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As the World Turns Update Thursday 11/11/04


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At Paulís place, Mike and Jennifer are in the middle of making love on the couch when Jordan, who is at the door, interrupts them. Once Jordan tells Jennifer he is at the door, Mike and Jennifer get dressed quickly. Mike and Jennifer share one more kiss, and Mike tells Jennifer she is so beautiful before Jennifer walks over to open the door. Jordan gets the feeling he is interrupting something because Jennifer seems nervous and a bit out of breath. Jennifer and Mike both tell Jordan he didnít interrupt anything at all.

At Jack and Carlyís house, Paul turns down Rosannaís marriage proposal because he feels Rosanna is trying to rescue him and Will.

At Hal and Emilyís house, Barbara calls Will to find out if he bought the art supplies she asked him to buy for her. Will takes a long pause, and Barbara asks the question again. Will tells Barbara he bought the art supplies for her. Barbara smiles and thanks her son for his help. Barbara is eager to know what time Will is bringing the art supplies to the house. Will makes it clear to his mother he thinks it's best he leave the art supplies outside the door of the house. Will is firm with Barbara, and she agrees to this point but once again tries to persuade Will to come inside and have some of the pot roast she made for dinner. Will tells his mother good-bye and hangs up the phone. Hal arrives while Barbara still has the phone against her ear.

At the hospital, Jack tells Julia he had planned to pick up Parker and J.J. so the boys could spend some time together and get to know each other, but Parker is unable to go because he has a play date. Jack tells Julia that he still plans to pick up J.J. and spend some time with him. Julia gives Jack a kiss and thanks him for coming to see J.J. before school and bringing him presents. Julia explains that J.J. was sad and nervous until he saw Jack, and it made his whole day. She adds that J.J.ís father Les spent most of his time hitting and terrorizing J.J., and he never would have made such a kind gesture to his son. Jack gives Julia a kiss and holds her to assure her everything will be okay.

At the park, Les explains to Carly that Julia has this way of making men want to rescue her because they believe she is a helpless single mother raising her son. Les tells Carly that he bought her act at first and that is why he married her, but once they were married and had their son he discovered Julia was not a helpless woman at all. Les asks Carly if she knows if Julia is going to pick up J.J. from school. Carly tells Les she has no idea about Juliaís plans. Les continues telling Carly his sad story. Les explains to Carly that he and Julia had joint custody of J.J. until Julia ran away with his little boy, and since then she has refused to let him see his son. Les explains that every time he tracks them down, Julia runs away with J.J. Les wants Carly to take Jack some place while he spends a few hours with his family to try to get them back. Carly has an uneasy feeling about Les and refuses to get involved in the situation. Carly starts to leave, but Les grabs her arm to stop her and tells her she must help him because she has no other choice. Les shows Carly a copy of the custody agreement and his driverís license to get her to trust him.

At Jack and Carlyís place, Rosanna assures Paul that she loves him and wants to be married to him. Rosanna explains to Paul that she loves Will and is sure she and Jennifer can become friends. Paul wonders how Rosanna feels about Barbara. Rosanna tells Paul that she will never forgive Barbara or James for Cabotís death, but she now understands the rest of his family isnít to blame. Paul explains to Rosanna that he wants their relationship to continue as it is; he canít marry her until he is sure that Barbara and James are some place where they canít cause her or anyone he loves any more pain. Paul doesnít want Rosanna to feel like she must fill the role of another psychiatrist for Will. Rosanna refuses to put their relationship on hold just because they are both scared of Paulís parents. The babysitter arrives, and Paul takes the opportunity to leave the house.

At Hal and Emilyís place, Barbara tells Hal she was calling Kim on the phone. Hal doesnít buy her story, especially when he notices that she brought some pictures of Will downstairs so she could look at them.

Hal gets angry and once again reminds Barbara that she canít have any contact with Will; she canít contact him, or look at his clothes, or look at pictures of him. Barbara cries a little and apologizes to Hal for breaking the rules. Barbara tells Hal she made a pot roast to thank him for his kindness to her.. Hal explains he only did it for Will, and the arrangement is temporary. Hal decides to go to the police station because Barbara has made him so mad. Barbara gives Hal some of his suits to take to the dry cleaner. Once Hal is gone, Barbara tells herself that Hal and the rest of her family love her deep inside, they just donít know it yet. Barbara vows to get her family back because they will all be happier together.

