ATWT Update Wednesday 11/10/04

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 11/10/04


By Dixie
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Angie

A strange man watches as Julia coaches her son on his first day of school. J.J. wants to get Jack and leave. The man crumples up a picture.

Carly fills Rosanna in on Aaron and her progress with Jack. She leaves to take Parker to school as Paul arrives. He gives Ro a big kiss and tells her he missed her. He then explains Barbara's current situation. Rosanna freaks.

Barbara calls Will, but he insists they not speak and hangs up. Jennifer arrives, but Will sees through her excuses, and she admits that she came to check on him. He turns the subject to her trip and Jen brushes it off as she recalls her kiss with Mike.

At the hospital , John interrupts Mike as he, too, recalls his kiss with Jen. John can't talk just then, and Mike won't hold up his meeting with Jen, so they agree on another time. Mike heads off.

Jack finds Julia and J.J. in the park and the boy is happy to see his daddy. The stranger picks up the picture; it's Les, Julia's ex.

Paul explains Will's fear for his mother and how he thinks leaving her would be worse. Rosanna is shocked. Paul assumes she is mad but she isn't, she just wants to save Will before it's too late.

At Paul's, Will tries to explain to his sister his reasons for wanting their mother at Hal's. Jen tries to warn him, but Will knows the score; he had months of therapy to see what Barbara is really like. Will finally gets Jen to relent and leaves. Outside, his cell phone rings and it's Barbara. He left behind his MP3 player, and she knows how important it is to him. Will doesn't buy her concern and warns her to back off. She insists she will not be around when he picks it up. Barbara hangs up as Kim comes to the door. She wants to visit, but Barbara can't let her be there when Will arrives and declines a visit.

Les watches as Jack and Julia help J.J. prepare for school. J.J. asks when Jack will come home, and Jack promises soon. Jack reassures them with hugs and kisses, then leaves. Julia lets J.J. know they will be a family soon. J.J. gets spooked, and Julia turns to see what he sees. Carly and Parker appear.

Hal finds Emily and asks her about Aaron. They discuss their fight, and Hal apologizes. He admits he does feel guilty about Will and that his emotions drive him. Emily is still worried and warns him of the possible outcomes.

Barbara details how she plans on cleaning and cooking as a payment of sorts, but Kim suggests that she is trying to replace Emily. Barbara manages to assuage Kim, who wishes her well and leaves.

Carly and Julia see off their sons. Carly asks of Aaron, and Julia fills her in. It turns ugly quickly when Carly mentions her progress with Jack, saying that it was only a matter of time. Julia snaps about him not bringing her up once and takes off. Carly notices something and picks it up. J.J. rushes over and blasts her for stealing the stickers. Carly tries to explain, but J.J. demands she leave Jack alone, snatches his stickers and takes off. Carly sits to catch her breath as Les approaches.

Paul and Rosanna discuss options to help Will. Paul thinks she shouldn't get involved in the mess, but Rosanna objects and says she loves Paul, and that means she can get involved and help when she can. Paul kisses her and returns her sentiments.

Will comes for his player and stops when he sees that there is something cooking. He checks it out as Barbara comes down and feigns shock at seeing him. Will tries to leave, but Barbara is able to suck him back in when he sees her making a meal he used to help her with.

Mike shows up at Paul's a little early, and Jen lets him in. The moment is a bit awkward until they look over the prints.

Julia finds Jack outside the hospital chapel and she asks about Carly. He admits he has feelings for her.

Les sits with Carly and asks her about the thing with J.J. She is rattled but okay. Les reveals himself as Julia's ex and J.J.'s real father. An excited Carly listens as he details how she ran off even though he had joint custody. Carly is shocked and wonders why she didn't try and learn about Julia when she dug into Carly's past. Les makes a sob story out of how Julia just pretended he didn't exist, and Carly takes pity on him. When he expresses his concern for his chances now that Julia is remarried, Carly reveals that she is Jack's wife, not Julia.

Jen and Mike go over each shot, and she points out her favorites. They argue over another shot and play-fight for it. It leads into a steamy kiss.

Kim sees Hal and fills him in on her visit with Barbara. Emily gives her two cents, and Kim scolds her for not being able to forgive when she herself had made some big mistakes, including one very recently.

Barbara and Will make the food as she inches closer to him mentally. She makes him talk her up, and when he gets frustrated she switches gears and apologizes for pushing. He suggests she design, and she counters that she has no supplies. Will knows she wants to ask him and tells her to go ahead.

Rosanna details how her plan would be good for Will and for them, saying that it can keep Barbara from Will while providing him with a stable home. When Paul asks what it is, she proposes.

Jen and Mike fall to the sofa. Mike's shirt is gone, and soon Jen's is, too.

Emily tries to make amends with Kim, but Kim just wants her to see that a little forgiveness would go a long way. Hal thinks Barbara is playing them, but Kim knows that if it is true, Barbara's true colors would come out soon enough, and they would know.

Will finally agrees to get the supplies, and a thrilled Barbara reaches out to him. He flinches away and states he will just be dropping them on the doorstep and going. He leaves, but Barbara watches him with hope.

Jack tells Julia how, even though he couldn't remember Carly or anyone, he felt for them and knew they were good people. Julia becomes visibly upset as Jack says he likes Carly, that she is a good person. She wants to know what comes next, and he asks her if it would be all right if, after the divorce, they marry and settle in Oakdale. An elated Julia hugs him and agrees.

An upset Les realizes that Julia could never keep J.J. away from him. He asks Carly if she would be willing to help him out so he could talk to Julia and J.J. without Jack. Carly agrees to help.

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