store will deliver them to her.

At the boathouse, Carly asks Jack if he knows why he fell in love with Julia. Jack thinks Carly will say because his first wife’s name was Julia. Carly replies that at first she believed that was the reason as well, but after thinking about it she figured out the real reason. Jack was reaching out to her even before he knew his identity. Carly goes on to explain that Jack fell in love with Julia after he spent time with her and her son at their house and saw the toys on the floor. Jack was searching for the love of a family, which he felt was missing from his life. Jack was born to be a husband and father even before he became one. He cares about everyone and makes him or her feel safe; that is why everyone loves him. Carly tells Jack that he was searching for what they had together, and he found a woman who could give him those things. She explains to Jack that he will not be able to fight the power of their love; she tried for many years, even by marrying other men, but it was impossible for her to fight it. Carly tells Jack that every time he said her name it was like an electric charge went through her body, and every time he touched her or kissed her it was just like lighting a match. Carly tells Jack neither of them has ever felt that way with anyone else.

At the park, Julia offers to let Les take her instead of J.J. Les makes it clear that he came to take J.J. with him, not her. Julia gives J.J. their secret signal by calling him "Champ." The signal means for him to hit hard and run when she says the word "now." Julia keeps trying to persuade Les not to take J.J. to give her son a few minutes to get ready to run, then she says, "Now!" J.J. hits Les and runs away. Julia pushes herself against Les hard to keep him from going after J.J.

Les puts an arm around Juliaís neck and warns her she will be very sorry she ever did what she has just done. Les laughs because, after Julia made a fool of him for years, she found a man who made a fool of her because he was already married. Julia starts to tell Les she was wrong about him so he will loosen his grip on her and she can try to run. The trick works, and Julia manages to wiggle out of his grasp and tries to run away. Les grabs her again and punches her in the face hard, drawing blood.

At the boathouse, Jack tells Carly that he feels empty inside, what he used to feel for her isn’t there anymore. Carly explains that the empty space he feels is the space she used to fill inside of him. Carly begs Jack to let her in so she can fill that empty space again. Jack and Carly share a kiss.

At the hospital, J.J. runs straight to Holden and quickly explains that his father is back and is hurting his mom at the park across the street from his school. J.J. also explains about his and Julia’s secret signal. Holden runs to help and asks a nurse to watch J.J.

At Hal and Emily’s house, Barbara daydreams that Will is at the house having pie with her, but Will leaves as soon as Rosanna arrives to take him home. In Barbara’s daydream Rosanna calls Will "Son." Barbara drops a plate when she recalls Rosanna’s parting words to her about her deserving to have her son taken away from her. Barbara is so upset she cuts herself on the glass. Hal arrives and applies first aid to the cut.

At Paul’s place, Paul pushes Jen and Will out the door just before Rosanna arrives to talk to him.

At the park, Les holds Julia’s face and immediately apologizes to Julia for hitting her, and asks her why she likes to get him mad. Julia continues to cry and is begging Les to let her go when Holden arrives to save her. Holden punches Les out and goes over to Julia, who is huddled in a corner crying and in shock. Holden asks her if she is okay, but all she keeps repeating is, "Please call Jack." Holden calls his cousin on the phone.

At the boathouse, Jack and Carly are kissing when they are interrupted by the phone call from Holden. Holden quickly explains to Jack what happened to Julia and tells Jack to meet them at the hospital. Jack hangs up the phone and explains to Carly that Les is abusive, and he almost grabbed J.J. and hurt Julia. Jack heads to the hospital and Carly asks herself, "What have I done?" Carly leaves the boathouse and heads for the hospital.

At the hospital, Holden arrives carrying Julia and places her on a gurney. Holden explains to the doctors what happened and that Julia has been holding her ribs and asking for J.J. The nurse tells Holden that J.J. is fine and is upstairs being watched by another nurse. Jack arrives and rushes to Juliaís side. He kisses her on the forehead and tells her he is there now, and she will be fine.