At the park, Les shows Carly a crumpled-up family picture and tells her itís all he has left of his family. Les once again tells Carly he only wants to see his son and have a chance at putting his family back together again.

Carly advises Les to go to the police or get a lawyer to help him enforce the custody agreement. Les explains the police wonít help him because Jack is a cop, and the courts will take so much time that Julia and Jack will leave town with J.J. Carly agrees to help Les with his plan.

At Paulís place, Jordan looks at the pictures from the photo shoot and the campaign Jennifer is going to use for Street Jeans. Jordan still thinks they should use a professional model instead of Mike. Jennifer makes it clear to Jordan that if Mike isnít the model for Street Jeans she wonít work for Worldwide. Jordan gets a call from Lucinda and goes to take it in another room. Jennifer tells Mike they should cool things off a bit before they get into a rebound relationship. Mike thinks their relationship is much more than just a rebound relationship. Mike and Jennifer agree to always tell each other the truth and take things at a medium pace, not too fast, but not too slow, either. Mike and Jennifer kiss but stop just a few seconds before Paul arrives home. Jordan explains that Lucinda needs him and he must reschedule the meeting. They decide to meet at eight oíclock the next day. Jordan invites Mike to have coffee with him so they can talk. Mike and Jordan leave, and Jennifer wonders why Paul is in such a bad mood.

At Alís Diner, Rosanna catches Will with the art supplies, and he tells her Barbara asked him to buy the supplies for her. Rosanna tells Will that Paul turned down her marriage proposal and explains the reasons Paul gave her for not accepting it. Will also thinks he is part of the reason Paul refuses to be happy with Rosanna. Will comes up with a plan to handle Barbara so Paul can be happy.

At the hospital, Carly arrives and sees Jack and Julia kissing each other. Carly asks Jack to take a ride with her because she thinks it will help him remember. Julia thinks itís a good idea and tells Jack she will pick J.J. up from school. Jack leaves to say good-bye to Holden.

At the park, Les arrives and finds his son. J.J. tries to run but Les grabs him and tells him that he isnít going anywhere.

At the hospital, Carly thanks Julia for allowing her to be with Jack a little while. Julia tells Carly she wants Jack to remember, because his children need their father. Julia tells Carly that Jack has assured her that, even if he gets his memory back, he wonít leave her or J.J. Carly warns Julia that she better watch out, because sooner or later Jack will realize she isnít the person she seems to be. She tells her that in a small town it doesnít take long for the truth to come out about a person. Jack returns and gives Julia a kiss before he leaves with Carly.

At the park, Julia is shocked to see Les holding J.J. with his arm around his neck. Julia tells Les that if he forces J.J. into the car with him it will be kidnapping, and he will be arrested. A nervous Julia tells Les Jack will be coming soon to pick them up. Les explains to Julia that he is certain Jack wonít be coming for at least a couple of hours.

At the boathouse, Carly explains to Jack that this was the place where he made her realize they were meant to be together forever. Carly shows Jack the compass and tells him that he said he was her true north, and this would always help her find her way back to him, no matter how many times she ran away from him. Jack tells Carly he will keep the compass, but he doesnít remember anything. Jack is on his way out the door but Carly continues repeating back what he told her that day. Carly tells Jack he told her he would be waiting for her because the compass would lead her back to him; they both finish the sentence at the same time.

At the Lakeview, Jordan tries to make Mike understand that he isnít right for the campaign, and all he wants is for Jennifer to succeed. Jordan tells Mike that he can come to him whenever the modeling interferes with his construction business. Mike tells him there hasnít been a conflict with his two jobs so far, and he knows he isnít a model, but Jennifer wants a real man for the campaign. Mike thanks Jordan for the coffee and leaves.

At Paulís place, Jennifer tries to get her brother to talk about his rotten mood, but Paul doesnít want to talk about it. After a few minutes Jennifer wonders why Paul doesnít want to talk to Rosanna. Will arrives and tells Jennifer that Paul doesnít want to talk to Rosanna because their brother is an idiot.

At Hal and Emilyís house, Barbara is shocked to see Rosanna at the door bringing the art supplies Will bought for her.

At the boathouse, Jack has a memory of kissing Carly after he gave her the compass. Carly nods her head to confirm that is what happened that day. Carly tells Jack she kept the compass all these years because it always brought her back to him every time she was lost. Jack tells Carly, "I remember."

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