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As the World Turns Update Monday 11/8/04


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Carly reluctantly pulls away from Jack as the phone rings. Jack goes to tend to Parker as Carly answers the phone. It's Julia.

Holden is told of Aaron's dire need for surgery and signs the release. He and Allison go in to see Aaron. Holden wishes his boy well through surgery.

Craig explains to Margo his attempts to inform the police about the fight. Margo doesn't buy it and warns him of the consequences.

Dusty tries to explain his role, but Lucy blasts him for what happened to Aaron. He swears he never knew this would happen. Dominic tries to leave but Lucy stops him. She chides him about the outcome of the fight. Dom plays it cool, but Lucy sees right through him. She turns to Dusty and asks if he knew about the loaded gloves. A shocked Dusty recalls the hit and questions Dom about the fight. When he denies it, Lucy reveals she was held hostage and Rafael was blackmailed into fighting with the loaded gloves. Dusty attacks Dom as Margo enters and pulls them apart. Dusty warns Dominic, and Dom calls him on it in front of the police. Margo demands answers as Dusty reveals Aaron is in the hospital. A worried Lucy takes off to call the hospital. Margo wants the gloves. She checks them out, and they appear to be okay.

At the hospital, Bud tries to convince Rafael to leave, but he won't. Before leaving, he assures Raf that he took care of the loaded gloves. Rafael blasts Bud about not caring for the fight.

Allison tries to talk to Aaron as he lies unconscious. Ben gives Aaron a fifty-fifty chance. Holden asks him to save his son's life. John assures Holden that Ben is the best. Allison stops Aaron as he is being wheeled out and tells him she loves him. As he is taken away, Emily appears and hugs her sister tight.

In the chapel, Holden sits and prays that his son will make it. Despite all their shortcomings, Holden loves his son and wants him to live.

Julia holds her note as she asks for Jack. Carly informs her that Jack was discharged and is now at home. She rushes Julia off the phone when her doorbell rings. Lily is at the door and came to see how Jack is doing.

Carly fills her in on their moment earlier, before Julia called and ruined it. It was a good moment, Carly declares. Lily is about to leave when Jack comes down and calls her Rose again. Then he quickly realizes she couldn't be Rose, since she died. It hits Jack hard as he feels the sadness. Lily comforts him, knowing how hard it is to let go. Jack remembers more about Rose's death.

Ben zones out in surgery before John arrives.

Julia finds Holden in the chapel and sits with him. Holden is angry over his role in Aaron's accident and wishes Jack was there like before.

Julia tries to comfort him by explaining about an accident that J.J. had when he was two, and how she felt guilty for so long before she saw that she had to be strong for her son, like Holden would have to. And in order to be there fully, he would have to forgive himself. Julia hugs him as Lily enters.

Margo checks the gloves thoroughly and says they aren't loaded. Lucy doesn't buy it and blasts Dominic. Dom plays dumb.

Craig comes in and informs them about Aaron's surgery. Lucy stays behind and lashes out at Dusty.

Allison tells Emily about his love for her being Aaron's inspiration to fight, and now he could die. She also admits to loving him back.

Julia leaves after Holden thanks her for being there. Lily asks him why he didn't call her. Holden admits it didn't occur to him during the madness.

Lucy rants about Dusty lying to her and ruining everyone's life. She defended him and he let this all happen. He tells her he only just found out the night before and says that Aaron knew also. He denies knowing about the gloves, swearing that he would never hurt Aaron for any amount of money.

He made a deal with a creep who threatened him into the fight when Dusty resisted. He asks why she thinks he got a bodyguard and tried to keep her from the fight. Lucy's a mess as she tries to absorb it all.

Lily is upset that Holden didn't think she would care about her stepson. Holden is despondent, and Lily accuses him of punishing her with this. He doesn't understand why, but he was too involved in what was going on. Lily tries to hug him, but he stiffens away from her.

Rafael watches as Alli fills Emily in on Aaron's fight and how he went down. Bud stops Raf from confronting them.

Jack and Carly go over pictures of Lily and Holden and the family. They come to one of his car and Carly reveals she bought it for him. An excited Jack agrees to go for a ride the following day. Sage interrupts with her crying as the doorbell rings. Jack goes for the baby and Carly for the door. Julia is behind it, and she wants to see Jack. Carly steps outside and informs her it was too late for a visit and she should come back tomorrow. Julia stops the door with her foot and demands to see Jack now.

Holden wishes he didn't blast Aaron for his decision to box. Lily comforts him for making the best choices he could. Holden doesn't want to think too far into the future when Lily talks of all Aaron's needs when he comes from surgery. She hugs a limp Holden and pleads with him to not shut her out.

Ben leaves surgery sweating. John notices, and Ben gets defensive. A nurse appears with results for Aaron, and Ben blames himself.

Rafael apologizes to Allison for hurting Aaron. Margo appears and questions Raf about Craig's accusations. Rafael admits that his gloves were fixed.

Dusty takes Lucy's hands and swears he wasn't in the know about the gloves. He did this all for her, and things got out of control. He knew Dom was up to no good, but he got in too far to back out. A sobbing Lucy declares him worse than any man she knew, because she loved him and trusted him and he completely failed her. Dusty won't let her go and begs her for a chance at forgiveness.

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