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As the World Turns Update Tuesday 11/9/04


By Dixie
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Julia informs Jack and Carly about Aaron and says that Holden could sure use his cousin. Jack agrees, but when Carly can't leave right away he goes with Julia to the hospital, which Carly doesn't like.

Lily pleads with Holden to turn to her, but he's over trying. He just wants to call Aaron's mom. She calls him on his distance, but he's not interested in hashing out the end of their marriage again at this time. Lily reminds him he wanted her to be there, and she is there now. It's too late, Holden admits. As Lily sobs, Holden tells her their marriage is over and that he has had enough. Lily wants him to at least consider her a friend and tells him she still loves him. She leaves him alone. He sits and cries.

Ben checks Aaron's vitals as John enters and asks him about his state while operating. Ben becomes defensive. John can't let go of it and grills Ben thoroughly, while Ben becomes more agitated than ever and blasts John for trying to take him down.

Rafael admits to Margo that the gloves were fixed, but Dominic won't budge. Raf insists and Dom punches him for not keeping his mouth shut. Margo arrests them both as Craig demands she arrest Dusty, too.

Dusty tries to explain to Lucy how he told Raf and Aaron all about the fight, but none of them knew about the gloves being fixed. He would never hurt Aaron like that. She doesn't care, he lied. Lucy sobs as Dusty admits that she doesn't mix in his world, but it doesn't matter since he loves her. She was his whole world and he won't let her go. He pleads for a chance, but Lucy can't give it to him.

Craig demands to have Dusty arrested and kept away from Lucy. Margo warns her brother to leave or she will consider arresting him for his role in the mess. Rafael needs medical attention, so Margo agrees to wait around for it. As Dom is taken away he blames Craig for the outcome and vows he will pay.

Craig assures Rafael that he will help him out of this mess; then Allison attacks Raf for hurting Aaron and vows revenge if Aaron dies

Lucy can't get over Dusty's failure to come to her, to trust her. She wanted that more than anything, and he let her down. After all her parents did to protect her, Dusty did the same. She chose him to be her life and he failed to trust her. Dusty refuses to let go and believes they can salvage their relationship and build from their mistakes. Lucy is disgusted to think their failures could cost Aaron his life. Dusty demands to know if she still loves him and, after first denying it, she finally admits that she does. She accuses him of being worse than her father and says that she will never be able to depend on him. Dusty's pleas fall short as Lucy sobs that they are over and leaves.

Jack and Julia find Holden in the chapel, and Holden is glad to see his cousin. The three are comfortable with one another, which Lily sees when she comes in.

At the hospital, Rafael tries to make amends, but Alli won't listen. Lucy comes and defends her childhood friend, revealing Dominic's plot.

Julia leaves when Lily appears. Lily tells them Aaron is out of surgery and leaves to find Julia. She thanks Julia for being kind to Holden. When Julia asks her who she is, she is shocked to learn that Lily is Holden's wife.

Jack tries to console Holden but has nothing to draw from. Even still, it helps Holden just to see his cousin Jack. Holden talks of Julia and sees how Jack could let Julia care for him. She is a loving person with a sense for helping people out. Jack agrees.

Julia apologizes for not knowing Lily as Lily plays the concerned wife and leaves to check on Aaron and their three kids. Jack comes out and tells Julia about Holden's new admiration for her. Julia then laments about Carly and how she purposely tries to keep them apart. Jack assures her that Julia is his future and will be forever.

He kisses her as Carly appears. Julia spots her and pulls away. Ben appears before Carly can speak and she asks of Aaron. He wants to tell Holden first. Julia leaves and Carly voices her concerns to Jack about his lack of commitment to her thirty days with him. Jack can't help it. Carly gets a call from her sitter as Julia returns to say she is off early and wants to spend her day with Jack. Carly is stung when Jack tells her to go so he can be with Julia.

Ben explains Aaron's outcome to a grateful Holden as John questions a nurse about Ben's emotional state during the surgery. As Holden thanks Ben for a great job, the nurse admits Ben was not the same.

Lucy fills Allison in on all that happened and swears that Rafael is not to blame. Ben comes and distracts Alli as Lucy stays with Raf. She notices the cuffs, and he tells her of his arrest. Lucy promises to help him as she sees Dusty enter the hospital.

Allison pleads with a motionless Aaron to not die as Holden watches from the outside.

Lucy gives Dusty a cold glare as she tends to Rafael. She tries to talk with Margo, but the detective has to arrest Dusty, who goes willingly. Lucy leaves with Rafael as Craig gloats that Dusty no longer has a prayer.

Lily finds Carly and rants about Nurse Julia. Carly agrees that Julia is a pain, she's always there. Carly knows the fight isn't fair but won't back down.

Jack and Julia cuddle on a bench and talk of their life in St. Genevieve and now. They are determined to be together, and Julia gushes about how lucky she is to have him. As they nuzzle, someone watches them with binoculars.

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