Jack thanks Holden for helping Julia and tells him he can go back to Aaron, because he has already done so much for Julia. Jack thanks Carly for her understanding about the situation. Jack explains that he loves Julia and J.J., and if anything ever happened to them he would never forgive himself. Carly starts to tell Jack about her part in helping Les, but Jack stops her because he must check on J.J.

At Hal and Emily’s house, Barbara pulls a pity act on Hal, saying she used to be a successful fashion designer with a family who loved her, but now she is under house arrest in her ex-husband’s house, and he is only keeping her there as a favor to their son. Hal doesn’t buy Barbara’s act and tells her if she wants her life to change she must change her attitude. Barbara promises Hal she will do her best to change her attitude. Hal gives Barbara some of her clothes and jewelry, which he picked up for her when he stopped by her place. Hal does his best to downplay the gesture, but Barbara takes it the wrong way and smiles and gives Hal a hug. Barbara happily runs upstairs to change her clothes, interpreting the gesture as a sign of hope she will get her family back.

At the hospital, Jack is about to go check on J.J. when Margo arrives to take a statement from Julia and Holden. Jack explains to Margo about Juliaís abusive ex-husband Les. Les arrives at the hospital being held back by police. Jack goes after him verbally, shouting accusations at him. Les does the same and shouts that Carly knew he was alone with Julia and J.J., although he tells Carly he didnít mean to get her in trouble with Jack. Julia comes out of her cubicle into the hallway and tells Jack Les told her the same thing at the park. Jack turns and asks Carly, and she tells him the same and immediately starts apologizing to him, saying that she had no idea Les was abusive.

Carly tells Jack that Les showed her custody papers and told her Julia was keeping him away from his son. Jack doesnít want to listen to anymore of Carlyís excuses or explanations.

At Paulís place, Paul and Rosanna discuss their insecurities, his about his family, and hers about not being able to have a child. They decide they are both willing to deal with each otherís baggage in order to be together. Paul asks Rosanna to cut a deck of cards and take the card on top, and if both of their cards are the same it is a sign they should get married. Paul picks the queen of hearts from the deck.

Rosanna hesitates because she worries she wonít pick the same card. Paul tells her they must continue to trust each other, and this could be another step in rebuilding the trust between them. Rosanna picks a card and gets the queen of hearts. Rosanna is so happy she picked the same card because itís a sign they should be together. Paul shows her that the deck had fifty-two queens of hearts in it. Rosanna thinks the gesture is sweet and gives Paul a kiss. Paul asks Rosanna to marry him, and she responds yes.

At the hospital, Jack blasts Carly for putting Julia and J.J. in danger because she only cared about herself and what she wanted, which was to get him back. Jack explains about the trauma Julia and J.J. have lived through because of Les. Carly once again apologizes and tells Jack her heart is breaking for J.J. and Julia. Carly can tell Jack doesn’t believe her and has gone back to thinking she is heartless. Jack asks Carly to prove to him she has a heart.

At Hal and Emilyís house, Barbara comes downstairs and again thanks Hal for helping her feel like herself again by bringing her some of her clothes and jewelry. Barbara asks Hal to help her put on a necklace.

Hal is about to put the necklace on Barbara when Emily arrives home and warns her husband to be careful about putting his hands anywhere on Barbaraís body, because he has no idea where she has been.

At the hospital, Jack wants Carly to let him move out of the house and back with Julia and J.J. Carly mentions the court order, but Jack makes it clear that he would rather go to jail than ever live with her again. Carly cries and begs Jack to remember how close they were at the boathouse, saying she knows he felt it too. Jack comes up real close to Carly, as close as they were at the boathouse when they kissed each other. He asks Carly if that is close enough for her. Jack delivers one parting shot when he tells Carly, "If you aren’t gone by the time I get back from checking on my son I will throw you out myself." Carly sobs as she watches Jack go up to check on J.J.

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